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Spend $200 or More with Zip & Get $40 Cashback @ JB Hi-Fi


Just saw this on Facebook.

Pretty straight forward, spend $200+ on zip pay or zip money and get $40 cashback. I believe the minimum threshold to withdraw with Zip pay is $30 $20 so should be able to get it back quickly!

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Update: T&C's state this offer excludes gift card purchases. However, comments below claim they received cashback immediately after purchasing a JB Hi-Fi gift card.

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This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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  • +1

    Thought of getting GC but got disappointed after seeing the small fine print…

    • Gift card might be possible using the single-use Zip card or Apple Pay for purchase, but that loophole might have been closed with the addition of that text in the terms.

      • Anyone want to try and report back? Be the OzB savior…

        • +14

          I went ahead and took one for the team. it’s working, rewards came through immediately

        • +2

          I can confirm it works with Apple Pay zip card - just went in and bought a $200 GC and can see the $40 credit on my zip account

    • +2

      at least you know your vision is good

    • Could you please point to where it mentions that?

      • -2

        I went to the app, found the promo, clicked on it and there's the small print.

  • Isn’t the minimum rewards balance goal $20 (rather than $30)? Mine in the app showing at $20.

    • +1

      Yes reduced to $20 now.

    • is it still redeeming in $20 (previously $30) chunks?

      • yes

  • +1

    Finally a decent zip deal. Its been a while. Still holding out hope for them to bring back 10% super saturdays.

    • +2

      stay strong
      respectful fist bump

    • We can only hope. Their share price is <10% of peak, not hopeful…

      • Don't worry, they'll do another capital raise again soon.

  • Buy a $200 item and refund as a gift card maybe? Don't quite know how those sort of swaps are transferred.

    • I reckoned they will just refund via the original payment form, which in this case, zippay.

    • Last time when I tried a refund, they told me it had to be back to original payment, instead of issuing gift cards.
      But sometimes, I'm offered with gift cards for refund.
      Not quite sure about the standard.

  • +4

    Price-match Airpods Pro with Amazon, pay with Zip. $259 after Cashback

  • +3

    Went to jbhifi north sydney one of the store person told me they don't price match amazon.com.au as they don't have physical retail outlets bit disappointed 😒 may be my bad luck.

    • +1

      Done plenty of times. Catch also has same price but they will try to add delivery. You could also try another store, call them before going in.

    • +1

      That's lots of bullcrap. Ask them to point out where in the T&Cs that it has to be a physical store? I've done plenty of times no worries. Just make sure it is sold by Amazon Commercial though.


    • I've had JB price match amazon multiple times. The only time they didn't was when amazon didn't have stock immediately available and were doing backorders for an item.

    • that is a lot of BS… get that person's name, complain to the store manager and take it to social media..

  • What’s good to get from jb atm

  • +23

    I just purchased a $200 gift card with the Zip single use card and received the cashback immediately

    • Nice. So effectively a 20% discount. Too bad I bought my Apple Watch series 7 there last week.

    • +1

      Thanks for confirming, worked fine for me too using single use card.

    • Could u let me know did u purchased online or instore?

      • +5

        online here - select “nominate value” and put in $200. checkout as usual but when paying, use your Zip card details, which can be found in the Zip app

        • Many thanks, Mate, I will try later.

    • thanks skido. can confirm it worked for me online as well. got cashback immediately.

      • Ditto, thanks Skido.

      • +1

        got email from jb saying order was cancelled as it failed the verification process. the $200 is back in zip with an additional $40 that i redeemed. free $40? hope they dont take it away :D

        • +1

          Why did it fail? Anyone else have this problem I’m very interested in this offer as got stuff to pay for in jb store and getting this cash back helps but not if it fails or extra amount is taken back as does say excludes cards.

          • +3

            @bwatt72: No clue sorry. This is the email I got.

