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EKO 75" Ultra HD QLED 100Hz Android TV (K75QHZ) + $1 Dollar Item for $935 Delivered @ Big W eBay


This QLED TV is in the current catalogue of Big W.

Add this tv with another $1 item to make the total order amount to $1,000:


Then use SAVEMAY to save $100. Can also stack with ebay gift card from Shopback.

Specs of the TV:


Anyone purchased can share any feedback?

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  • +7

    Picture quality & interface on these is quite good. Product quality isn't good & they have a higher-than-hoped-for failure rate.

  • +1

    A lot of TV for under a 1K. Could be good for someone's second living area etc.

    • I checked JB and Goodguys. I think it is hard to find a 75 inch TV with QLED panel under $1,000 at the moment? Probably will happen during EOFY.

      • +1

        With the bottleneck in Shanghai docks I doubt we'll see many deals coming up.

        • +4

          Most of this stuff comes out of Shenzhen and Guangzhou ports, don’t they?

      • -3

        Hisense Q8 is probs your best bet. I got one in 2020 for $1300ish.

        If stock is still around, I'd recommend it. Great picture quality and brightness. It has some issues, but nothing that causes an issue for me

        • You really think stock of a 2.5 year tv is still available for sale 🤣 Christ…

    • +2

      Could be good for someone's second living area etc.

      The shed ;)

  • Struggling to find decent reviews on these… How to they compare to say a Hisense A7G?

    • A7G got longer 3 years warranty while EKO only has one. Seems EKO's one is a new model.

      • Hmm OK. Still seems like a very good deal for 75" QLED. Might have to pop into Big W and see if they have any on display. I did that the other day with the 75" A7G and was very impressed with it.

  • This tv has a only year warranty which is killer for non brand many others giving 3 year warranty

    • +6


      • +3

        Wouldn't be easy claiming statutory warranty on budget brands versus more mainstream brands I reckon.

        • They don't care about brand, it's a thousand dollar TV, it needs to work for at least 5 years, maybe longer

          • @Jackson: How do we enforce that

            • -1

              @Shad: My ALDI TV started bleeding after 12 months, I've had it 3-4 years now and it's bad on still screens but i dont notice during any actual footage. I paid $599 for $65 and it was while back, cheap!

              • +4

                @Adelv: I’ve got $65 you can buy off me for $599 if you want some more.

  • +23

    Do not buy these TVs from big w, absolute garbage and not worth the hassle when something inevitably goes wrong. Speaking as a former employee of big w the amount hoops the supplier make you jump through to get a repair or replacement is insane. I would throw away at least one a week. Eko, Polaroid or JVC all terrible.

    • +3

      I have had a JVC in the spare room for 5 years, gets moderate use, never skipped a beat. It was the 48". Just a single experie ce but thought I would mention it

      • Yeah a lot of people had the same experience as you, they are viable as a second TV. I would not recommend as a main TV that's for sure. The amount that I have destroyed over the years definitely turned me off.

    • -1

      Well obviously noone contacts Big W again regarding working TV's…

    • Would love to go diving in that dumpster. Repairs can sometimes be pretty simply stuff like loose connectors etc.

      • My stress reliever each week was destroying TVs by using them as a trampoline, made my days a little better.

  • +1

    I purchasde one 65" from Big W last year. Three months later, the speaker produced noise when playing music. Now, the remote doesn't workl. Although I use alexa remote, I have to change volume and turn on/off tv manually.

    • +1

      Why don't you just buy a universal remote for $10-20? It's enough to turn it on/off, av selection, menu etc.

      • Good idea, but I don't want to spend more on this tv. The noise now becomes louder. I am gonna purchase a new Hisense or TCL with 3year warranty.

        • +4

          Or get a soundbar and stop using the crap internal speakers

        • Based on my experience of buying two 4K TCL tellys about 18 months ago, run away - the picture quality on 576i is terrible. Go Hisense, the picture is infinitely better.

          • @Boodek: Have 2 TCL 65" QLED models at my parents.

