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Buy Entertainment Book, Get eGift Card: Single City ($20 Bonus) 1-yr $69.99, Multi City ($40 Bonus) 1-yr $119.99, 2-yr $229.99


Join or Renew. imo - Good timing as places & travel open-up and works out better than the Exclusive Partner Pricing purchase options. Repeat promo as last year.

  • Choose a BONUS $20 Priceline eGift Card, $20 BIG W eGift card or $20 Ultimate For Her eGift Card when a Singly City Membership is purchased.

  • Choose a BONUS $40 Priceline eGift Card, $40 BIG W eGift card or $40 Ultimate For Her eGift Card when a Multi City or Multi Plus Membership is purchased.

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This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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  • +4

    Stopped buying this years ago after they ripped out the David Jones discount mid-year, which had been my main reason to purchase, and offered no explanation or compensation. Seems likely poor value for most people in my opinion,

  • +2

    Also stopped buying it years ago. Especially when they drastically reduced how many buy 1 get 1 free deals they had. We hardly used it when we had it last.

  • +1

    Also stopped buying it cause it didn't provide good value anymore.

  • +5

    fun fact
    You can spend that $70 on gift card to get gift card of your choice straight away.

  • +5

    Used to be great value a few years back but they gradually removed all the good stuff I was interested in.

  • +6

    Stopped when they didn't give compensation in first year of covid. Nor any discount for the following year book.
    Maybe a reduced price during pandemic would make it more attractive

  • +2

    Not Worth at all, all good discounts gone & had recent experience of not honouring deals on Public Holidays during Easter.

  • +3

    Improved deal from what was on offer, may take this up.

  • +1

    Same, not getting the value. I’m not buying this year.

  • Last year they offered multicity at the same price as single city; I'm waiting for that to be offered this year.

  • +2

    I spent weeks trading deals with people online (over 50+ envelopes lol) and had a lot of fun with it, then COVID hit so all my vouchers expired and then they got rid of the book. Fun times

  • Question about the Muilt-city please: For example, there’s a BOGOF Big Mac at McDonalds in the “Sydney” edition. If I get the multi-city version, I should have multiple vouchers (same deal from all other cities), will I be able to use them all in Sydney? Has anyone tried using deals from other cities/ states at your local multiple times? Are the redemption codes different between different states to prevent that from happening? Would love to know so I can decide if the extra $30 is worth it. Thanks!

    • Some vendor is one voucher for all cities, eg sushisushi, Cheesecake shop, once you used the offer, it gray out. some are one for each city, Eg KFC, McDonald, so if you redeemed your offer for one city, only offers from another city available, it depend on the customer service person to check and decide whether they think it is ok.

      And I find McDonald's own offer is usually better than entertainment book's, and you can not combine 2 offers together. I used multi McDonald accounts, and never have to use EB's McDonald's offer.

      • Two good points there….

        1 back in old days there are no apps and smart phones so we all buy it and swap vouchers. Nowadays, better deals on app for cheap food and most good fine dinning deals are gone.

        2 You may as well spend that $69 and get a cheap second phone, double up on all the special apps like CR, SB, KFC, McDonald…..

      • Thanks for your responses. There are restaurants like Din Tai Fung and Rashays that we save $25 each voucher, which are available in different cities…. Hence wanting to know if multiple vouchers can be used at one restaurant.

        It sounds like the answer is maybe, depending on the person serving whether they see if voucher is from another “city”.

    • I used San Churros in Perth and tried to use it in Hobart and it was greyed out, I called and they said you don't get a voucher for every state. Some places have the restaurant name and suburb next to it for example Papa Rich location 1, Papa Rich location 2 and Papa Rich location 3. I could get Nasi Lemak 3 times at 25% off if I go to each suburb

  • Deja vu of exclusion from CR / SB cashback and eBay sale dirty tricks……

    Granted some retail / hospitality would hit hard in the pass few years but so as many people struggling for their everyday life. Stinginess of retail / hospitality is really disguising these days.

    They have to learn to there is always give and take. Many want the exposure and get more customer into door but don't want to give good discount or worse suck customer into inflated price.

  • Light of years past .. 😭 .. !!

  • +1

    This will be the first time in ages that I won't renew, simply because the app these days is absolutely horrific to use.
    Doesn't seem to be any indication of a desire on their behalf to improve it either.

    • +3

      I find their search feature shit, particularly at finding stuff in your local area. A lot of times I've noticed it doesn't show results that I know exist (which I can find if I manually search for it)

  • My subscription has lapsed and it looks like ALH pubs still aren't back on the app? It was the easiest way to make it worth my money to purchase so until they are back, it's a no from me.

  • I saw at least one ALH pub still on the app so I might renew!

  • Other than the comments above, I’d stay clear of these muppets. I’ve had the entertainment book for >10 years but won’t be renewing moving forward.

    I recently purchased a new single city membership, was charged, but never received any confirmation email. I tried calling their 1300 number which says there’s ‘no operators’ and hangs up. I emailed them weeks ago and no response.

    They’ve literally taken my money, won’t answer any emails/calls, and won’t provide their service.

    Absolute rubbish!!!

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