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Woolworths Chicken Kyiv Garlic $1.40 (Was $2.80) @ Woolworths


In remembrance of this deal last month by @grasspun

R Ukraiving some processed chicken meat? No? Good. This is NATO good for you and you should eat organic chicken thigh fillets or breast instead.

Having said that, this deal is great because:

  • Woolies is virtue signalling and you can too by buying it and sharing the novelty deli sticker to your echo chamber of a social media account
  • It's half price but still has a decent profit margin because of the junk meat that is in it; gotta keep WOW shares pumping in the upcoming inflationary crash
  • Eating this will keep you demotivated to do anything else but browse more internet with all the soy and seed oils they are putin in this
  • No doubt the garlic filling was a result of the research coming out of the US funded biolabs scattered around eastern Europe. Mmm oily.

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  • +6

    savour the atmosphere of combat, shelling and warfare as you bite into our crispy chicken fillet and buttery garlic goodness within

  • How does this compare to On The Menu Chicken Kiev?
    Also 👍 for that description lol

    • +12

      13% chicken.
      ie. that 320 gram meal only contains 42 grams of actual chicken.

      • (profanity), I knew this stuff was processed but 13%?? Wow

      • +5

        It's 13% of the Kiev that is chicken, not of the whole meal which includes mash and veg. Probably closer to 13-20g of chicken in this meal

  • +6

    Gone up up up I used to buy these for $1 back in the old days 2018 .

    • +1

      And down down in taste

      • Well, surcharges for Nobel Prize Peace winners.

        • Putin deserves one for ending covid

      • +1

        Wrong company

    • Petrol also used to be cheaper, and the sky is still blue, more news @ 6.

  • My local has labels as Kiev.

    • +15

      They are pro-russian.

      • +10

        Three wars back we called sauerkraut "liberty cabbage" and we called liberty cabbage "super slaw" and back then a suitcase was known as a "Swedish lunchbox." Of course, nobody knew that but me.

    • +1

      Must be located in Eastern Ukraine hey.

    • +1

      My local has labels as Kiev.

      Hate speech!


  • +4

    These are weirdly good given the pricepoint!

    • +2

      Yeah I picked these up on a whim a few months ago when they were half price, for $1.40 I was surprised by how good they are!

      Picked up a few more to store in the freezer for quick meals with a few veggies.

    • +4

      55% chicken ($0.83 worth @ $10/kg). 45% delicious, but cheaper filler ingredients (cream, cheese, salt, butter, oil, garlic, soy, flour etc).

    • Mmm oily

  • +31

    Approved ✅

  • Profiting on the name recognition is so Woolies.

  • +2

    Was expecting more of a disaster in the comments section based on what was posted last time. Much tamer this time.

    • +3

      Did you mean that you were expecting a Ukrainewreck?

    • +3

      These prices are an atrocity.

    • +4

      I won't be shelling out for any of these

  • +2

    I take it all the trolls must still be asleep, passed out from their exhausting Easter protests.

    I'd class these as junk food. Taste wise they are okay (not amazing) but definitely don't think I'm healthy eating them.

    • agreed. OK, but nothing special. But easy to plan a meal around, and something "special" for a change

  • +6

    Tanks… Im russian out now… tomorrow

    • +2

      not sure what will go down if the store doesn't surrender their Kyivs at first light 6am..

      • +1

        Georgia and I Moldova and decided we are off to the Poles… were Hungary… we leave that Budda pest at home… OK OK Im kyived out.

  • anyone know how long these last for in the freezer?

    • 3 months should be ok

  • +8

    I've always found these to be quite processed and rubbery.

    • Agree. The Ingham Chicken packaged version I found much nicer, but seem to have been replaced by Woolies own brand.

    • Yeah, these are probably one of the worst meat analogue product i've ever eaten. Most chicken nuggets have a better texture than these.

  • +1

    Be careful. The store near me calls them chicken stuffing kievs. Instead of garlic butter yummyiness it's a blob of chicken with stuffing inside. And it's bad.

    • There's two seperate types available.

  • +1

    The Coles ones are far superior.

  • -2

    Did anyone say KFC?

    • +3

      No, CFC.
      Crimean Fried Chicken.

  • Won't be Russian out for this .. 😫 .. !!

  • Shame on the processed meat, but its great for lunch. Beats a ham and cheese toastie any day of the week.

  • In addition to the Chicken Garlic Kyiv we all know about, I just noticed Woolies also have a Roast Chicken Stuffed Kyiv 125g — I love garlic but may just try this one too.

    • Have tried. It's identical but with roast chicken stuffing flavoured goop. Do not recommend.

      • Roger that. Removed from online trolley. Thanks!

  • -1

    I may be getting old, but ever since I was a baby it's always been Chicken Kiev… and I can't spell at the best of the times.
    I aint eating that, just like I wouldn't eat Pyking Duck.

    • Its a Ukraine thing… Russians called the city Kiev… Ukrainians called it Kyiv… Its in Ukraine and its even older than you… and was according to history 'Kyiv'.

      It could just be eccents… I mean accents. Im not sure what the chickens prefer.

      • Its a Ukraine thing… Russians called the city Kiev

        But what is Ukraine? Considering Russia and Ukraine were the same county since nation states were invented, neither of which has English as an official language it's pretty comical to see the media try and create this distinction using English spelling.

        • +2

          Not sure it matters like that. Ukraine hasnt until very recently as far as history goes… had the chance to exercise its own sovereignty but it wasnt always part of Russia. Then again, neither was Russia. But that doesnt mean it never wanted to exercise its sovereignty. Ukrainian and Russian are not the same language, they just share language roots as they are both ancient Rus peoples. Its somewhat similar, shares maybe half the words but not all. So there is a genuine distinction.

