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Samsung 980 Pro 1TB with HeatSink $199, 970 EVO Plus 2TB $285 Delivered & More @ BPC Technology


Happy Holidays!

How's ur plan for this easter, I will go for a hike this Saturday!

Bring you again the amazing Samsung SSD deals, with Steam wallet codes promotion (expires 31/5) this time!
(Our warehouse closed during the holiday, so we will start processing the order from next Tuesday)

Samsung 980 PRO With Heatsink PCIe 4.0 M.2 1TB $199 Delivered ($40 Steam Wallet)

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 2280 NVMe PCIe Gen 4.0 X4 SSD MZ-V8P2T0BW $399 Delivered ($60 Steam Wallet)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD $285 Delivered ($40 Steam Wallet)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD $165 Delivered ($20 Steam Wallet)

Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD $89 + Delivery (not included in promo)

Samsung 870 EVO 1TB 2.5" SATA III 6GB/S V-NAND SSD MZ-77E1T0BW $145 Delivered ($20 Steam Wallet)

If you have any sales/warranty enquires, don't hesitate to contact us!

BPC Team

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  • +4

    Had to re-read it…

  • $199,970 EVO Plus 2TB???

  • +2

    Need to put a space between the $199,970 so it looks like this $199, 970

    • +1

      Thanks for the suggestion, will do next time :)

      BPC Team

  • great price for 970 evo even without the steam code.

  • +2

    Where were these deals 10 days ago when I ordered the SN850 from Amazon UK!

    • Oooft! Although the sn850 is a speedy boi!

    • -2

      You didn't HODL, you lose ;p

  • +2

    Local stock of a 980 Pro 2TB for effectively $339 + $60 steam gift card is one hell of a deal considering the lowest we've seen a SN850 2TB was like $350 plus delivery costs, shipped from overseas

    • You meant $399?

      • 339 including the 60 steam rebate.

      • +1

        brosk1s is suggesting you are paying $60 face value for the Steam credit, bringing the price of the SSD down to $339. This is logical if you use Steam and intended on buying something there anyway.

    • +1

      Was $415 + $60 steam card for 2TB with heatsink on Futuonline eBay store just few days back. I'd rather pay teh extra $15 and get the heatsink from Samsung than have ot piss about getting a third party one down the track.

      • While your point is great, not everyone needs a heatsink with the SSD. Some motherboards come with built-in ones.

        • Exactly, my MSI Tomahawk motherboard has heatsinks for all four NVME SSD slots. Don't want to pay extra for headsinks that I don't need.

  • +4

    Great deals for anyone looking for additional PS5 storage

  • Similar price here with the ebay code + cheaper with discounted ebay GCs (though I'm not sure if that has a heatsink)

    The steam wallet promo doesn't seem to be exclusive to this retailer: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/694422

  • +2

    Hi Rep,

    Will there be some GPU deals over the Easter Break? :D

    • +1

      Hi Billy,

      Sorry for the late response was on vacation during the break.

      Due to the supply shortage we didn't release any GPU deal during Easter but I just post a 3080 deal check if you interested :)

      BPC Team

      • Thanks for the response :) I had a peek at the post - Not as good as that 3080 12GB Galax deal… I'm sure many will be keen to see that back again!

  • +1

    Hey, with heatsink, would it still fit in a enclosure?

    • Most likely not, but some enclosures do double as heatsinks…

    • +2

      You generally don't want to put a PCIe gen 4 x4 NVMe SSD into an enclosure because:

      • Thunderbolt 3, 4, USB 4 are only capable of PCIe gen 3 x4.
      • USB 3.2 gen 2x2 is also PCIe gen 3 x4.
      • USB 3.2 gen 2 (10GBps) is PCIe gen 3 x2.

      Basically, PCIe gen 4 NVMe SSDs are overkill for enclosures. We'll need to wait for Thunderbolt 5 (no idea when that will be available), but you can count on the enclosure to cost more than $100.

  • My redemption claim was rejected due to the top having a heatsink rather than a serial number (normally there is a serial number sticker on top for non-heatsink ssd). I don't want to dismantle my PC again to see if the back has a serial number. Can anyone confirm?

    • They all have a serial number sticker

  • +3

    It took me 6 days to get the credit (got it yesterday), which seems an improvement with some older comments reporting it taking months.

    Just be aware that you need the serial number so either get a photo of it before covering it under any heatsinks or install samsung magician to get it. I thought I had to upload a photo of the SSD as well as proof, but somebody else said in a comment that you can upload a screenshot of samsung magician.

    • +1

      Game vouchers generally faster. Cashbacks were super slow.

    • Do you have the heatsink version of the SSD? My claim is rejected because they can't see the serial number on the SSD because Samsung don't put serial numbers on the heatsink. Magician screenshot was not enough.

      • Nah mine is without the heatsink, though my motherboard has a heat sink for it which I had to take off. If you check my post history for the other thread about this, another user claimed that the screenshot was enough, but yeah I got the impression that it needs to be a photo.

        The whole process wasn't super smooth and at some point it's worth questioning whether the credit is worth pulling apart your build and potentially damaging your drive. My mobo heatsink was very difficult to get back on with the GPU in place, and the drive seems to have a large number of corrupted segments according to one tool but Samsung magician claims it's fine, so I'm keeping an eye on that, but it's at least not going up.

    • There's a serial number on the box, in my case at least. Not sure if this will be enough.

      • According to other comments the number on the box is missing some digits compared to what's on the ssd.

        • I think they all missing the E at the end on the box. Anyone got one that doesn't end with E?

