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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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      • Nothing's changed as of yet

  • Ordered at 8pm 23/4.
    Did not receive any delivery updates yet.

    Anyone ordered after 8pm with updates?

    • Ordered at 24/4 5:00am

      no updates yet

      • +1

        I ordered at around the same time, approached optus chat a few times with different support staff and they've all stated out of stock :(

        they said they will get stock in the future but have no indicative date - though I would take this with a grain of salt

    • Ordered around the same time as you with no updates either.

    • Ordered 23/4 6pm no update via email after order confirmation at time of ordering.

  • So what happens if your order can't be fulfilled? Hit with a cancellation fee?

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      Hit them with a cancellation fee.

      • +1

        Lol. You wish

    • Your contract won't start until you receive your device

      • Device or sim hmm?

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    Ordered 23/04 11pm.
    Received confirmation email with order no ending with A.
    Order status: Submitted
    Delivery: blank

    No update since then.

    Does the order status change with delivery? People who received text/email for delivery- can anyone please confirm?

    • +1

      Order status still shows: Submitted but once that text/email about delivery was received, delivery tab had some random number starting with 015. Few hours later, got notification via auspost app, delivery on its way via StarTrack.

  • +2

    I ordered on 23/4 @6pm

    Received an order confirmation (with "A" at the end of the order number). Received a service number in the same email as part of the contract.

    Spoke with online chat today as my order still has the status as "Submitted"

    I was told a similar tone as others here, they confirmed order is being processed at the warehouse and is getting ready for packaging.

    They also provided another order number to use for tracking however I'm not exactly sure if that is correct.

    I haven't received an update but the tone of the chat was similar to others here, probably taking it with a pinch of salt until some form of confirmation of delivery is received (if ever)

    • Update: When entering the order number (my order number ends in an "A") in the Optus Assistant Chat (prior to speaking to a rep), it comes up with an automated status update saying:

      "Got it. I can see this order was placed on 23-04-2022."

      "Great news. Your Samsung Tab A8 64GB has been allocated and is being shipped out to you."

      • +1

        at this point im fairly certain that the virtual Optus assistant is more accurate than the actual reps

      • My one that I ordered an hour ago (just trying my luck for a friend who can't pass ID check) is showing that message.

        My one that I ordered on the 23rd says my order is still in progress and "We'll send you a text or an email when your Samsung Tab A8 64GB is being packed, and another as it leaves our warehouse."

  • Ordered on Saturday at 4.03pm.

    Just received this via email and SMS

    Hi Charbel,
    Your mobile broadband order for is ready for delivery and will be delivered shortly

  • +4

    I GOT aus post notification, item being packaged by startrack expected delivery tomorrow

    • Got one as well delivery 27th in Perth via Auspost, so I don't believe that for a second!

  • I assume it's optus tablet

  • +15

    I put the order number via here https://optus.startrack.com.au/ and it's saying the ETA date is the 27th.

    • its on the way!

    • +1

      Same here

    • Thanks for one of the most valuable information

  • +1

    Sweet 1 on the way, 1 still pending

  • Holy moly, these mfers actually pulled through. Fingers crossed for my second order! Gonna be an awesome Mother's day :D

  • Just got my tracking from aus post for 2 of the 3 I ordered..thanks OP.

  • +1

    Like I said earlier, mine is officially on its way. 128gb.
    Expected delivery Wednesday, SYD to PER.

    Thanks OP!

    • Congrats mate!
      Could you talk me through how you went from 64gb to 128gb please?

      • Simply chose the 128gb at checkout- didn’t want the 64 so never even considered it

  • +4

    Just received notification via auspost app, delivery on its way via StarTrack, only received email today order on its way & no sms.

    As most are waiting for a delivery update via text, be aware of auspost text scam going around:

    Australia Post warns about ‘sophisticated’ text message scam

  • Yeh as above. Got aus post notification delivery tomorrow in brisbane. Sweet

  • Ordered mine 5.30am Sunday 24/4. Received email with Order number ending in A. Used my old Optus account which had no active services. Initially the Order status didn't show up in my old acc. Then it did and said Submittted and Pending. Now it's disappeared again. Not holding my breathe it will be fulfilled based on responses so far and timing of my order.

