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Apple iPhone 11 64GB $749 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($711.55 via Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Same price at BIG W, just bought one for my wife with 5% price beat at Officeworks,

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    64G in 2022 oh my…….cockburn

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      It's fine.*


      • +15

        I get by just fine with 64GB. I don't take that many photos or videos. All apps and games I need I have installed.


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          Haha you are lucky that Australia user is not sucked in to WeChat.

          I have to use it, no choice😭😭😭, Mine took up about 5-6G and that is actually small. My wife use it for work and its at least double my app size🤣🤣

          • +19

            @syswong: Why would Australians use a free Chinese Govt Surveillance app now?

            • +7

              @binary1001: I love being watched

            • +12

              @binary1001: yehh we rather use the american one made by the very honest and trustable company facebook instead

              • +2

                @striker5950: Bad Apple vs Rotten Apple ?

                I know which one I'd choose. One with end to end encryption.

            • +2

              @binary1001: Because some Australians (e.g. ones with "wong" in their names) have Chinese friends or family?

              • +1

                @ak47wong: They should tell their Chinese friends that their app is surveillance app and to use something with end to end encryption to communicate with them.

                • @binary1001: Talking about choices in an authoritarian country…

                  • -1

                    @xyzzyxyzzy: You are confused. Donald Trump was not the president of our country.
                    And if you meant China, yes they do get the choice to use end to end encrypted apps.

            • -2

              @binary1001: Your idea is bit shallow. Is there any govt on earth not surveillance social media??

          • @syswong: I vaguely recall that you can clear the cache to get some (most?) of that space back. Its usually all the videos taking up precious space.

          • @syswong: WeChat is the worst app on storage stay away from ccp

        • same, plus with cloud storage everything gets synced and backed up and the phone doesn't store local copies of things it doesn't need i.e. hasn't been accessed in some time.

      • Phone is fine

    • -2


    • -1

      We have medication for that these days.

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    Wish my wife don't take photos. 512GB is full.

    • lol my wife takes a lot of photos of our young kids i back them up in a hard drive usually, they take the same photo like 10 times haha if they didn't 64gb is perfectly fine

    • Same here. I was genuinely amazed at how quickly that half a tb could fill up.

    • +6

      Turn on iCloud photos

      • No I’m not paying Apple for storage. Thanks
        Their intention is to make you pay for that with small internal memory

    • +1

      It's easy to erase ;)

    • +7

      They take alot of photos but never actually looks at them and then one day they lose their phone and all the photos are lost cause no one has heard of backup.

    • Go into her video settings and turn down the quality, she's probably shooting 4K 60 or something

  • Looking at getting my daughter a new phone, starts year 7 next year and the ole samsung wont last a year.

    As far as Apple updating, is it safe to get something 2-gen behind, how many years until it's too slow?

    • +5

      You're safe with the iPhone X and above IMO. Maybe find an 11 or even one of the new SEs.

      • +5

        +1 for the SE and a cheap one at that.

        • Do cheap new SEs exist yet? I haven’t seen any of them on sale.

          • @mapax: Be prepared

            Don't give kids expensive phones. Sets a bad precedent.

            • @netjock: I actually saw that deal and none of the stores I checked had stock. Even now with the 2022 SE having just been released I can’t find that old model on sale for a good price anywhere.

              • @mapax: Amazon has stock, delivered at the same price. OW price beat it for me (Click and collect as hey didn't have it in store today)

                • @spazmodik: Do you have a link? All the Amazon links I can find say currently unavailable

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      The latest iOS supports iPhone 6s which is 7 years old!

      iPhone 11 is 3 years old.

      Updates and being too slow are 2 different things though.

    • +5

      Would be a pretty nice phone for a 12 year old! Should last her for years. $711 is a great price.

    • +2

      Get an SE. Powerful processor with all other components being 2nd tier, it will be supported and fast for years. The original SE released in 2016 is still supported. A 2022 model will likely last just as long.

    • +2

      I was using an iPhone SE, the original one till this year when I upgraded to an iPhone 8 Plus, the last big iPhone with touch-id. My partner still uses her iPhone 7 32GB and happy with it. Her sister is still using the original SE and happy with that too.

      I think it will depend a lot on what her friends use. It they're on iPhone and she's got Android that won't last long, and vice-versa. My advice is to hold.

      Here are the phones compatible with the latest iOS https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/iphone/iphe3fa5df43/io...

