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Peloton Bike $2,145 (was $2,645), Bike+ $2,995 (was $3,695) Metro Delivered Only + Mandatory All-Access Membership $59 @ Peloton


Peloton All-Access Membership separate $59/month Membership required with all Bike packages. No commitment. Pause or cancel anytime. Access a variety of workouts from your Peloton Product or your phone on the Peloton App. Age and size restrictions apply

30 Day Home Trial: Ride the Bike worry-free for 30 days. If you’re not completely satisfied, send it back for a full refund on your entire order. Terms apply.

At this time we can only deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and their surrounding areas.

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  • +31

    While I appreciate the actual product discount, this is absurd:

    Peloton All-Access Membership ($59/mo) required.

    • +4

      Look up the renpho AI bike for $800. Then zwift is $22/month…

    • My gym membership $90/month
      Includes weight, machine, cardio
      I saw many similar bikes there.
      Add 30 more get the whole gym equipment

  • +31

    Pay $2k for an exercise bike with an ipad attached and then pay $60 a month to use it!

    • +19

      Absolute no brainer! I bought 10, thanks OP!

      • Can you buy me one too please?

  • +9

    I am definitely not the target audience for this…
    At that point you may as well be paying for a gym membership.

    • You are paying a personal trainer for biweekly sessions at this price!

      • +1

        Pretty sure you can get a gym membership for 50-59 a month, and with the cost of the bike you could probably book in 40 one on one PT sessions.

  • +17

    The trend in the share price of the company tells you all you need to know about the state of Peloton & it’s products!

    • +3

      Bumpy ride for Peloton indeed. https://www.forbes.com/sites/shelleykohan/2022/02/09/a-bumpy...

      The co-founder stepped down and they fired 2,800 employees.

      • Yeah they basically had no long term plan after covid lockdowns. I doubt they will survive long term.

    • +3

      no idea how it even became so popular.. how did people not think the price was a joke before the company started to plummet? marketing must have more spin than their bikes

  • +3

    Take note: They will be increasing the price of memberships. I'm unsure what that will look like here yet. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/04/14/peloton-raises-subscription-...

  • +6

    Mandatory all access…

  • +1

    I was looking at this or something similar a few months ago. After weeks if research I landed on the SCHWINN IC8 Spin Bike. I paid around $1300. You can use it perfect without any apps though it comes with 12mths free of their app for workouts etc and it is also compatible with most other apps including Peloton (if you like burning money).

    It has been superb. I purchased from gymandfitness.com.au on the Gold Coast. They are fantastic, will beat any price. Just go onto the live chat to negotiate a deal.

    Hopefully this is helpful to someone.

    • I got mine for 1150 from southside fitness at Brendale.

      The only downside of this bike is it falsely reports with zswift but I don't care it's great for the price.

      • @2stroksmokr Can you elaborate on it falsely reports with zwift?

  • +1

    But here's the thing: the app only membership is only $17/Mo and is 100% totally worth it. That makes it cheaper than Les Mills etc. and provides more content than you will ever need. The retention rate is something insane.

    You just don't want to be running it on their hardware. Get yourself a cheap Bluetooth bike with no screen and run an app called Qdomyos-Zwift, or fit a power meter pedal to a totally dumb bike.

    • +1

      You can’t run the digital membership on their hardware. They force you onto this membership. Literally the only reason I ended up buying a different spin bike over the Peleton.

  • What's so great about the app?

    • Boatloads of content. I do Power Zone rides for base training, but there is something for everyone. They are also getting more into strength, yoga, boxing etc. off the bike, but not yet tried those.

      • Thanks I'll keep it in mind if I get a bike. For now I feel like my treadmill seems good enough.

        • +1

          Oh, if you already have a treadmill then consider taking out a 30 day trial of the app to see if any of the Tread content floats your boat. Recommended instructors for running are Becs Gentry and Matt Wilpers.

      • Agree, there’s so much content. I’m a heavy user - mainly strength, stretches and boxing. There are also heaps of meditation sessions that I’ve been wanting to get into more.

