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Nvidia Shield TV Pro (2019) $279, Nvidia Shield TV (2019) $189 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ to Metro) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Pro model typically retails for around $350. (Update: Sold out online & NSW. Now VIC C&C only.)

Non pro Shield TV for $189 (Update: Sold out NSW. Now online & VIC C&C.)

2% surcharge for AmEx payment.

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          • @solidussnake: Yep you can pair ps5, xbox series x amongst others, including wireless keyboard and mouse. I have my ps5 controller paired to it as a matter of fact

      • If you are happy, then do nothing, I find my G1 to be far too slow compared to my Shield (original version) for everything except YouTube and Netflix.
        Emby, Plex, Apple TV, Kayo and Prime are all much better via the Shield for performance.
        The LG will struggle with 4K remuxes because they need to be transcoded, this is not required via the Shield.

      • The AI 4k upscaling would be reason enough for me if you have a lot of 1080p content.

        • The "AI up scaling" is basically just a sharpening filter. Hugely overrated.

  • Why pay $100+ more get this over a xiaomi mibox for example?

    • Or Chromecast with Google TV?

      • +4

        More RAM and a realistic GPU.

        It also removes the necessity of adding a dongle to the device for additional basic features.

        I'm still using Chromecast w/ Google TV myself and the ONLY reason I'm considering changing devices is that the Chromecast isn't compatible with the Dolby TrueHD audio format.

        I've been looking at other boxes with later software and better price tags, I don't like the fact that the Shield is on fairly old hardware while still pushing the premium price tag.

      • Or Chromecast with Google TV?

        I have both and there is no comparison in terms of responsiveness…

    • +1

      Responsiveness in menus, ability to run gamecube/wii games.

    • I’ve ran & pushed miboxes for YEARS to anyone listening… the perfect first step. Thought I’d finally step one up to shield tube version. Yeah, it made me grin. WOW, it’s light years ahead. But also much more money.
      If you can afford it, just buy it.

      I’m here to finally try a pro.

  • Can anyone comment on the HDR performance, if it's any better than other devices ?

  • +3

    Is anyone else having problems after the v9.x.x update? I mainly use mine as a Plex server and had heard of problems with the v9.0.0 update so I held off on downloading it. Then I heard v9.0.1 had rolled around which fixed the problems so I downloaded it. Big mistake, my Plex server doesn't work half the time anymore and I find I have to reboot the shield constantly. v9.0.2 just got released so I'm hoping this fixes a lot of the problems, but I'd love to just go back to my stable v8.

    • +2

      My Plex doesn't work at all anymore.

      The whole system will occasionally freeze since v9 and I have to manually unplug the power cord.

      The system is just laggy as (profanity) even just trying to get from home to playing a video on Netflix. I will sometimes get stutter as it tries play videos.

      The thing is a giant waste of money. And yes ads on the home screen

    • 9.0.2 update readme said it fixes Plex. I don't use Plex, but I did notice this when it updated somewhere around Tuesday this week.

    • the v9.0.2 update dropped my mapped network share (which my Shield acting as Plex media server points to).

      Once set back up in shield storage settings, Plex is working fine again with files stored on a NAS

    • I returned mine because of how bad the plex server was. I factory reset 3 times and set it all up each time and the server would still just crash every few mins needing me to reboot the shield. This was with it connected to my NAS.

      There's a reason why this is the only android devixe that's got plex server functionality - because the android plex server software sucks.

    • Similar problems. Latest release and can no longer connect to my pc's plex server. No changes to the network, other devices connect to plex just fine, only the Shield fails. Further, it shows a warning icon near the server but doesn't give any debug info.

      I was forced to switch to Kodi which has it's own problems on the Shield (crashes on exit, at times needs a full reboot of the shield otherwise nothing plays).

      My NUC was a better experience, but it was old and could not do 4K in hardware.

    • Mine broke too, but I did some googling, you can download the plex APK for version 9.1 of the player and it fixed everything (except the subtitle issue). load that onto the Nvidia shield (still in beta so youll need to authorise install from usb/3rd party sources) and you should be right.

    • yeah similar problems

      my shield has issues streaming via wifi

      im actually on here hoping someone posts a good alternate

  • Why do people buy these when TV's can run android apps these days?