            Hi xxx,
            Unfortunately, your recent order of $200.00 has failed our verification process and been cancelled.
            We have not processed any payment
            However please note that a pre-authorisation may still appear in your account as a pending transaction which is usually released by your bank within 1 - 3 business days.
            Why has this happened?
            Our verification process is crucial in protecting your online purchases with us. The verification of online orders is a necessary measure for the type of goods you have ordered due to the frequency at which illegal transactions are made by unauthorised persons, who are not the original cardholder.
            . incorrect name, email address, address details or use of characters/symbols in the name fields
            . you purchased from overseas (some products can only be purchases from Australia or New Zealand)
            . the country your credit card was issued from
            . you used a VPN or proxy IP during checkout
            For more information on how we process order cancellations, please see Section 6 of our terms of sale.
            If this was a mistake: Please email [email protected] with your order no xxx so we can help out as soon as possible.
            The JB Support Team

        • I put one through on my zip pay and it worked fine. Put one through today on my wife's card and it failed. Got into a bit of an email exchange with someone at JB but net result was it failed and i need to put through again to buy which means i won't get the zip bonus the second time. The $40 rewards went through and are still on the account. Will take a look next week and see if they drop off when the pending transaction does.

    • -1

      Missed yah and on to it :)

    • +1

      Thanks, just did this and got cashback reward immediately. Still waiting for the gift card to come through.

      • My gift card email just arrived now, 18min after the order confirmation email

        • Just received mine. 22 minutes after purchase confirmation.

    • Did you do it online or bought physical gift card from store?

    • +1

      confirming worked for me as well at 1:30pm and got the giftcard 20mins later using the single use card. "cashback" reward was in app instantly

    • Confirming that I did the same and everything has been smooth sailing so far.

    • I purchased a $200 gift card and it got rejected by JBhi Fi. Here is the email:

      "Unfortunately, your recent order of $200.00 has failed our verification process and been cancelled."

    • Thank you so much skido! Worked for me I think. Redeemed the two $20 credits. Have received email that gift card is on the way.

    • Was able to sign up Zip pay for this, then followed instructions as advised by the comments here for the JB GC, $40 reward came instantly and redeemed shortly after.

      Thanks OP and skido!

  • Anyone know if this works for JB solution?

  • +1

    $ZIP to the moon…NOT

  • I used this in the last promotion, can I use it again?


    • Yes

  • BNPL is not a "bargain"! someone pays for those corporate profits. guess who?

    • +1

      Corporate profits? Haha Zip makes losses.

      • Corporate profits was so 1990

    • Corporates should not be making a chunk of profits… look at apple 🍎 who are sitting in billions of cash… they should reduce their prices for the average consumer.

  • -1

    Remember to pay the full amount by ZIP's due date to avoid paying the $7.95 monthly account fee. This is the reason why I will choose Afterpay or Latitudepay before using ZIP as the others don't charge a monthly account fee if there is any outstanding amount.

    • +2

      with zip, you get more time to pay - up to 60 days

  • Apple watches are $50 off already, so a 45mm aluminium GPS model comes down to $559 with this deal; $90 cheaper than Apple. Probably not the cheapest there's been but doesn't sound too bad.

  • Only once? Or I can just do it multiple times?

  • Is the gift card option failing or working as seems people have failed to get to work or still waiting for gift card.

    And the steps you used to make it work obviously select value of gift card then what select zip as payment but when you do does it let you select the zip card details I just not sure if zip goes right through and completes or you get options to add zip card in the process.
    Would you not just use the zip card details right off the bat I’m confused.

    • +1

      Worked for me. Received gift card email 22 minutes after purchase confirmation.

      You don't select Zip as payment. At checkout, you input the card details that you generated form your Zip App (single use card)

      • Did you need to click through any apps or anything to work or just go in jb order card and pay with zip

        • No, I used my desktop computer. Only apps needed is the Zip app so you can input your single use card details at checkout

          • @brandogs: Cool so far have jb tax invoice waiting on jb card and says $40 to redeem I see if gift card comes through from jb.
            When redeeming the $40 I take you have to do this twice as only say’s $20 I assume you do this twice to get the $40

            • @bwatt72: Yep it gives you 2x $20 rewards that are redeemable. Redeem them both now from your Zip app

  • Anything else we can bundle this with boost the value? Ohh JB, you've done it again….give us a discount code!!

  • Bought Apple airpods priced matched at JB for $279 - 40 = $239 not bad.

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