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Large Value Range Pizzas $4, Traditional / Value Max Pizzas $6, Premium Pizzas $8, Garlic Bread $2 (Pick up) @ Domino’s


This popular deal is back again for next Tuesday, I have tested quite a few stores and it seems to be nationwide (consistent with the last deal) :)

Available for pre-order already for those interested.

Garlic Bread $2 - 452760
Large Value Range Pizzas $4- 241254
Large Value Max Pizzas $6 - 241254
Large Traditional Pizzas $6 - 563871
Large Premium Pizzas $8 - 756597

As always, enjoy :)

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    I think Employee WoodYouLikeSomeCash said this deal Wood be applicable to all stores.

    • +3

      I’m so confused.

      • +1

        We've now got confused Hard Wood.

  • Did they remove avocado from their menus? Last couple of times I couldn’t add it on

    • +1

      Yes, it appears they did, thinking we wouldn't notice.

      Q. Did they replace Avocado with Paneer Cheese?

      • Paneer cheese existed before they pulled avo (SE QLD)

    • I am guessing this a pretty niche segment

      • +4

        Especially when they turn them into a brown rancid mess by putting them on before a pizza goes through the oven, instead of after.

  • +2

    Thank you! Love dominos pizza, especially the fire breather with max chillies!!

  • +14

    Is this where i say "Lunch sorted, thanks OP" ?

    • -1

      Well I sure hope you've got something better planned for dinner

      • +5

        Yeah. Another pizza. Thanks dominos. Lunch and dinner sorted

        • -1

          Wow someone likes the feeling of constipation.

          • +1

            @DisabledUser413626: Why would you get constipation from pizza?

            • +2

              @KLoNe: Well probably not at Domino's sizes but eating 2 large balls of dough with dry ingredients will do that to you.

              Or perhaps Domino's is just so oily it has lubricating properties

  • +2

    my local dominos shop always make sure you only get what you paid for, putting half of the toppings/ingredients. what about you guys?

    • +5

      Call them to complain and get free pizzas, repeat if necessary until they're decent.

      • +1

        i may just go to pizzahut instead

        • +1

          Sadly they don't allow coupon stacking :(

    • +6

      For my one, it depends who's making it - Whenever I order in Store they seem to put more cause I watch them make it

  • Didn't they used to be $3 for the value range and $5 for the traditional in previous deals?

    • +3

      Like once and it was selected stores. Was 3,5,7

      • -2

        Even my local store, which rejected the very good deals, had 3,5,7.

        Still, cant complain too much. Everything else is going up in price, so too must the prices for specials.

  • Probably the best Tuesday junk in the absence of the KFC nine piece deal .. sadly missing .. 😭 .. !!

  • +8

    I got Dominos for the first time in years the other week. Couldn't believe how small and scummy the pizzas were. I think the quality checker must also have been on the blink, the Fire Breather had 3 jalepenos on it.

    • -2

      and I bet you didn't say a single thing to them…

      • -3

        No point, in a town I don't go to often.

      • +1

        Problem with complaining about food items (and all 'low value, high volume' things). The amount of effort and time to complain is almost always not worth it.

        • -1

          You literally get a full refund AND a free order next. How is a 90 second phone not worth the effort?

          Just admit you're scared to call and talk to a 21 year old female Domino's manager.

          • @KLoNe: It’s not always that cut and dry….. hard to hear on phone, then they say come back we save u in the system then fk around to find u sometimes.

            • @Splashtash: This is what they do to cucks, yes. Be a man and tell them what you want.

    • +2

      It actually depends on the store you go to. Some actually make really good pizza while others don’t care as much

      • +4

        really good is a stretch

      • +1

        Time of day and people make a huge difference

        • +2

          When do the Michelin Star pizza chefs start?

          • @muncan: wolfgang puck doesn’t work at dominos and dominos aren’t a sponsor or masterchef so you luck out.

    • I normally enjoy pizzas from my local Domino's in SA.
      However, on the weekend I ordered a Supreme and it was inedible.
      The deep pan dough was undercooked and it was barely warm when delivered.
      I sent negative feedback via the Domino's app and received a code from the store manager for a complimentary pizza.