  • +1

    Thoughts about someone actually dying while on a Peloton bike at home?

    • +4

      …. and just like that

  • +5

    I really like the idea of these but the subscription coat is absurd! When I first read it I thought it was annual and even then scoffed at it.
    It's getting harder to have lots of different interests because everything is turning toward subscription models - there's only so much a month you can justify spending on stuff (looking at you, Adobe, Office 365, Netflix, Gamespass, etc)

    • +1


      Don't forget things like cloud storage, music, and news subs…

      I mentioned my crazy amount of subs in a group chat the other month and found out my mates actually sub to even more things than me, it's ridiculous these days!

  • +7

    Tacx flux
    Road bike
    Zwift setup/rgt if you want a free option

    ~$1800 and you can use it on the road
    And you're not a slave to peloton

  • I just bought a 18kg flywheel bike for cheap (~$250), no frills and no magnetic resistance.

    Whilst I’m a huge peloton app fan I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for a Peloton bike and then about $60 per month to be able to use it when the app subscription is only $17/month.

    Tried a couple of bike classes on my poorloton. Drawback is that it’s a bit more difficult to translate the instructor call-outs for cadence and resistance to what’s appropriate on my cheapie bike. If anyone has any tips or even conversion guides to share, I’m all ears!!!

    • I'm not sure of your setup but maybe you could buy a Bluetooth cadence sensor?

      • I’ll look into it. Thanks 😊

    • +1

      For cadence, Denis Morton is known for always riding to the beat of the music. For resistance, find a base resistance that feels like riding on a flat road, such that you can increase your cadence while remaining in control (no bouncing in the saddle). That corresponds to 20-30 in Peloton speak. For max resistance, turn it all the way up until you can no longer move the pedals, then turn back until you can just start moving again. Think of that as 80-90. It's very rare for an instructor to call more than 70 at the top end.

      • Thanks so much for those tips zbc!!

        You sound like an experienced rider. Any advice on how to make sure my seat height, distance from handlebars and handle bar height are optimal? I heard that Christine has a video somewhere posted on Facebook so I’ll look into that as always happy to check out other tips and guides too.

  • +4

    For a little more per month i get access to pool,sauna, spa, gym, all classes and access to a variety of life fitness cardio machines worth 15k a piece.

    • +2

      Post it as a deal 😜

  • Does the bike stop working when you stop the membership?

    • No, you can still turn the pedals, but it will basically be useless without the Peleton app to control the bike.

      You can install power meter pedals to make it work with other software though : https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/06/how-to-load-zwift-or-tra...

      • Wait, so if you don't have an active subscription, the bike's software doesn't even give you the option to control pedaling resistance when you exercise?

        • Incorrect. Resistance is always controlled through the knob (it's not a smart trainer). The issue is that there is no way for third-party software to read the setting of the resistance knob, hence the need for a power meter. Output accuracy on the original Bike is said to be not that great when benchmarked against power pedals, although the Bike+ is said to be better. Yet another reason to NOT use their first-party hardware in the first place.

        • It does allow resistance change, from what I'm understanding you can do the free ride mode which just shows ride numbers live on screen, but what's the point… It then becomes a basic exercise bike.

  • +3

    Hey if I spend a bit of money upfront I can have a home gym and not have to pay monthly fees for a local gym membership.

    Peloton … ‘Hold my beer’.

  • Didn't one of these bikes kill the guy on the show starring horseface married to Ferris Bueller?

    Anyway, just wait for hard rubbish day and pick up a stationary bike or 2.

    • Yeah that was gold
      And the share price tanked as a result

  • Can anyone recommend an exc bike under like $300

  • +1

    LOL no. Get a Kickr

  • I have the Bike+ happy to answer any legit questions about it.

  • Wait …

    Do i need to plug this to power socket? If yes 65/month include my electricity

    My old gym cost me $65 too, they plenty of bikes

  • This deal is back again. (Just got the mods to unlock it)

    Someone in the family is interested in getting one. $59/mth is killer, but it seems most people who have one are sold? Thinking of giving the 30-day trial a go..

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