  • Was told today by a rep that anyone that ordered on Sunday missed out. Again though, every rep seems to say something different.

    • +1

      I ordered on Sunday late morning as a new customer. Didn't get any temp order number, Optus app showed no services with only option to message or log out.

      Today I decided to enquire via the messaging within the app, the rep stated that it looked like the order wasn't completed and so she did it for me. I was then given an A-ending order number and was prompted to complete direct debit details and was emailed PDF copy of the contract.

      • Still don’t know whether that means anything.

  • Summary of charges
    Monthly payment - $12.50
    Minimum total cost of $496.94 over your selected contract terms includes your chosen add-ons for their minimum term.

    Items in your order
    1. Mobile service
    2. Galaxy Tab A8 | Grey | 64GB | Physical SIM

    Device Repayment Charges over 12 months - $0.00
    Includes a $44.04 monthly device discount when you stay on Optus plan.
    Medium Optus Choice Plus Data Plan per month - $25.00
    50% Discount for 12 months(Subs)
    Other Charges
    Addons - Optus Sport over 1 month - $0.00 (with Optus Sport Subscription Disc)

    Cheers OP, gave it a shot, let's see what happens.

  • My 2 are being delivered tomorrow according to the aus post app.

  • +2

    New customer, used the link ordered 1 on 23rd 8.30pm, got the confirmation email right after.

    No updates since then, optus app track my order shows "order status submittted, service activiation pending"

    On pc login shows message "We are setting up your account"

    Anyone same as me?

    • Yep I ordered around the same time, also no updates since the initial email/text and my Optus app is showing the same

    • I ordered just a little earlier than you. New customer as well. Received the optus text as well as a Courierspls text. It's on the way!

      • +2

        Still in pending, ordered around 5 pm Saturday and existing customer in NSW

    • Yep same, received on the way text. tracking number only now fibally gives a result with eta 28 /04.

      No active services pops up when I try my optus login though

    • I am the same as you and I ordered at 9:30pm on the 23rd. Are you an existing Optus customer? I used my existing account and it seems that all these people who are saying they got shipping confirmations are new account holders.

      • +1

        I am an existing Optus customer and I got a shipping confirmation

      • +1

        I'm a new customer, have not received any updates since ordering on 23rd

  • +1

    My order is being delivered by StarTrack, should receive it tomorrow 27/04.

  • Got tracking no from StarTrack too. Finger cross it’s not just a SIM card that they’re sending without the tablet. Some telco use StarTrack just to send SIM card, in my case Telstra. For security reason sometimes they send SIM card and phone separately also.

    • Imagine that … They post the simcard then cancel the tablet due to no stock. Could totally see that happening!

      • Highly likely ..

    • +1

      last time i ordered a sim + 4g modem they both came together

  • +1

    Is Optus user still get 12 months Amazon Prime membership now?

    • +3

      it is 6 months now

    • +1

      How do you get Amazon prime with Optus?

      • +2

        through sub hub

        • Thanks, will check it out :)

  • Gave my 998 vote to
    This deal

  • +6

    1000th upvote!!

    • +2

      We’re part of history!

      • +3

        Haha wondered if we'd get there 🥳

  • +1

    is Optus sport free for just 1 month? or entitle contract period,12 months?

    • +1

      Length of contract

    • +1

      Contract period. So you'll have it free for 12 months (or more if you say connected to an eligible plan).

    • Damn, it read like it is only for 1 month so I didn't tick the box.

      I wonder if I can add Optus sport afterwards for free?

      • +1

        yea, saw it in subhub when getting amazon

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This is the best deal ever for me since i joined Ozbargain 2019.

    AusPost App - Delivery expected on Wed 27th April by StarTrack (signature required)

  • +1

    I just pushed with optus chat and mine is arranged to ship out and tracking will be available in 24 hours.

    I did order first then realized of cashback and cancelled and re-ordered with cash rewards, I'm going to get $55 cash back.

    Thanks OZbargain mates~~~!!

    • How did the conversation go?