      • undercooked dough ….you need to accept that the speed of the cooker is the same for thin crust vs pan pizze so you could cook pan properly and over cook thin or vice versa, or trade off in between.

        • I don't need to accept undercooked dough. Except for this one occasion, it has been cooked perfectly. Someone stuffed up this time.

    • Yeah even at their deal prices I find them terrible most of the time and I can see why they're so cheap. You can get better value meals for $4-9 at other places like KFC.

  • +1

    Wasn't planning to get pizza, but thanks for $1.95 extra discount on Spicy pepper paneer, Will order it now, when hungry

  • +6

    How does the government expect the everyday person to be healthy? Fast food is cheap and easily accessible while fresh food is more expensive and takes more time to cook.

    Heart strokes have being going up every year in Australia for people under 54 years old and it's obvious it will be even higher in the future.

    • 👏

    • We need a tax on pizza! Or maybe on food delivery in general.

    • Don't you think they want ordinary people to pass away as soon as they retired? They only need people who can work.

    • You would need to measure the prevalence of heart strokes BEFORE and AFTER :
      • OzBargain
      • Online ordering / Food delivery services
      • The injection for the 'bioweapon'

  • Is this valid all day today?

    • It's supposed to be yes.

  • Thanks OP lunch and tomorrow's breakfast sorted.

    • -2

      no not tomorrow - read the post

      • +4

        Leftovers - read the room

  • Pizzzzzzaaa day. Tuesday

  • They've made it much easier this time - specials are listed on the app so you don't have to even enter the codes!

  • People often only complain when they have a problem, or think they have one. But I just have to say that today I ordered 2 premium thin and crispy pizzas with the codes online for pickup and had absolutely no problem with the amount of toppings on the pizzas because they had plenty on them.

    • If you are going to order online then I recommend logging in with an email that you use, because you might get a personalised code to get a free savoury side with your next pizza order.

    • i think it’s peoples expectation of how. much topping they expect …too much topping and the moisture can make the pizza soggy , they have a conveyor belt, they have cups to measure ingredients per pizza for consistency ….nothing artisan involved except if they sprinkle toppings evenly over the pizza.

  • This or the Wuben C3?

  • What's the best pizza to order from this deal.

    Premium, or Traditional?

    • +1

      Whatever your stinky heart desires.

      I chose Premium.

  • Thanks fam, got 1P, 2T & 2V.

  • +1

    The first evening of the working week is when we need discount codes the most. Thanks OP, OzB and Domino's.

  • Domino's is pretty good tbh. But you have to think of it as a completely different food to pizza to enjoy it.

  • -1

    nothing for vegans :(

    • -1

      Bugs for vegans.

      • -1

        vegans dont eat bugs

        • Maybe they should give them a go?

        • They'll eat whatever the (profanity) Bill Gates tell those (profanity) to eat.

  • caulfield’s not listed?

  • Absolute shithouse of a pizza! Hardly any chicken and not even cooked properly! Dropped their ball today with this promo!


      Mine were perfect. Maybe don't live in the slums.

      • Living in Sydney is a slum? Like WTF has that got to do with a pizza?

        • Wow you're mad and get shit pizza. Maybe time to end it all sir.

  • Thanks OP. Dinner sorted. Ordered extra with left overs for breakfast tomorrow!

  • -1

    Bought one just now and it definitely was worth only 6 bucks. Total garbage. Wasn’t even round, thick here thin there, uneven spread, two slices have no topping. And yeah it was little tiny pizza. Bought from Sunshine West, VIC

    • I find that hard to believe but next time try thin and crispy premium. Maybe they put on more topping because the pizza doesn't need to rise? It also makes it easier to taste the toppings and has less carbs.

      • Believe me it happen. You might not have experienced it yet. Same thing was with Bundoora store. Really very bad quality. i had good experience with St Kilda store on Chaple St. Their 5$ was like premium one. Sunshine Pizzahut was pretty good but from last few months their quality also went down. Last week i ordered 2 same pizzas and there was so much difference between quality. One looked like pictures and taste so good but other one was like average. Its really depends on whos making it.

  • Go to Epping boys, they make the best pizzas, you have to eat them right away because not so nice once cold

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