        • +1

          Ah, thanks for that. Well I’ve sent mine off. Might need to redo it, or I’ll try that magician.

        • +1

          Can confirm that box photo gets rejected. (:

          • +1

            @Frunk: Yeah I had put mine under a heat sink and graphics card and had a not so fun time getting it back out to take the photos. Luckily I took a photo instead of just writing down the numbers because they also wanted the photo as proof. In the end the $40 on Steam was very nice though, just would have been nice to have some warning about requirements before doing everything else.

  • Good deal. That gigabyte one aurora?? Was 339 also.

    Hopefully end of year they hit $200ish like I expect.

  • Special on 2060 gpu?

    • Hi Braday,

      Sorry for the late response was on vacation during the break.

      Due to the supply shortage, we didn't release any GPU deal during Easter, and I will keep this in mind and let you know when we have a 2060 deal :)

      BPC Team

  • Got the 1tb for $181 last deal. Super fast.

    • Really tempted to get this for the ps5. But I hear that you need to firmware update to see the speeds. Unfortunately I don’t have a pc.

      • +4

        It's honestly not a big deal. That PS5 initial test is a zero fill test (which for some reason, Samsung didn't cheat properly (because a lot of Phison based SSDs cheat a lot in that test)). The firmware update basically lets the SSD cheat in that test properly. It's merely to numb your brain.

  • +1

    Oh my… I bought a 1TB 970 Evo Plus for $175 yesterday. This is a very good deal, but I seem to miss every single sale nowadays…

    At least I realised there is a Samsung promo so I can claim the $20 Steam voucher (the shop did not tell me about the promo).

    • +2

      Just be aware that it's only for some participating stores, listed at the bottom of here: https://www.samsung.com/au/offer/ssd-steam-wallet-codes-2022...

      You need to upload your receipt from the store as part of the process.

      • +1

        Indeed, fortunately the shop was on the list. I'm waiting for the voucher :D

      • Anyone confirm this shop with samsung promotion?

  • 980 pro 2TB is perfect for my gaming disk.

  • +1

    To this day I do not understand why PS5 and Xbox claim to need 5gb/ps reads for their poxy games.

    • Probably because if you sell 50m consoles and even 1/3 buy that's a lot of SSDs… I had to restrain myself because I think it's ridiculous spending last years asking price of $500-$600 on what is essentially a memory card to install games. Easy pass once I thought about it.

      Once they drop enough I will get one and start buying more games again.

    • -1

      They basically no longer have any load times between levels, and they can load the next portion of the game while gameplay continues. Windows is meant to be getting this capability, but I haven't seen any windows games that support it yet.

      • Yeah but like 3.5gb/s is enough. Why does it need 5.5 or 6gb

  • Have anyone tried to redeem the steam e-voucher? Samsung said my proof of purchase was invalid even though the tax invoice was from BPC

    • Hi Andy,

      Let us know about your order info, and we will contact Samsung from our end as well.

      BPC Team

      • Thanks for the reply! Turns out it wasn't my tax invoice it was the picture I uploaded of the SSD with the serial number the file was corrupted. Even though the email they sent said they had a problem with my tax invoice and had to give them a call to confirm, still awaiting for my vouchers.

  • I ordered the wrong SSD, does BPC allow exchanges? Tried to call but nobody is answering, I should have checked my laptop first before ordering smh…

    Need an M.2, ordered a SATA fml

    • +2

      Hi francis888,

      Please send us your order number through a private message, and we are happy to help.

      Sorry for missing your call. Customers rushed in the last business hour.

      BPC Team

      • Messaged, thanks!

  • Do not order for them, I order them on 17th April, and order ship on 20th April, and then can not told me where is my parcel been, I haven't received it until today, and not even an update. Emailing, and calling them no result. I will try to dispute the transaction from my credit card

    • Hi esandjay,

      What's your order number, I can contact the warehouse team to help you now.

      BPC Team

      • Now Aramex Tracking said, "Return to Sender", so they unable to complete the delivery, and return to BPC, but BPC dont want to refund it to me until they receive the parcel. That very bad service, very disappointed with both BPC and Aramex, and will not likely shop at BPC anymore

        • +2

          Hi Eka,

          After talking to our sales team, I found your order based on your description.

          My colleague Jacky told me that he already discussed this with you yesterday, and as a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to refund you while the item is still on the way back to our warehouse.

          We are sorry to hear about your difficulty with the Aramex service. If you could reply to me with your order number in the last conversation, we may be able to arrange the van delivery on the same day since the address is so close.

          As a general procedure, you should receive an email with the Aramex tracking number once we ship the order. Our software team is working on further integration to allow step-by-step tracking. I suggest you can check your spam box to see if you receive an email from us with the tracking number.

          The management team had a quick meeting last night and decided that for the freeshipping item, we will start to remove Aramex from our courier service list to avoid similar issues.

          If you need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us.

          BPC Team

  • 980 Pro 1TB with HeatSink $199? I clicked on the link and the page says its 249, am I missing some code?

    • Hi Zaido,

      Sorry the deal was expired, will let you know when the deal is back again.

      BPC Team

      • The deal is back ?

  • Can the heatsink be removed from these or are they glued?

    • Hi,

      You can remove the heatsink however it will result in the Samsung warranty being voided.

  • Will the 980 Pro with heatsink work in this rig if anyone knows? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/334292295412

    • +1

      Yeah. Should work.

      You can check and list the individual parts on https://pcpartpicker.com/ to check compatibility.

      • Thanks mate, i took the punt and yes you are right it fits and there's tons of room for the drive and heatsink in both drive 0 and drive 1 M.2 NVMe locations.

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