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[Refurb] Denon AVR-X1600H Receiver $998 Delivered @ WestCoast Hifi


Denon AVR-X1600H Receiver Refurbished, WAS $1399 NOW $998, Free SHIPPING, West Coast Hifi

  • 7.2 Channel
  • 4K
  • 145W
  • HEOS enabled

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  • Don't usually do this, but any chance of a deal on the S660H ?

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      Please reach out via our website and we can always help out

  • Would this receiver go ok running these + sub?: https://www.costco.com/klipsch-reference-dolby-atmos-5.0.2-h...

    • Certainly ! It’s one of the biggest selling receivers we have had in store and only recently replaced

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    If you have ebay plus. This would probably be a better option for latest tech and new.

    • Exactly what I did a few weeks ago. Ended up with the 1700H brand new for $1,129 after $100 off ebay voucher. Worth the $130 extra for sure.

  • So, pre-used and wiped over receivers are $999? Nice spec, but……WA pricing.
    Having said that, from a quick search I see that ex-demos in Melbourne also $999 from "another supplier".
    How are there so many pre-loved units around? Retail returning them? Unhappy consumers?

    • These units are factory refurbished therefore sold with full warranty, certainly not many units available as we have 7 to provide customers

      • Ex-demos?

        • No these haven’t been used in store. Likely DOA and have been resolved and for sale

  • These were a grand new late last year..

    • Yes but these are $998

      You might get asked to return your OzB membership

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    Hi OP. Pricing and difference (added feature?) between the AVR-X1600H and ​AVR-X1700H respectively. Thanks.

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