            Picture quality is pretty good. My biggest issue is the audio keeps going way out of sync on streaming services, especially if any of the 'enhancements' are on, I usually just turn all of them off since it's 4k content, but my parents still watch SD FTA TV and they do help with improving the 'quality' of that.

      • -1

        Because it's rebranded rebranded junk.. it's not as easy getting a universal remote as the codes are almost impossible to find. Source me we sold Soniqs and they never worked on them only the major brands

    • Have you tried to pair the remote via settings?

      • Not sure why someone would neg my comment. I have the EKO and you need to pair the remote with the TV. It is quite possible that the TV reset and the pairing disappeared. Happened to me around 6 months in.

    • Can you claim statutory warranty if it's more than a year old?

    • +1

      I picked up a Linden 55” 4K tv off the side of the road a few months back. It had a broken power button so needed to start it up with a match into the power slot. It also would not accept signal from the remote so I took it apart and followed the wiring from the remote sensor to the motherboard where I found the plug had become slightly loose and wasn’t making contact. Plugged it back in firmly and remote now works fine.

  • +3

    I bought a 58" a while back - I was pretty happy with it overall, reasonably snappy in the interface and the picture quality is solid, though the HDR while watching a movie is garbage (it can't decide how bright to make the scene so it continually cycles up and down). Unfortunately, the backlight gave out after six months and EKO were deeply irritating to deal with. After three weeks, they sent out a repairman who took one look at it and said the whole thing had to be replaced. EKO refused to replace it directly, so eventually I had to take it back to Big W where I had a (calm) argument with the manager there about whether under consumer law I was entitled to a similar model replacement given they didn't sell the EKO any more (I was). They ended up swapping it with a JVC which is almost identical in picture quality and build but must have the processor from an iPhone 4, such is its absolute lethargy when navigating.

    Tl;dr - lots of TV for the price but don't be surprised if it carks it.

  • +8

    I must have got lucky with mine. I have the 65in EKO K650A (or something like that) from maybe 2 years ago. Other than Android TV slowing down sometimes (fixed with a reboot) it's been great. Got it for $600 back then and have been pretty happy with it.

  • +7

    I've got the 65" QLED Android TV that was on sale in about December 2020.

    The screen is good enough, 4k HDR, the remote is cheap and sluggish. The UI is terribly slow because it doesn't have enough RAM, so I highly recommend getting a Chromecast Google TV or something like that.

    I haven't had any problems, but as far as the OS goes, it's been abandoned, even though support told me there'd be an Android TV Upgrade last July. Solved by using a CCwGTV

    The screen is more than good enough for a cheap banger, and input lag doesn't seem to be too bad for things like gaming.

    Seems like a good price for a lot of TV, but it doesn't feel terribly well built. The only pro is that it's from Big W, so it shouldn't be too hard to return it, though it is absolutely gigantic and you'll need a BIG car or van in order to return it.

  • +2

    Excellent deal. These EKO TVs just keep on giving.

  • +2

    I have an EKO 75" non-QLED model in my living room, and while it does have some minor issues here and there, overall, it's a great TV for the money! Once you've set up the picture settings to something reasonable (which it wasn't out of the box), it can trade blows with some more "premium" TVs for picture quality. No idea how the sound quality is from the TV, never used the inbuilt speakers (assume they're garbage though). Have only owned it for 12 months or so, and in that time every issue it's had has been easily resolved with a reboot. For only $1000, if it dies, it's not a huge loss.

    • $1000 is a huge loss.

      • +1

        For only $1000, if it dies, it's not a huge loss

        Time to hand in your OzB membership.

  • Are these actually 100Hz or fake?

    • it really only just 60hz. No HDMI 2.1 as far as I know

      • I too can't find it it's HDMI 2.1 or not, based on that being a big + for a TV, I can only assume it doesn't.

  • +2

    I've got the 70" Eko TV and it works fine. Picture quality is also decent for this price

  • Pay a bit more and get a TCL or Hisense. TCL 3 years warranty is good. Raised a ticket with them for dead motherboard on my 65" QLED - replaced within a week.

