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Ozito PXC 18V Black Series 4.0ah Lithium Ion Battery $48 C&C/ in-Store @ Bunnings


Looks like the $48 black colour batteries are back. Can see it on website and stock in some stores.

This 4.0Ah battery from Ozito’s Power X Change range provides ample power to handle any task. Compatible with any tool from the Power X Change range, simply plug it in and get started on your next D.I.Y. project.

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Bunnings Warehouse
Bunnings Warehouse

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    Remaining in store stock:

    New South Wales

    Store Phone Stock
    Armidale (02) 6776 6700 5
    Balgowlah (02) 9917 0300 1
    Bathurst (02) 6333 0200 1
    Bellambi (02) 4276 8300 18
    Cessnock (02) 4991 9500 1
    Dubbo (02) 6815 9500 1
    Greenacre (02) 8755 7600 2
    Griffith (02) 6966 9700 1
    Hoxton Park (02) 8786 8100 10
    Katoomba (02) 4784 8200 8
    Maitland (02) 4939 1400 1
    Nowra (02) 4423 8100 1
    Padstow (02) 9774 6200 2
    Tweed Heads (07) 5506 1600 1
    Warringah Mall (02) 8968 9400 1


    Store Phone Stock
    Collingwood (03) 9281 2900 1
    Craigieburn (03) 8338 3500 1
    Croydon (03) 9722 4500 1
    Doncaster (03) 9843 8600 5
    East Pakenham (03) 5945 6700 9
    Echuca (03) 5482 0200 14
    Fairfield (03) 8481 2800 1
    Fountain Gate (03) 8796 6600 1
    Hawthorn (03) 8862 9500 27
    Lilydale (03) 9213 7800 30
    Morwell (03) 5131 5200 5
    Port Melbourne (03) 8646 9800 3
    Ringwood (03) 9871 0000 12
    Scoresby (03) 9730 8900 10


    Store Phone Stock
    Lawnton (07) 3094 3000 4
    Morayfield (07) 5495 9900 5
    Oxenford (07) 5656 7500 1
    Southport (07) 5509 0300 2
    Stafford (07) 3352 8800 1
    Warwick (07) 4598 2200 15

    Western Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Esperance (08) 9071 0200 18
    Kalgoorlie (08) 9091 0700 3
    Mindarie (08) 9408 7200 1

    South Australia

    Store Phone Stock
    Prospect (08) 8269 0800 3
    Seaford (08) 8327 5300 1

    Australian Capital Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Fyshwick (02) 6206 2700 1

    Northern Territory

    Store Phone Stock
    Palmerston (08) 7972 5900 2
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  • Price in the title?

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    Updated. Sorry.

  • Store in title

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    Whats the difference between black and red ones?

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      The colour

  • any differences in the 'black' vs normal?

  • What is the normal price?

  • Bummer. Bunnings is 50km away from where I am this Easter and I was JUST there 45 mins ago. Just got home and saw this…might have to see if I can order online…

    • Never mind. They seem to be out of stock in every store up and down the Qld coast.

    • Place an online order. Collect once you are back.

      • Can't place an online order. No stock available

  • May be store specific. Showing up as $75.90 online for me.

  • No stock every where in WA.

  • No stock anywhere in NSW

  • Every so often (usually when Aldi have theirs on sale), the standard ones go on sale for about $48 or 2 for $80-99 in the starter kit.

    e.g. www.ozbargain.com.au/node/680523

    More often the starter pack goes down to $98 or $99 though.

    If you ever can source the 4.0Ah at ~$40 mark, my recommendation is to just go for it, but test it a few times as soon as you get it as I've had a couple of duds. Bunnings were completely fine with like for like replacement though.

    • I have a two pack+charger combo, they don't perform as well as the two that came with the 36v mower, should I exchange them?

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        If they don't hold the charge as they should then would exchange while still under warranty.

      • I bought that mower recently too - surprisingly good, and excellent at mulching. This comment applies to the self-propelled version.

        The first thing I did was make a video of the mower in use in case of any duration issues within the 3yr warranty.

        I just bought a couple of these black versions from Katoomba so will do the same. It be interesting to compare.

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    If it doesn't last as long as others, then think you have a case for replacement.

    Bunnings are generally pretty good with replacing, but often depends on who you get at the service desk.

    These batteries will degrade with age, even if sitting on the shelf for a few years, therefore I always check new ones as soon as I get them (even as part of a kit) & take back for replacement if not up to scratch.

    • so are these ones being sold now all the ones that people have returned like that?…..

  • How long is charge time? Taking me 60min for 3ah…

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      75mins it says on back of compact fast charger (label)

  • Haven't seen any Aldi special buys for Workzone stuff yet on the website. Anyone know?

    Though having just done a shopping run my local still has plenty of leftover chargers from way back :P

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    Placed an order:

    "Good Evening. Unfortunately we do not have the batteries in stock that you have ordered. Would you like something else or are we ok to cancel and refund. Please advise. Thankyou Rgds Denise Bunnings Please do not reply."

    Cool cool.

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      9 minutes on hold for them to disconnect.

      Call back and they answer and hang up.

      Call back again. "Oh yea, I just tried to put you through".
      Transfers call
      "Hello this Sharron"
      "Sharron, I received message saying to call you regarding an order that can't be fulfilled"
      "Oh right, I'll put you through"
      Transfers call
      "Bunnings click and collect"
      "I received a message saying to call you regarding an order that can't be fulfilled"
      "Yes, we don't have any in stock - there's a whole bunch of you that just placed an order. Did it get blasted on the website or something"
      "I'm not sure. Is it possible to get a 4AH regular battery"
      "Ooooh, I don't know. I'll have to ask a manager. I'll text you"
      Disconnects line

      This has been not worth the effort imo.

  • What do you suggest - I have a dud battery that was given to me with an Ozito drill a year and a half ago (so I don't have the receipt).
    Will Bunnings replace it?

    • Without proof of purchase I reckon you'd be out of luck

    • You'll need some kind of photo ID without proof of purchase, they don't do bank statements. Source: Bunnings staff member.

      But I'm not sure if ACCC agrees with this?

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      I revived a overdischarged ozito battery following youtube video. You need a working battery for that though. My battery was sitting in the shelf for maybe a year and the charger showed that it's overdischarged.

  • When they are down to $29 again I will buy another 6.

  • How many of these do i need to purchase to turn my car into a tesla?

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    Why is there so little stock for such a commonly needed item?

    • see above comments on red version: that is the "common" item

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    Buying anything from Bunnings online is laced with disappointment

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    Nice. I've been using Aldi 4ah batteries with an Ozito converter. They're $50 or cheaper when on special buys

    • Where did you get the Ozito converter?

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      Me too. I prefer the aldi batteries because they use the 21700 batteries in a configuration of 5s1p (5 batteries), whereas the ozito appear to use 18650 batteries in a 5s2p configuration (10 batteries), so the aldi battery pack is slimmer. There may be less sag in a 5s2p configuration, but the aldi battery drives my angle grinder just fine.
      I printed an adapter courtesy of thingiverse.

  • I don't know if I have faulty 4.0ah black batteries however when I use them with my brushless impact driver and drill they stop when the going gets tough. I am going to bet the cells in the black batteries are different to the red battery cells. I reckon they aren't rated for high current discharge.

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    Some stock showing up now.

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      Aldi selling power tools this Sat. Lucky for us. Probably last time at these prices before inflation kicks in.

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    Looks like these are back in stock at most stores

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