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Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil 5L $22.99 (Was $67.99) in-Store Only @ Autobarn


Greetings everyone, awesome price on this oil, cheapest it's been for quite a while.

This is In-Store Only - Can't purchase online during promotion times.

Nulon Full Synthetic 5W-30 Long Life Engine Oil provides the maximum protection and performance from cold start-up to high operating temperatures. The energy conserving, low viscosity formula ensures optimum engine performance for all technically advanced and performance passenger car petrol engines.

Catalogue ends on 19/5/2022, should be available in store until then.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +5

    Great price. Time to stock up again. Thanks doweyy!

  • Nice, will need to grab some!

  • Will grab a lot!

    • +5

      Leave some for us !

    • +1

      Autobarn usually have a 2 item limit when the Nulon's go on sale..

      • I think it's two per transaction, not per person.

  • Anyone else getting "Not available"?

    • +5

      Is there a sign in store saying that?

    • -1

      Yes, it's not available online, not available for delivery, not available for pick up. So, this is a bait, isn't it?

  • Anyone know of they open today thanks

    • Some shops open after 1pm on Anzac Day. Call your local store and find out

    • Autobarn Chadstone landline at 10am rung out, so I’d say stores open at 1PM.

      • 5 bottles left at Chadstone as at 1:15pm (behind the oil finder tablet). Limit 2 per customer. 81 bottles on order.

        Parking is terrible of course. Park on the closest side street and walk in.

  • Is this the Euro one for my VW CC?

  • I wish 10w-40 went on sale more often :(

    • +1

      I think they have that for under $20 every few months. And 15w-40 for under $15. For 5L.

  • Great price! I believe you can also price match at SCA

    • yeah? do you think?
      Worried because you can't find stock online, they wont do it

      • ive never seen them check stock when price matching items, so they should honour it. Matched an out of stock sony headunit from Autobarn a month ago easily.

        • yeah they never price match or price beat for me any of autobarn specials (because they say they cannot see stock) or repco clearance items.

      • I price matched this morning via online chat and was told they will email the voucher to me by tomorrow. From memory, last time they said this I never received it. Will see if I get it this time.

        • +1

          Chat did not price match the Castrol GTX15-40 for me

    • They should price beat by a dollar at your request.

  • +1

    "Not recommended for diesel engines or vehicles fitted with DPF" ??? Not aware of any other engine types with DPFs.

    • All diesel engines for Volkswagen Golf Mk6 are fitted with DPF(diesel particulate filter). The engine oil is mostly for American & Japanese petrol cars

      • Think you missed my point…. Its the wording!! They could have just said not suitable for Diesels…..

        • Yeah, I know they could have said that. Then again. A few diesel vehicles do not come with DPF. I know a few old Hyundai & Kia models do not have the filter.

          • @BiA0: Correct, I am in that category with my Sorento 2014 Diesel. But by the wording you cant use this…. I can use Castrol EDGE 5W-30 A3 B4 (Confirmed by KIA dealer as no DPF) even though on the Castrol website it says you cant…. Anyway poor wording… So I am wondering if you can use this in my instance.

            My guess is….. YES?

        • +1

          What are you on about? Suitable for the majority of diesel 4x4s on the market… Most don't have dpf

          • @AndyRoo: What am I on about???? What are THEY on about???…. per the website "Not recommended for diesel engines"

            • @pointnlarf: Ahh I read it as not recommended for diesel engines with dpf as per what it stated on the nulon site. They have a diesel formula specific for dpf engines. This one is fine for non dpf

              • @AndyRoo: That is what is what it SHOULD say….. AFAIK.. The Nulon site still does not recommend this for Diesels….DPF or otherwise….

                • @pointnlarf: Here is the kicker… I actually use this in 2 of my 4x4's in 5w-40. Check out the 5w-40 nulon site. They do recommend it for non dpf, but for some reason (possibly a more expensive alternate available) they don't reccoment it on the 5w-30.

                  • @AndyRoo: The NULON "Netlube" guide is as nuts as the Castrol one… If I select a manual version of my vehicle Sorento 11-14 it says this 5W-40 (standard) is fine. But in the AUTO it only recommends the "diesel" variant….SYND5W30

                    • @pointnlarf: I knownwot navaras, a manual has no dpf and auto can potentially have it. Maybe similar with Kia and that's why?

                      • @AndyRoo: Yeah… but mine is an auto without a DPF….

                        • @pointnlarf: Netlube states this for a d40 2.5 at the bottom "Model fitted with diesel particulate filter (DPF) shown. If not fitted with DPF, use FULL SYNTHETIC 5W-30 DIESEL FORMULA LONG LIFE ENGINE OIL, SEMI SYNTHETIC 10W-30 HI-TECH FAST FLOWING ENGINE OIL or SEMI SYNTHETIC 15W-40 HIGH TORQUE DIESEL ENGINE OIL."

                          • @AndyRoo: Doh… I was using this guide http://www.datateck.com.au/lube/NulonAus/ which is a bit contradictory. You are correct …. Looking at the official NULON netlube guide it says 5W40 (standard) is fine…for NON DPF

                            I previously rang KIA and they said Castrol 5W-30 A3 B4 (ie non LL) is still recommended for my model (NON DPF)…. so my guess is the 5W30 (standard) NULON should also be ok…..