  • +2

    Bought an older 75" Eko (webos) in Nov 2020 for $799. It has been running fine over the last 1.5 years. I use it with a media pc and external speakers, so can't comment on the speaker or menu quality. Was a great buy.

    • In the same boat, a lot of TV for the money and works great with external speakers.

      The Netflix app sometimes occasionally drop connection but for the price, cant complain. Plex works fine.

  • +1

    I have an EKO 42" TV. It's supposed to be the most budget TV available, but it's absolutely brilliant. I'd assume this can only be better :)

  • I bought a 65 a few months ago. Ok for the money, but far from good.

    Viewing angles are trash. Colour configuration is limited and I'm still not happy with it. Probably half of what I use the tv for is soccer and it's not great for that, though it does an acceptable job for everything else. I'm using external sound so no comments on the sound quality. I'm using external Chromecast and external HDMI switch so I basically have nothing to do with the software.

    I bought a ffalcon at the same time and I reckon it's a better picture.

    Won't bother with super budget again, I don't think I'd go cheaper than a TCL C725 or a Hisense if I had a strict budget.

    • +1

      I bought a ffalcon at the same time and I reckon it's a better picture.

      The Ffalcon or Eko?

      • +1

        The ffalcon.

  • Only 1 bought since post, (maybe not even driven by OZB).

  • +3

    I've got a 4+ year old Eko 65inch tv and it's great

  • +1

    Are you sure this is a new model as this still has only Android TV 9.0?

    I purchased an EKO 65" QLED in late 2020 for $699 and it has Android TV 9.0

    • It's listed as the new model on their site. From memory, they had a couple of Android TVs that were Android TV 10, not sure what happened there. The reality is that they have just branded a generic TV from somewhere else, so they get what they get.

      I can't remember v the exact model that the EKO is in the US, but if that gets an update, I'd imagine the EKO would get an update… Which is extremely unlikely.

  • +1

    I'm assuming this would run at 4k / 60hz. I purchased the 70inch late last year It was the 700USG for our new gaming room. Play XBox and a few games and watch shows on it. Not interested in paying too much for a TV but looking for a bargain when I can. The 70inch was incredible for the first few months, did not run at 4K @ 60 or 120 though. After 3 months it would not connect to my internet, contacted Eko they told me to reset etc, reconnect, run a patch etc. Nothing worked, they were reasonable to deal with. They said they would get a rep to come out and when I checked in a week later they just said take it back to Big W and you will get a replacement or refund and gave me an RA number. I went to Big W and returned it. Spoke to the manager about the TV's. He said they used to be great but they have had lots of issues with this model being sent back and they were chasing up the manufacturer as it was affecting their customers etc. I ended up buying a Hisense 65 inch A7G - which is great, runs at 4k @ 60 but was a bit dearer at just at $1000. The 700USG Eko I grabbed on sale for 799 and a week later it was back up to 949. Hopefully this is the newer model and they have addressed the wifi and other issues people have mentioned above. Service was not bad to deal with but you run the risk of after the year warranty expiring not getting much help and having to go through other channels. If it works as mine did for 2 months its a hell of bargain for a QLED.

    • Unlikely to be a new model and some of the volume manufacturers must be clearing stock
      This model still has Android TV 9. At a minimum I would expect Android TV 10 if this was a newer model

      Android TV early release dates for ADT-3 development:
      Android TV 10 was released on December 10, 2019
      Android TV 11 was released on September 22, 2020
      Android TV 12 was released in November 2021

      • Good point, didn't realise it was 9

  • Any idea why no love for this like the 65" EKO QLED 16 months ago for $699

  • Bought 2 EKO 4k android tvs 16m ago. Both were amazing until they both started to die after 13m & 15m.
    EKO doesnt have a phone support line. You can only email them. Def wont be my next brand when my pos Soniq from 9yrs ago still works.

    • Under ACL you will 2 years warranty and Big W will step if email support has not resolved the issue. Email support is based overseas and will take a couple of days to respond. I got a replacement remote in 3 weeks

  • +1

    Anyone who ordered and received the TV please provide a review

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