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Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 4G $0 on Optus 30GB Choice Plus Data Plan $12.50/Month for 12 Months @ Optus


This one started today, but I went into my Optus App to get it and there was a 50% off data sim offer that stacked with the $0 Tablet.

Has to be 30gb data plan or above.

So my deal was

$12.50 x 12 Months
Tab A8 64gb 4G
30 GB Data added to my data pool
$150 total cost.

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      • Funny that!!

    • Im still rocking a Tab S4. Don't think I'll have much use for this one either, lol. For 12.50 a month I just figured it's easier than tethering to my phone all the time when I'm out and about.

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    I can't believe people are trying to sell this off on Gumtree for $450. Those people should have their Ozbagain membership revoked.

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      Someone selling one for $529 on Gumtree.

    • People who are like that kill it for everyone else, every time. I don’t post deals anymore as a result. Optus are no doubt going to cancel a bunch of orders and it won’t be restocked now because they are getting harassed

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        How many people who ordered were actually looking for a galaxy tab A8 and found a good deal?

        I’m sure most people just saw the good deal and thought why not, it’s so cheap.

        • The RRP is no way reflective with them, they are going to have to pay plan fees of $150 or so and that’s about that they are worth haha

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            @SirMurduck: You’re probably right

            • @username1: Yeah they are free for a reason, I had one through Telstra a few years back, it was slow as; used to watch videos on it but I never was able to do much else

  • Mine never tracked through CR. They are asking for the sale value. What would you put for that? I thought it was based on the type of service you signed up for.

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      the sale value on your contract,$496.94

    • Mine tracked before I even got passed the credit check lol.

    • Same here, didn't track on CR but thankfully in my click history. Just lodged an enquiry.

  • Total Cost 12.5X 12 = 150 with $55 cashreward CB - $95 for a new tablet, i will keep it as a spear !!

    Dont even bother finding a case, will just get a cheap screen protector

    • plus 6 Months amazon prime free via optus subhub

      • still haven't opened and activated…lol !

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        Unfortunately I've already prepaid for Prime till September. Anyone know if it's possible to get a pro-rata refund?

        • Not possible. I contacted Amazon customer support and asking to have the membership fee refund but they refused.

          • @T-man: When this deal was initially 12 months I was 2 months into a 12 month paid subscription. Told them I wanted to cancel and got the same response as you, told them I wanted to switch to 1 month subscription and they let me cancel.

          • @T-man: I did it after I got it for a month or so (1 year prepaid) and they actually refunded so I got it through sub hub instead

          • @T-man: Perhaps you would like amazon to pay you for the privilege of having you as a subscriber…. Really?

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      i will keep it as a spear !!

      I've told my family that I was getting it as a 'throwaway tablet', but I wasn't literally going to use this as a spear!

  • Do we have to remain on direct debit in order to recive the plan and tablet discounts?

    • The plans CIS document covers this: "Automatic payments via credit, debit or charge card are required for these

      • Thanks.

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    Woot Deal of the Month!

    • -3
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        He posted the deal for farque sake.

        Legend! 🍻

        • Pat on the shoulder from yourself comment and still didn’t upvote lol

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            @Sheng: Not sure what the farque you're on about maite!

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        Haha I didn't think OPs could!

        • No shame in upvoting yourself unlike other platforms besides reddit. Crazy how your first deal was removed for sock puppet and now the second is a popular deal.

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            @Sheng: Because im associated with HN it won't let me post any HN offers so have to do them all in Anon thread which usually gets missed.

            It's a wierd rule. Even if I declare I'm associated it won't let me. So I think back then I did a sockpuppet post for an iPhone Optus deal…

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          Pretty sure the website automatically upvotes one's own deal upon posting.

  • Not even this deal is enough to satisfy some!!

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    Still yet to hear anything about my order (with an A on the end)

    • same… ordered on 24/04 5:00am

      • What is your chat not response? Mine is not ready for delivery.

        • I cant even get chat working on the app - "we're having trouble connecting" error, has been that way for last week.

    • Got an email today "Your mobile broadband order is ready for delivery and will be delivered shortly". Still getting the same info as I've always had when I click on the link.

      • Arrived today

  • Well theres a failure rate, and theres a failure rate within 24 hours of purchase. This thing has bricked itself after 1 use, zero sign of life.

    • Oh shit!

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      Try to go through Samsung for a replacement and not optus since they will cancel the plan with no restock

    • What caused it to brick? Auto update?

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      Same thing happened to mine after one day of use and the bloody thing wouldn’t turn on , at first I thought it was battery issues and then did a bit of research online and have to force restart it using the volume down button and the start button simultaneously and then it came back to life after rebooting .

      Here is the link of what I did


      • -3

        2018/2019 tablet.
        No wonder it can't cope with 2022

        • +1

          This is 2022 model since it was available from beginning of 2022 (was announced during end of 2021) and that link is for Samsung A8 phone released in 2019.

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          Someone's salty they missed out

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    can possibly order the 128gb one thanks to Chorong



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      ‘The product is currently out-of-stock.’

      • I can still order through the 64GB and 128GB link, but my orders on the 23rd are still pending and I have no use getting more. Not interested in selling them like others

      • For the 64gv yes, but I placed an order for the 128gb last night and its on its way

        • How did you place the order for $128 it’s also showing out of stock ?

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            @Sunnyoz: There's times where it shows OOS, but sometimes it gets through

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            @Sunnyoz: still works if u click on the link i've posted

            • @mmd: thanks for the link… but this one OOS too…hopefully they get some stock and the deal be back..

              • @koolchamp81: ooh yes it is finally out of stock now.