            • @pointnlarf: Nulon released another version of this oil that's optimised for diesel. So guessing they want people to buy that.

  • How does this compare to the castrol equivalent? Thanks

    • For what car?

    • +5

      The Castrol equivalent is more expensive

    • Same! I have a Civic 1.8 ltr and the website said it's not suitable.

      • +3

        I posted below about someone saying it’s not compatible with their car.

        What I found with my last 2 Kia. Was that the weight was fine, but the additives differed. So some European makes call for low ash oil or have other specific requirements. So ‘officially’ it wasn’t compatible with a lot of the on sale oils. But overall it was okay. As I changed the oil on time and used a branded synthetic oil.

        The 1.8L civic engine is fairly basic. So you shouldn’t have any problems with this oil. As long as your car calls for 5W30.

  • Thanks for the deal OP!

    Getting more but I'm running out of space on my engine oil shelf after the last castrol deal at Supercheap

  • Not suitable for my Honda Civic Petrol 1.8L.
    Any recommendations what oil is good? I usually just get it changed once a year when I take the car for service.

    • +1

      How so? Did you check with your usual manual? If it requires SN or older and it takes anything from 5w - 30 or higher it should be fine.

      • I did the compatibility check on on the product page and it said not suitable.

        • +1

          Try Supercheap auto page to see if the result is the same? Or even better try nulon website.
          I bet the recommended viscosity is 0w-20? If so check your owners manual I am sure it can also take 5w-30. 0w-20 is recommended for better fuel efficiency but 5w-30 will run just as well especially if your car has higher mileage than a new car.

          • @wtfnodeal: My car is 2010 model and I've only done like 75,000 km.
            Thanks for the help :)

            • @ar7ist: I am not a mechanic, but you’ll be fine. Your engine would be a NA non direct injection. Any 5W30 will be okay.

              The reason they might say it’s not compatible is the additives they add to this oil may not be optimised for your engine.

              If you really care about oil, Shell helix ultra is the best as far as I’m concerned. But any brand name will be fine if you change your oil on time. This is a great oil at a fantastic price. I wouldn’t over think it.

  • +1

    Does anyone take this to their mechanics for standard service?

    • +4

      The question is how well do you trust your mechanic not swapping out for lower grade oil when you can’t inspect it servicing your car?

      • +1

        I’d trust him if I prearranged and he agreed

      • You could watch your mechanic

        • Unless it is a mobile mechanic that comes to your house otherwise there is a boundary where you cannot cross for your safety. My experiences were they never attended to my car immediately after I dropped the car off and I was never free to wait for my car’s turn but to leave it there until they texted me it was ready for pickup.
          Edit: by the way, it was a dealership service centre which I caught them not cleaning the dirty air filter even though it was ticked off on the checklist. Basically I paid $300 parking fee and and stamp on the logbook to keep new car warranty intact.

          • @wtfnodeal: How’d you catch them?

            • @diazepam: I opened the hood and checked the air filter immediately after picking up my car key. It was so dirty and the response to my complaint was: “the checklist did state to clean only if it was dirty and we thought it was not dirty enough needed a clean.”

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    I went in store and they had an entire display for this discount.

  • -2

    Even at $22.99, they are well off. This should be the normal price.

    • Don't think we've seen a price like this since 2020, 'pre-COVID'.

  • Yay, more of the good stuff to stock up on.

  • Thanks OP, time to stock up! Doesn't get much cheaper than this for fully synthetic 5w30!

  • My 2000 laser is listed as 10w 40. Could I use this or might be too thin?

    • generally speaking

      Going higher on cold viscosity, and lower on operating temp viscosity from the recommended viscosity is a bad idea.
      In your case going from 10 W to 5W may be not that bad, but going from 40 to 30 might be a bad idea.

      See your car's car's in different countries too, e.g. my Holden car owner's manual says 15W/20W 40 or 15W/20W 50, while the same car (under Opel/GM/Vauxhall brand) in Europe/Germany for same engine recommends 5W/10W 30, or 5W/10W 40. So i assume the car can actually take any of the viscosities, with the winter W being 20 at max, (15W in summer) and at least 30 for hot viscosity, (upto 50 at max)


    • hard to say. have seen a video about a 98 camry with high ks (270+) on the internet change to 5w 30, was driven hard and broke big end bearings. Could have been it's time or the thicker oil was helping.

  • Catalogue ends on 19/5/2022, should be available in store until then.

    From my experience of Castrol GTC 15W 40 for $11 ended last week catalogue doesn't seem like it, these specials seems to be gone within 4-5 days i think

  • Thanks OP, running low on my $12.95 Synpower bottles from last year

  • Went to local store to pick some up, there is technically a limit of 2 per customer.
    They had heaps of stock.

  • The Good Stuff, cheap!!!

  • A store said they got 150 units bc the wholesaler had excess. All sold out and I had nothing to do with it.

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