      • I got the tracking number (sales order number) and it will be shipped via star track,

        I have asked sending the detail via SMS, she says SMS sent but not getting the message.,

        Little worried but should be fine I guess :)

  • +1

    Is this case similar quality to the pro case one? Few dollars cheaper too

    • Wow look good, I'm looking for keyboard and case, any recommendation?

      • That case I linked seems good paired with a bluetooth keyboard. That seems like a cheaper compared to cases which have keyboards built into them for around $50

  • Spoke to two reps, one in Support & other in Sales area in Optus chat.
    For those whose orders are still in submitted status and service pending, the tablet is now out of stock. Optus doesn't know if it'll ever come back in stock as they have now put a stop-sell on it.
    You could change the device but then the offer doesn't apply so that's useless. They offered A7 tablet though.

    I guess this will be the case for lots of ppl who ordered it later. Ideally Optus website should have never let us order it when they didn't have the stock. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news, I hope I'm wrong and everyone gets their order somehow.

    • Mine is submitted and pending but can track my order number ending with an A on the optus startrack website. It was last scanned 10 mins ago.

      • Same here.

        Scanned last night due for delivery today.

      • That's great, but yours might have been one of the early orders. I did it at 12.45am on 24th Apr

    • +1

      Not sure how accurate that is. My order says "submitted" however I've received email from Optus this morning saying my order is on its way.

    • So they offered A7 instead of A8 same deal? If so then I'd take that. Reviews show A7 better due to chipset etc

  • Mine was to be delivered today. Now pushed back tomorrow. Tbh It’s Australia post, lucky to actually ever get it delivered.

  • +1

    Ordered on the 23rd
    Just got off with chat here's what I was told

    "Thank you for confirming. I was able to check the order number and it is already forwarded to our Warehouse. However, our warehouse is still waiting for the manufacturer to supply the device as well. Please be advised that we are also depending on the manufacturer's supply. Since the device is on high demand, we are still waiting for it.

    As of the moment, ETA will be within 1 to 2 weeks."

    Just had a look I actually ordered on the 24th at 6.10am but the Optus app and chat said it was the 23rd. Bit worried I ain't going to get now

  • My order update:
    Ordered: 23/4 @ 6PM
    Received Order confirmation number ending with "A" at time of order.

    Received Email 27/4 @730AM: "Your delivery is on its way"

    Unsure if it's the tablet and/or SIM card…. Hopefully both!

    • I ordered two units before you and still no other email than the one at the time of order… Not very comforting is it?

      • Fingers crossed yours gets an update today. It would be pretty disappointing if they don't process them in order.

        Maybe drop Optus Live Chat a message and see if they can give you some extra information. I'm hoping they actually give some accurate information as much as they can and not just waffle to then offer you an upgrade on another device (they offered me a new phone deal as mine is out of contract)

        • Doubt they processed them in order, another post stated had received it (Vic, ordered later than me).

  • Got the Ready to ship message,5pm 23rd order time

  • +3

    Multiple purchases by some = none for others. Awaiting the flood of optus 4g A8s on the various selling platforms in the near future…

  • +1

    From what I’ve been told and what I can gather, anyone who ordered on Saturday is likely to receive it and anyone who ordered on Sunday is likely to miss out. That includes people that were given a temporary order number and called to push theirs through.

    • +3

      Seems that's the trend, so far anyhow. I went into this with little expectation so not particularly fussed. Would be nice but not a necessity.

    • +1

      Ordered at 11:39pm Sat. Fingers crossed

  • +5

    Tablet arrived this morning. Thanks OP.

    • Nice one! Out of curiosity, did the sim card come with or is that expected to be a separate delivery?

      • Tablet and SIM delivered together. Need to show driver's license on delivery (StarTrack).

    • -1

      All as expected? Ie. Tablet and plan?

    • +1

      Is the tablet locked to Optus network?

      • +2

        not sure about tablet but Sim is definitely locked to Optus

        • +1

          not sure about tablet but Sim is definitely locked to Optus


  • +3

    Ordered 23/4 4pm
    Just received notification that it's ready for delivery
    App still listed as submitted/delivery blank

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