          Name changes for political purposes have occurred in Russia too. St Petersburg has had several names to name but one. Istanbul is Constantinople… and I know they are complete changes. But Kiev to Kyiv wasnt started by English media, but a few years back Ukrainians engaged Western media to get Kyivs pronunciation back to Ukrainian. Its complicated not least of all because the alphabet used in Ukraine was not standardised for a long time so the city had various spellings. This isnt simply English speaking differences. English is simply our translation because if they had the conversation in their native tongue, most outside wherever wouldnt know what they were saying. But its not the west or its media jumping on a bandwagon… timing is for sure, but the purpose predates this invasion…and has been sought by Ukraine. But on the pronunciations, the difference isnt bound in English, its bound in the variance between Ukrainian and Russian.

          Ukraine efforts to reclaim the pronunciation… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KyivNotKiev
          Scroll down to 'Etymology' of the name https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyiv

          • @Tuba:

            Not sure it matters like that.

            It doesn't matter at all… that was the point…

            But its not the west or its media jumping on a bandwagon…

            Oh it is. It absolutely is. Unless you plan on learning all the thousands of languages and dialects on Earth and ensuring you always pronounce everything correctly all the time according to whoever is in charge of that community on the day…

            I say potato you say potato, anyone that makes a big deal about that is only doing so for political reasons.

            • @1st-Amendment: Its not an English word so no matter how YOU pronounce it, its still foreign. The spelling change, is the pronunciation change, translated to English because I doubt you read Ukrainian.. Київ or Russian Киев

              Im not saying all the words all the time. Its not onerous like you think. 80% of the words in English, arent English.

          • @Tuba: What a surprise, a well thought out, informative political post on OzB doesn’t get any upvotes (mine is the only one at time of writing) because it doesn’t have any “edgy” puns or pro war “jokes”.

            This place is an absolute dumpster fire of humanity sometimes.

  • -1

    Its not an English word so no matter how YOU pronounce it, its still foreign.

    That's why it doesn't matter, which is my entire point.

    The spelling change, is the pronunciation change

    Nope, because with foreign languages the pronunciation is always going to be wrong anyway. You can spell au revoir anyway you like and 99.9% of English speakers will still pronounce it wrong. It has nothing to do with pronunciation and everything to do with politics.

    80% of the words in English, arent English.

    Like potato?

    • +1

      Thats quite the insular attitude youve got going there… clearly, just by the fact its happening, it matters enough to many people.

      Its also why there was no point to your post, and that being your entire point, you had none. If youre arguing the issues you find with Kyiv, why is Kiev any more acceptable? Its not English either. We have to call it something the rest of the globe will understand. Maybe you cant pronounce a word, a phrase, or a capital cities name, but most can… Ill show you.. Kyiv. Wasnt hard. If a child is kidnapped and the kidnapper renames them, its not wrong for them to choose their original or a new name when free or fighting back.

      Im certain, and Im sure you will play the plausible deniability game because lying on the internet is easy… but if you heard someone daily say Canbeara, youd correct them at some point. No no of course not it doesnt matter. Pfft.

  • -1

    We have to call it something the rest of the globe will understand

    We all understand Kiev, have done for at least the last 250 years, this was never a problem until 5 minutes ago.
    When I say 'Kiev' are you confused as to what I mean? Or maybe we should go back to the Old East Slavic pronunciations from the 10th century since they predate both modern Russian and Ukrainian? Where do you draw the line here?

    but if you heard someone daily say Canbeara

    I used to live in Canberra and people pronounce it wrong all the time, I don't get my knickers in a twist and 'demand action now'. It is anything from Canberra to CANberra to CanBrah. But when it is pronounced wrong I know what they mean and I move on with my life…

    • Learn to reply ffs.

      Youre virtue signalling, its not just for the left.

      It wasnt 5 minutes ago… the invasion was. This move to change the Ukrainian capital to a Ukrainian spelling predates that by at least 3 years, and theyve only been free of Russia to an extent, for 30. Read FFS. But sure, its wrong of them NOW FREE OF RUSSIA to want to refer to their capital by their own name for it. LOL… they should think how onerous the process is for some Princess and his pea on OzB. Its not mispronounced, but I can see youre intentional refusal to be honest even with yourself make you immune to facts. Youre entitled to your own opinion, like a horse is entitled to piss in the water while it drinks.

      So you want to argue from one side of your mouth raising the topic of 2 versions of Ukrainian, but cant see how thats different from a version that is Russian, in a country trying to rid itself of an occupier for most of 250 years? How do we draw a line? It wasnt hard. But Id be equally happy with the older version if that is how Ukrainians want to name their capital. Again, thats what is not a problem. Russian, is different… and given their history, up for change now they have removed that yoke, and moreso since they are in the middle of a David and Goliath war to keep their independence.

      Like I said, youre one of those that find it easy to lie about what you do to suit your argument today… like a 2nd hand car salesman. Your stance on this, tells me youre lying in that last sentence or three, and yeah, I know more about you already than you obviously want to share. Like the little kid with chocolate all over his face, telling me he never touched the chocolate.

      Tell me about this 1st ammendment in reference to Australia… hasnt been one for over 220 years but some folks think we need change. Go on, explain to me why thats not another insight to your disassociation with truthfulness and tendency toward hypocrisy. Theres a parallel, but can you find it?

      • Learn to reply ffs.

        Too funny…

        • For something that doesnt matter, and you dont get your knickers in a twist… you struggle to let go.

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