      • "Oh my gosh. You're so povo using an iPhone. All us cool girlz want the Droid."

        I think not.

    • +4

      Even in 5 years from now, this phone won't be "slow". We're at a time where flagship chipsets are so powerful, they will be more than enough for the next few years. Long are the days where iPhones were underpowered and got slow within 2-3 years, these phones now rival most laptops in raw performance.

      The iPhone 6S is where this really started. That A9 chipset was so advanced, they're still supporting it till this day. If you tried using a 6S, I'm sure you'd be impressed with how close the everyday performance is to what you have on a new iPhone.

      The 11 has the same chipset as the 11 Pro Max, a phone which was a good step into the right direction for Apple. While the 11 doesn't have an OLED display like the 12, it's still without a doubt an excellent phone for a year 7.

      • I recently replaced battery for iPhone X $109 at Apple store. Phone feels new again I reckon still good for a few years. Good enough phone for youngsters. The design feels like 11 pro I see no issues

        • The iPhone X was a major leap in performance. I agree with this, if you can find a cheap iPhone X in good condition, it's worth the buy

          • -1

            @Zackeroo: Yeah I'm rocking the old iPhone X with 256 GB meanwhile work being stingy given iPhone 12, 64GB. Heh how companies being cheap or just make sure you don't use it for anything else

    • +1

      I have a plain old iPhone 8 and it’s still chugging along just fine. It’s not slow at all, though I’ll probably upgrade in the next year or so because I broke the camera (cracked lens). You do get a few years out of them!

    • Got my daughter an XR last year, effectively a year older than this one, when they were being run out. Fast as and expect it will stay that way. As others have mentioned, you don't see real world performance differences in general use or light gaming on modernish iOS devices. Only frame rate on advanced games and incremental changes in photography chops.
      I'd factor in one battery replacement about 2.5 years down the track, and should get up to 5 years out of an 11 easy (if they want to ;) ).

      Think an SE, while more performant in theory, would be a small screen size compared to basically all other phones sold today (and has a small battery). Would stand out not in a good way to other kids (if you think she'd care). X/XR/11/12/13 all look the same in a case.
      Also IMHO, due to the outdated screen res / aspect ratio on the SE3, they'd end up dropping support for it earlier than some other iOS devices have had in the past, even though its chipset is the same as the 13.

      If looking for a cheaper option, there are used iphone 8's on boost's website with new batteries for $310-350 that I think you'd get a good 3 years out of. I'd do that over an SE.

    • I use a 2016 SE lol.

  • Surely just get the new SE with A15 bionic

    • +3

      What are you going to do with your bionic chip on a small screen like that? Don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer the SE as well but that’s just because the 11 is just a tad too big and heavy for me.

      • Considering they're buying it for a year 7, OzBerghainer might be onto something. It's all up to OP at the end of the day

        • High schoolers don’t like phones with big bezels, in my experience. A bit too retro for them!

          • @bozbargain: Ultimately it's all up to OPs daughter. I graduated from HS recently and while I do see some truth in what you're saying, you can't ever be certain this is the case of everyone. They might like the smaller size of the SE.

      • i have to agree about heavy part, its a brick coming from an android, you can use it as defence weapon if you use the bottom edge to jam it in an attackers eye or nose bridge.

        • Never thought about it that way but yes, sure, I guess… Take it easy this weekend OK and don’t drink too much!

    • +1

      Why do people keep buying almost a decade old design is beyond me.

      • +1

        Because how it works is more important than how it looks or than signalling affluence.

        • imho a decade old design with those huge bezels works much worse than a modern phone.

          • @nikoris: The bezels gave something to hang on to. Your ‘modern’ phone still leaves an empty space at the bottom of the keyboard. How does it handle 16:9 video? I think edge to edge screens look great too but it leads to other necessary compromises. Some people like having buttons. Others like cheaper phones because of manufacturing efficiencies. You seem prioritise how they look and can’t stand others making different choices.

      • +3

        Because Touch ID is superior to Face ID

        • That’s a fact

          • -2

            @bozbargain: No it’s not.
            Face ID is a gazillion time better than having to press a physical button (or a capacitive)
            It’s single handed let the reason I never got an iPhone or a Samsung in the early days.

      • +1

        It’s annoying they haven’t done what they did with the iPads, keeping Touch ID but reducing the bezels. Eg the iPad Air 3 with a 10.5” display in the body of an old iPad that only had a 9.7” screen. It wouldn’t be hard to push the iPhone SE’s screen to 5” and make it look a tad better?

