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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer $479.20 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Myer


Myer has Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Fuchsia/Nickel at $479.20 for One Day only offer. This is similar to https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/695581.

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  • 5% cashback so another $24 off?

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      Only 2% maybe.

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    Man still $100 more than last year. Crazy


    • Comparing it to a one-off deal that was probably accidentally allowed to be stacked, and also an older model number

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      Accessories are different than last year. It's not a direct comparison. That was the older HD03 model, the newer HD07 model includes the flyaway tool, wide tooth comb and presentation case which were not included in the prior model.

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    Perfect to get those bbq coals fiery red.

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    Expensive pipe

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    I shouldn't be shocked by now when I see Dyson prices but I can't help it. I'm shocked.

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      I will say, it is a bloody good hair dryer. I have grown out my hair and now use it more than the misses!

  • This the cheapest it’s likely to go?

  • Probably cheapest for this year's prices and you get the box and accessories vs none

    I can confirm once you have one of these you can't go back

  • Supersonic? You mean the air comes out faster than the speed of sound?!?! :D

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      No, that is supersonic. This is Supersonic.

    • I believe they’ve tried to push some of the noise into the humans-can’t-hear range.

      Dunno, seems noisy still but quieter than most hairdryers, from memory.

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    Always been interested in why these things are so expensive can someone explain?
    At the end of the day it's a hairdryer correct?

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      No, of course not. That’s a popular misconception. Dyson reinvented the hairdryer

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        True reinvented hairdryer should be the zuvi halo ha100.

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            @tharlow: They able to make a cordless hairdryer due to low power consumption of the heating method.

            • @Richardc: How many times can the hairdryer be reinvented and still be a hairdryer?

  • Thanks OP!

    Perfect timing, wife birthday and mother's day soon too.

    Present sorted. Additional 5% with AGL rewards.

  • Damn, just bought it for 539 last week at DJ. Unfortunately have already opened and used :(

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      buy again and return the new one with old receipt.

    • Hate it when that happens!

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    Is this a new model or what? Any improved or new features? I'm so confused because I can clearly recall that I bought one for $348 in June of 2019. And it's a gift pack with a fancy box, accessories and a sturdy stand.

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      That would've been a clearance HD01 or newer HD03 model, based on the time, this is HD07.
      Difference is that HD03 and HD07 have an improved thermistor measuring temperature 40 times/second vs 20 times/second.
      HD03 has redesigned concentrating nozzle gentle air attachment on top of this.
      HD07 has wide tooth comb, flyaway attachment. This version has the bonus presentation case.

      It's possible to purchase the newer tools & accessories for your older model:
      Flyaway attachment retails for $99
      Wide tooth comb retails for $99
      Presentation case retails for $99

      Retail price has shifted due to increasing cost and shortage of electrical components and transport costs. The container freight index (statista) shows shipping container cost has gone from around ~$1300USD in 2019 to ~$8100USD in March.

      Hope that helps clarify.

  • Lol

  • Any deals on any other colour? I know we live in progressive times but I don’t think a girl would like it if I brought her to my bachelor pad and she saw that I had a Fuscia coloured hair dryer…

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      Living in a progressive timeline would also mean not giving a hoot about what others think of your style.

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      Bro if any girl came over to your pad and saw you had a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer, you're already ranked higher than most guys who don't usually care.

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      Unless you're Fabio, this is probably overkill for most men's hair.

  • Thanks OP, mothers day (for the wife) sorted. She loves her Dyson Airwrap.

  • None left already it seems

  • OOS?

  • Missed out…T-T

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