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AmEx Statement Credit: Get 20% Back at Participating Restaurants ($25 Cap Per Card) @ American Express Delicious Month Out


Repeat of this previous offer

Showed up in my card offers for registration now, although website link mentions promotion runs for the month of May.

No minimum spend noted, so flexible use for quick snacks/drinks etc.

Will include Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and also Adelaide this year.


“Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend in-person only at participating American Express Delicious Month Out businesses by 31/05/2022 to get up to $25 back per card, via a 20% credit on each transaction. Limited to the first 75,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.”

EDIT: Appears to be Targeted (I received offer on my Platinum Edge). Also, noting the website info mentions offer period of 01-31 May, it could be worth rechecking next week if it appears in offers later if not now!?

Map of eligible businesses is linked in the Amex promo page, as noted by Kerfuffle
Amended deal start date; as Heremo has pointed out, the Amex website business links mention availability from 29/04-31/05
Also Amex promo email has gone out today, so deal is potentially not targeted, as a few users have commented.

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (10)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (16)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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  • +3

    Cannot see this offer…

    • +1

      Ah apologies, appears to be targeted. From the website info, it looked to be a blanket type of offer, sorry for confusion!

      • +1

        Actually.. I just got an email saying I got this offer… so maybe check again

  • +1

    targeted? not in my Qantas Ultimate

  • +2

    I got “15% back at the brands you love” - without actually stating which brands qualify or where to shop lol?

  • Not on my Explorer

    • Got it in the app this morning!

  • +2

    In 5 days?

    • +1

      Tbh that was an assumption/to be cautious as the website link advertises 01-31 May as Delicious Month Out, and references “an exclusive member offer is coming”, which sounded like it wasn’t supposed to be available yet.
      So I thought it might have opened for early registration but didn’t want to show deal post as available now in case people spend immediately but then don’t receive the credit back.
      Would be curious to hear if it works for anyone who tries before 01 May though!

  • +1

    Dam you Amex.. Why no Perth?

    • -1

      Indeed! "across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and, for the first time, Adelaide."
      Let's hope they don't choke on our GST.

    • Probably in 2023. Brisbane was only last year for the first time and Adelaide is now the next foodie hotspot after Sydney and Melbourne.

      Not to mention not everyone can get freely get into WA as of this comment unlike other states …

    • -4

      Seriously- must you ask? It's because that "dam" Premier of yours doesn't think your part of Australia, and Amex wants to reward Australian consumers so cashed up by the pandemic (meaning us) but are now emotionally spending large amounts with gay abandon given the newfound freedom, seeking meaning amongst the collection of material objects or short term self soothe hedonism.

      It's not rocket science.

  • +5

    For everyone who's saying targeted, wait until April 30 or May 1 (when the offer starts) before saying it's targeted. I haven't gotten the offer either but I fully expect to get it on the primary cards at least. Platinum (Edge? Card isn't that exclusive) Card Members probably get a sneak preview or something which is why most of us don't have this offer.

    What I want to know is what the participating restaurants are, especially for Adelaide since I'll be there multiple times next month. Hopefully Africola is on the list.

    Edit: Map of participating restaurants. For Sydneysiders, I highly recommend Bentley and Monopole (30% off during certain times if you book via The Fork). For those who can get to Chatswood, Quattro Deli are also participating so you can stock up on gourmet food like Italian chilli olive oil or truffle chips

    • +1

      OPs link has the restaurants for Adelaide and Africola is first on the list from the looks of it

      • Yep! Better save one of my Amexes so I can save $25 haha. Crack Kitchen is also on the list, but not Ryo’s Noodles or Hey Jupiter

    • Thanks, have added to the post info (sorry, not sure how to tag you!?)

    • Not on my Essential yet.

      • Did you have the offer last year?

        • I don't think so.

  • +2

    if you click on a business on the map, it tells you this offer is valid for spend between 29 April and 31 May. I had the offer on my Qantas Amex card.

    • Thanks for flagging; have updated the post info (sorry did not know how to tag you)!

  • I saw a little placard for this at the counter at Da Vinci Restorante in North Adelaide the other night which seemed to imply that it will be available to all cardholders. Would be odd to advertise it like that if it’s targeted but we’ll see in May I suppose.

    Edit:just received promo email with enrollment link, didn’t show up on my Essential originally.

  • +3

    Received the offer via Amex Email

    • Same, but only for one of my three primary cards so far.

      • This is new isn’t it.

        The snacks are on us this delicious. Month Out
        The American Express Shop Small Food Truck will be hitting the streets again to bring you a taste of our city’s hidden gems. Across Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane, we’ll be treating you to complimentary treats from local favourites.

        • No. Was a thing last year (only new for Adelaide). I had a nice vegetarian croquette made by Pony at the food truck and they also gave out complimentary copies of delicious magazine

    • +1

      Same here for my Qantas AMEX Ultimate card.

    • Same here.

  • +1

    Just noticed all offers from my supplementary cards have disappeared except for the Wyndham Hotels offer. I have only received the delicious month offer on my platinum card but neither of my reserve cards.

  • Got the offer via email but does not appear in the app. So maybe check email

  • So is it maximum $25 back per card per transaction, or across multiple transactions???