        • I literally got an iPad mini 6 instead of a 9th gen solely because of the horrible bezels.
          Same thing with the phone, bezels are so 2010.
          My 13 pro max is so fun to use

          • @nikoris: It’s weird that they didn’t put a 10.5” panel in the latest regular iPads - why stick to 10.2”? With all other iPads (mini/air/pro) now bezelless, upgrading its size from 10.2 to 10.5 would have made sense.

  • thanks

  • +1

    Surely JB HIFI will price match and hit it with 10-20% off gift cards .

  • +4

    For those that want it, you can get the an iPhone 11 on Optus, with a 12 month plan for $835.50 (additional ~$80 on Amazon with 12 months of service).


    You can put in a Perth postcode then put your regular postal address after qualification.

    • +2

      I got the 25 percent discount for being an existing customer as well + cashrewards $30 confirmed. Brings the total down to 650 Ish.

      • Does prepaid services count as existing customer?

        • I got the tab for $12.5 deal and somehow it worked. So, not sure.

    • +4

      It’s actually $688.32 (($22.50 x 12 months) + ($34.86 x 12 months))

      The $835.50 is if you terminate the contract within one month as you’re required to stay for 12 months

  • -3

    Plenty of better iphones on fb marketplace and gumtree. Second hand but many are in good condition, unlocked and for under 600

  • +2

    128gb minimum specially with 4k recording, i mean even older people take videos from kids/family dont they?

    • 64gb = 12 hours of 4K video. may not be enough for someone taking a lot of 4k videos. icloud might be an option.

      • Though if you’re the type to record in 4k you probably have thought about this already

      • not sure where you got 12 hours from, but usually 1 min of 4K video is around 400mb, so 64gb would be about 2.6 hours of recording, however, take away IOS and system data, and 64GB quickly becomes around 52GB, and most people woud get around 2 hours of 4K recording time

        • Yes error in my calc you are right.

        • yeh that kinda sucks, i mean its ok for old people thats it

      • dont forget only a tad over half of that is available as space, the rest is IOS

  • Performance isn’t the issue with the new iPhones, I’d be more cautious about usage as the battery degradation is here to blame. Using iPhone 11 pro max, battery Health shows 84% now, not sure how long until it reaches <80%. I’m not sure what will happen but I can still go on for another few years if battery stays as it is hehe.

    • -1

      Never ever constantly charging your phone and the battery health will stay tip-top.

      • Constantly charging is actually what you should be doing - what you shouldn't be doing is letting it run to empty and charging it to 100%

        • +1

          I’ve never worried about “battery health” and they’ve always been in good health after 2-3 years (then I upgrade phones). Apple has also recently added some kind of smarter battery/charging management in the OS. I’m not sure if it’s prolonging my battery life/health, but it’s on by default so hopefully it helps.

          If you’re that concerned, pay $100 for a new battery to last you another 3 years.

          I think the anxiety and stress of worrying about the “better” way to charge your phone and use your battery isn’t worth the benefit.

          • @username1: Yea it's something to not worry about, especially as phones usually last at least a full day these days.
            I think most phone OS's have smart battery management. For example when you charge your phone at night it will charge it to 80% and stop it there until a certain time it will finish off the charge from 80% to 100%.
            Pretty sure this can be adjusted too.
            Let the smartphone take care of itself :)

  • +1

    Recommend 128gb. Otherwise you'll probably have to pay for iCloud storage to get by

    • Also depending how often you upgrade phones, you might be better off paying for 200gb iCloud storage for $5.50/m = $66/year.

      You won’t need to pay for the more expensive phone, and will be able to have seamless/native cloud backups.

      • +2

        Yea… would still go for 128gb if you plan to use your phone for at least a few years imo

  • +1

    Just got the price beat at Officeworks. Noice.

  • only thing not to like about the 11 is the lcd screen, the 11 pro has the oled and subsequent models

  • Hoping more iPhone deals come along as we approach EOFY. Wanting to take advantage of TRS as flying out mid July (no, won't be bringing phone back, they're for parents)

  • Looks like none of the city stores have stock. Can you pricebeat online?

  • This doesn't have 5G. i didn't think i needed 5G, until i got the 12 and realise i can't have anything less then 5G. the speed is ridiculously better, it so fast. i get over 1000mb+ easily. where it really shines is when i hotspot, everyone gets super fast internet, even faster then there 4G speed by themselves.

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