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    Any suggestions for a case or cover for the Galaxy Tab A 8

  • Worth posting this deal here for anyone looking to expand their 64GB onboard memory

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    So had lost all of hope of actually receiving a device ,but just received a notification today morning that my device is on the way.

    Ordered late night 23rd ,got the order confirmation email on 24th 1:30 am.

    Had a chat with their customer care last week but did not get any definite response but just a out of stock response.

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    Ordered 24th 6 am just got my text that it's on its way

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    Got sms today morning confirming its on its way for delivery.

    Ordered 24th April 2 AM.
    South Australia Adelaide

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    Holy moly, I didn't realise how good this deal is. As somebody on a 15$ / 28day mobile phone plan, I'll be switching to unlimited talk and text ($60/365 days) and using this in my dual sim phone for mobile data. Adding up the savings including 55$ cashback, the 128gb model only really costs 35$. How wild is that

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    The people who got on this deal and did not need the tablet and ARE flogging it for sale are vile creatures.

    Hope you suffer horrible consequences.

    • Each to their own, it's their thing and they can do what they like. I personally will use the tablet and the plan is handy for any remote work, if you don't want to use your phone data.

    • Hope you suffer horrible consequences.

      What would be an appropriate horrible consequence?

      • Running out of data on their main phone for a week?

      • +1

        Spontaneous combustion.

      • Got scammed on Gumtree?

    • +2

      I'm personally keeping mine, but the thought did cross my mind initially to sell it cheap and make a quick buck. Got to find a way to make extra money somehow, so if an opportunity presents itself then by all means. If someone had stolen a tablet to sell it, well that's someone I would call a vile creature. But just for reselling a tablet from a promotion? Come on. I do however think there should have been a limit of one per customer or even household, to make it fairer for people who missed out.

      You can disagree with me if you want but hey we're all entitled to an opinion.

      • Lol the only way to make a buck with these is eBay, and the prices are dipping under $300. It’ll get flooded and drop further. With $150 in plan fees, it’s not much of a deal

        • $95 after cashback (assuming that cashrewards pay it). So even if you sold for $200 you're still up $105. If times are tough then I'd happily take $100+ for a small amount of work. Plus you still get the benefit of all that data. Heck I've made bank accounts and done minimum spends just to make $50 lol

          • @bighorse: I expect Cashrewards to be monitoring this closely…Tightarse is a reg member here

            • @SirMurduck: Also I think everyone’s misread the deal or there’s some catch with the contract for sure

              • @SirMurduck: It's a 12 month contract. It's $12.50/ month, confirmed because the first payment has come out and the second month amount is showing. The device discount of $44.04/month (the full cost of the device) for 12 months shows on the contract.

                If you don't cancel after 12 months it's $25/month ongoing. If you cancel within the 12 months you have to pay the remaining device fees (no discount). Other than that there's not really anything else that can be misread or any other catch.

  • Ordered 24/4 - 7am - Melbourne - existing customer with several plans

    Email received stating order is on the way. No SMS though, and app still shows submitted/pending.

    Good luck to the rest of you still holding out. Sorry some of you have had a terrible experience.

  • After my email from Optus telling me it was on the way, never received any word from StarTrack. However, it showed up this morning. Considering a signature/id was required, I find it strange no notice was given. Anyway, can’t complain, many thanks OP for the deal.

  • How long has it taken for those who received update order is on its way to actually receiving it? Mine still has item "left warehouse" since 28/4 but haven't received it yet.

    • Due for delivery this morning, but Star Track driver just conveniently said "couldn't get access" even though it's a business address smh Should've just opted to send to home, at least they'd leave delivery card and I can pick up later.

      Contacted Star Track first which asked me to go back to Optus, Optus said wait 24 hours before contacting them back to see where it's ended up (hopefully not back to warehouse!)

  • Ordered 128gb model on 26/4 & received shipping notice today. :)

  • Ordered 24/4 - 3am - Melbourne - Existing customer with no active service

    Email received stating order is on the way. No SMS though, and app still shows submitted/pending.

    Good luck to the rest of you still holding out. Sorry some of you have had a terrible experience.

    I didn't contact anyone. Was patiently waiting.

    Kids broke the iPad charging port yesterday. Now will have some time to figure out where it can be fixed.


    • I patiently waited since I placed an order on 24/4 4am and 11am, initially received order number with ending A and new optus mobile numbers, received SMS regarding orders and no email.

      Today morning 8:45am I received SMS my orders being delivered. No email again.

      I hope you will receive your order soon

    • Oft now did they manage that? I had a relative break part of the charger off before but that was a simple fix, tweezers

  • Is there any plan for call and SMS and getting this data sim used as e-sim?

    • +1

      i dont think so, but sms is possible

  • +1

    Ordered 24/4 10 AM.

    Just got my 128GB tablet on Labour Day (QLD).
    Wonder if I should cancel the 64GB one.

  • +1

    …so I successfully placed an order on Thursday April 28th (using the direct links earlier in the thread and a bit of refreshing) and just received shipping notification

  • the cheapest case and screen protector are around 28

    30% of the cost of tablet!!!!! OMG!

    • Screen protector for a tablet is overkill IMO.

      • Na it’s not, the fix is above and beyond that price

        • +2

          Went supcase beetle. When you think about it, it's a $500 tablet… Treat it as such so $40 is not much in scheme of things

  • i ordered a 128gb A8 on 25th got sms today saying it is ready for delivery. but i enter tracking no. and i get "Sorry, but we cannot find your OPTUS Order Number ." i guess its too late to change the order to the 64gb model as that may affect the tracking of cashback ?

  • Has anyone tracked cashback using Shopback instead of Cashrewards like me? It tracked $44.80 under "Optus prepaid mobile", should I contact them and let them know this is postpaid? Maybe I should wait, after all my order is still sitting at "submitted".

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