    So if I spend $125 once, I get the $25 back, but then go out for dinner again do I get further credits? Wording is rather vague.

    • +1

      So if I spend $125 once, I get the $25 back, but then go out for dinner again do I get further credits? Wording is rather vague.

      No. Same deal as last year. Max $25 back across multiple transactions. If you spend $10 on lunch, you'll get $2 back.

  • Only got it via email, but once activated i can see it in my saved offers. Great timing!

  • +2

    Under offer terms, it says additional cards are not eligible for this offer. Only got the offer on my primary card.

  • -1

    Some times shops are on top of each other at the same location. This Chrome extension will add a link that'll show you all the shops… https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/shop-small-assista...

    • this isnt shop small…

      • -1

        The map is the same as the one used in shop small so it works.

        • +1

          No there's a separate filter for business that is actually participating in this, if you see on the AMEX map.

  • I only got the email offer for one out of my two primary accounts. I just noticed that I’ve only been receiving offer emails from that one account, but not the other, even though they are both opt in to emails. Anyone else had this issue and idea how to get emails for the other one as well?

  • so this is unlimited restaurants and unlimited uses, but only once per restaurant?

    • +1

      No, you can use it at the same restaurant multiple times, up to a maximum of $125 spend to get the $25 credit.

      • So $25 in total per card for the month?

        • Yes, for every card that has the offer saved. So if you spend $150 at Cirrus, you're only getting $25 back.

  • +3

    Check your primary accounts. Was able to save the offer to the rest of my Amexes that hadn't received the offer yet.

    See you at Africola in a few weeks! ;)

  • +4


    Alot of people have reported that supp cards have lost all offers.

  • Didn't seem to get this in my explorer.

    • Did you check the offers in your app? You’d think you’d get it since you’re in Adelaide.

      • Just went to check, and nothing new.

        • Nothing on my Explorer either.

          • +1

            @Spizz: Guess Adelaide Explorers won't be exploring any new restaurants (pun intended).

            Dunno if it's worth calling up Amex to ask about it. I know someone in Sydney with an Explorer card who got the offer.

  • Got delicious month of may. Used it yeaterday

  • -1

    Got it.
    But the map link is broken

  • Got the offer on my other primary cards as well.

  • Mostly in Sydney cbd only, right? Nothing near cabramatta?

    • Use the map.

      • +1

        Doesnt work for me. Android phone, chrome browser

        • -1

          Must be something wrong with your phone then as I too have an Android phone and Chrome browser and can get the map to work fine.

          • @kerfuffle: mine is samsung note 10+, not rooted nothing but the map is sluggish and looks crap. dont know why… since the shop small years ago already not good

        • +1

          Then use a computer. Map works just fine for me 👍

  • got it, thank you.

  • Tonnes of good options to use this offer in Brisbane. Great work Amex.

    • +1

      Only for primary card, not sure saving of $25 is great work

      • I didn't think so either when they changed the offer last year, but it actually is great work from Amex and delicious as there's no minimum spend. Spend $15 on a bowl of ramen, and you get $3 back. Spend $50 on a bowl of pasta, a dessert and a drink at another place, get $10 back. You can use it at multiple restaurants and even the same one if you want up until you hit the $125 spend for the max $25 credit.

      • Ok, then feel free to pay full price?

  • Saved to card then realised that nowhere in my state is participating 😭

    • Time to go interstate

  • Just used it today at Tim Ho Wan :)

  • If the restaurant also accepts takeaway orders, does it apply to takeaway too?

    • I would think so. As long as the charge is from the restaurant direct.

  • Can combine this with 50% off fork

    • I assume if the same restaurants are available

  • Got it on my explorer but only on my main card

  • Anyone getting e-mails for this offer or no e-mails when they make a qualifying spend?

    • +1

      Haven’t received an email but an automatic deduction from my account 2 days later.

  • Nothing on my explorer card. In Sydney

  • Nothing for ACT =(

    • Sydney and Melbourne aren't that far away. Hopefully in the future they'll expand (first year was Sydney only, second year last year expanded to Brisbane and Melbourne, and this year Adelaide)

  • +1

    It's available to me now

  • They have cleaned up all offers on my sup cards:), wonder if it's the same for my fellow ozbs.

    • +1

      I noticed this too!! Are offers only going to primary now?! What about it the people with supp cards for their pets..

    • +1

      Same. Another nail in the coffin of "cancel my account once I use all the travel credits"

  • Does this work if you order and pay directly on the restaurant website for take away?

    • +2

      No. It's delicious month out, not delicious month in

      • How does AMEX know whether you dined in or takeaway? Payment goes through the same payment terminal.

        • They said takeaway via ordering on the website, not takeaway from the restaurant.

        • +1

          If it's through same payment terminal, probably. You could always try ordering 1 dish takeaway. But if you picking up, I'd just go call the restaurant and pay when picking up.

          • +1

            @lilkid28: They rarely pick up their phone and don't want to wait a long time at the restaurant. I will order directly online and report back if I get the credit.

  • Note : it's only $25 TOTAL.

    I was hoping to go to dozens of places and get $25 cashback every time, but nope. 20% back at as many places as you want in their maps, but capped at $25 total.

    • Yes, we know that, as per the Terms and Conditions …

      to get up to $25 back per card, via a 20% credit on each transaction

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