    • +1

      Because it's just better, full intergratioj all in one box plus much more. Speaking as someone who had the exact same train of thought when I bought the new 77" lg oled. Until you actually use it it's hard to grasp just how much your missing

      • I completely regret it. What do you actually use it for? LG pretty much has every app unless you're trying to run a Plex server

        • +1

          See my comments above.

        • +3

          Shield is still the most useful device for people who have full surround sound, like tinkering and pirating.

          LG doesn't have Kodi, and the current and last generation LG OLEDs don't even do DTS passthrough to a receiver. 3/4s of my film collection is DTS encoded.

    • +1

      Why do people buy these when TV's can run android apps these days?

      Because there is a big difference on responsiveness between the devices.

    • +2

      Because most TVs run the bare minimum specs to actually run Android, then slap a sticker on it claiming it can access all these apps and whatnot. In reality half those apps don't work and any that do are usually laggy as hell.

      Couldn't run most media streamers on my TV as it would randomly slow down to the point of completely freezing the TV and making me remove the power cord. Shield hasn't done that once, plus I can stream things to it from Steam and other sources if I want to.

  • Not available online? Where is add to cart button?

    • sold out online.

      click & collect only.

  • +1

    How is the pro with streaming games from a PC? can it be any game or does it have to be compatible

    • I have an older 2017 model which I've used Nvidia game stream. Some apps are native and work straight from the box (supported games like Cyberpunk Doom Eternal etc), I had some weird behavior with games such as Tomb Raider via steam where it would actually end up just mirroring my entire pc screen.. So in that sense I could play any game as it allowed me to open anything!

      FYI this is absolutely only worth it if everything is cabled (shield to ethernet cable, pc to ethernet cable,) the latency of wifi makes it near unplayable. Maybe some simple strat games are fine but anything with any reaction speed needs cabled.

    • If you love fiddling with settings and increased latency it's ok. You can't really stream Xbox game pass. I don't have a NVIDIA card so can't comment on their app. The AMD app was useless. Steam link is pretty good and had the most consistent experience. You'd be surprised at how many games don't have complete controller support on PC if you go back.

      I closed the itch by buying a series X instead

      • It works fine, but you really must have ethernet for the host computer and also the Shield for the best experience.

        • No good over 5g?

          • @Hurg: Is that a jab?

            • @Ulysses31: Ah no. I checked out my son's Oculus over Airlink which is 5g and was surprised how lag free it was. I figured you'd be able to game over it with a normal controller. Maybe not though

    • You can force .exes to work, but there's no promise they'll work properly; although most do. Game Pass/Microsoft Store games don't work with it though I don't think.

      Latency is noticeable even with ethernet > ethernet connection, but for casual gaming; I'd say it's fantastic.

      Picture quality is great, but if you have AI upscaling enabled on the Shield; there's even more latency.

      I would forget about it on WiFi.

  • Any idea when is the next shield pro coming?

    • -1

      in the future

      • I'm from the future. It's in the past.

  • Does this play any android game? Like when Diablo immortal comes out could I play it?

    Just looked up that you can stream from your PC that'll be nice to play wonderlands and it emulates N64 games well… Might get it just for that

    • +1

      It doesn't play everything, but you can sideload a bunch that don't appear in the play store on the device itself. Be careful where you get your apps from if sideloading as they can be infected!

    • If you're just interested in playing N64 games, you don't need a Shield. My old MiBox and Vodafone TV emulate nicely.

      Maybe if the Dolphin emulator ran well it would pique my interest.

  • I've got a Sony X90F, has this enhanced you're viewing experience?

    • +1

      Yer the F series had a pretty slow cpu for running Android TV, this will be better, but so would a Amazon Fire stick 4k max.

      • +1

        yeah i thought so, Ive got a nas with Plex media server installed and remuxes, probs better to go with the Nvidia Shield

  • What's the advantage of this over a Chromecast TV?

    • +1

      it is noticeably faster
      it supports more apps (google tv runs out of space)
      you can add lots more favourites
      the remote is way better

  • Is there a new shield pro due out soon?

    • +1

      Probably… But hasn't been announced.

  • Think it was a little cheaper in the pass?

    • +1

      Which pass did you use to get it cheaper?

  • xpired early

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