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[ACT,NSW,SA,TAS,VIC] Free - 6x Furphy Crisp Lager Bottles (Was $19.50) @ BWS (Start Monday 2/5, Everyday Rewards Required)


I've been monitoring this promotion since my scraper picked up the T&Cs a few days ago. Numerous media articles have since confirmed that the promotion will be starting on Monday 2/5 -

The ‘What the Truck’ activation is supported with OOH, radio, social and digital activity and will roll into a BWS retail promotion giving away a six pack of beer live from Monday.

Furphy has also confirmed the giveaway -

Check this space as of Monday for the code to score free, easy-drinking Furphy’s to crack open with your mates.

I managed to find the the following from the redemption site before it was pulled yesterday afternoon.

Fill in your details and we'll send you a unique barcode to redeem at BWS

T&Cs -

The gift is a barcode redeemable for 6 x Furphy Crisp Lager bottles at any BWS store. Claimants must present their Registered Card at the time of redemption in order to claim. The barcode will be sent via email.

Only the first 10,000 valid claims received will be awarded the gift outlined below.

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    Is it the first 10,000 to get a code or the first 10,000 to scan the code in store (like they'll give out unlimited barcodes but the barcodes will not work after 10,000)?

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      Good point! I cbf going right now, but I have to pick up some wine tomorrow!

      • Same here, cbf at all lol

        • edit: went to collect as I was scared it would go OOS

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      its the first 10,000 to get the barcode.

    • +1

      Damn, I am in isolation..

  • Uh oh. Completed the page on my computer, but there's no way to save the barcode. Can't open it on my phone because it says I've already claimed it. Any ideas?

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      Print the page as a PDF.

      • Good idea! Not going to print, but saved it as a pdf and sent to my phone.

        • Printing as a PDF is the same as saving a PDF

    • +2

      Take a photo with your phone of the barcode

      The screen even says to take a screenshot if you aren't using your mobile wallet.

    • +2

      The barcode is an image you can save, or you can take a screenshot/snip of it.

    • +2

      Win+Shift+S is the shortcut to take a screenshot on Windows 10 and 11. A shortcut that's worth remembering

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    It's the first 10k to get the barcode not first 10k to claim this offer in store. I believe they will stop giving out barcode when is at capacity, otherwise this promo will go south in no time.

  • +9

    Collected mine.

    Requires everyday rewards card else the discount doesn't apply.

    It's the red colour furphy not the blue one. Didn't know the red one existed.

    Haven't tried multiple barcodes. Will let others have a chance

    • Thanks

  • Just got mine! Rosebery BWS had none in stock but the guy told me there were 4 each at the Randwick and Eastlakes store and got one there. Have to scan the barcode and then your everyday rewards card for it to work. Guessing they'll all be gone soon so hurry.

    • ID required?

      • Not for me.

      • General rules apply. ID if you look under 25 and refused if under 18.

        • BWS: To be on the safe side I.D. is required if you look under 25. Please don't take offence if we ask you for I.D. Think of it more as a compliment because you look under 25.

          • @Nathw: Thank you for repeating the legal legislation I cited.

    • Randwick now sold out.

  • +10

    Maybe useful to check stock before heading to a store, though I'm not sure how accurate it is

    • Also worth checking the website instead of the app which just says "Unavailable"

      • Yep, decided to leg it in the past hour to a BWS just now in case it went out of stock - super easy process, cashier seemed to be familiar with the barcode process but still looked a little surprised when it came to $0 after scanning my Everyday Rewards card.

  • Good find - Thanks dealbot, picked mine up just now

  • Collected mine too. The BWS staff at Macquarie had no idea. DIdn't look like their was much stock either so get it while you can.

  • Hardly any stock anywhere. Very ill-prepared promo from Furphy (or BWS).

  • -1

    Website and app showing unavailable. Can’t check stock before going in. Guess have to give them a call.

  • None at BWS (or Dan Murpheys for that matter) in Tweed or surrounding area.
    The manager in store knew nothing about the line either!

  • Any reason you couldn't get a code and use it when they're back in stock?

  • +1

    nabbed one

    cashier looked stunned when the total went to zero $

    • +4

      The chick asked me to text her the link lol
      Killed two birds with one stone

  • I think it's best to give it a day or two wait. Most of my local BWS don't really know about the promo and are just refusing service.

  • +4

    Very easy.
    Go to BWS.
    Grab the beer
    Take to counter.
    Get cashier to scan your rewards card first.
    Then scan the beer
    Then scan the barcode you were given.

    Goes to $0.

    They cannot refuse it. It is a live promo

    I walked out with my 6 pack. No issues at all!

    • What if they refused it.

      • They should not be able to refuse a promo run by them.
        Get them to scan it:)

  • +2

    Just got the last (that I could see) full pack from Castle Hill. Staff there were amazed at the promo but scanned all good, just do rewards card first.

    FYI found it in the coolroom on the bottom corner of a little shelf labelled "new beers"

  • Got one from Earlwood. I think there was quite a lot left.

  • +3

    Great deal, just collected a few packs with my family. Thanks OP. Cashier got the last pack for himself as he was so amazed by the freebie! Got him to join Ozbargain too :))

    • T&Cs

      Employees (and their immediate family members) of agencies/companies directly associated with the conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter, businesses involved in determination of successful claimants for the Promotion, businesses involved in the management of the Promotion, any organisation benefiting from the Promotion, the Promoter’s distributors, suppliers, subsidiary companies/businesses and associated companies and agencies are not eligible to claim.

  • +1

    Top deal OP. BWS staff were amazed at my skills in making the six pack cost zero dollars lol.

  • The BWS I went to had 2 guys at the cashier, both were enjoying their free Furphy's, lol.

    • Drinking on the job?! Or proudly displaying them on the counter like a trophy lol

      • +1

        Ah yeah, not drinking on the job. Apparently someone had come to pick one up, so they caught on the deal from them.

  • Is your rewards card limited to only one claim for this promo, thanks?

  • +2

    Campaign finished.

    • +2

      That was quick.

      I bet when they review their web analytics they will see a bulk of the traffic coming from ozbargain

  • +2

    Think I have missed it as it now says "Campaign not active" :S

    • Can you still go redeem it if you got the bar code earlier today?

      • I'd have thought so. They would have exhausted the allocation now but anyone who has the unique code should be able to redeem it.

  • Already collected mine from BWS west ryde. You need to provide both bar code and rewards card.

  • +2


  • (ACT)
    Redeemed 3 packs with 3 people each with their own WWER card.
    BWS Kaleen

  • +3

    The professionals strike again

  • Picked up mine from Mortdale this afternoon. They only had 2 left.

  • This was easy peasy to get free beer, thanks OP

  • +2

    Went to BWS with a printed voucher as technology wasn't available. The voucher was declared already redeemed!

    The attendant became aggressive when told it hadn't been redeemed and ordered my wife to leave the store.

    This hasn't finished today. I am furious as that was my wife there on my behalf as I am disabled.

    • +3

      That escalated quickly.

      Thanks for the read. Leaving the reveal to the end was 👌

  • Thanks OP. Got my 6pack.

  • I'm in BWS but the promo doesn't work?

    • You need to scan your woolies card.

      You need to buy the 6 pack of bottles.

      It must be the larger not the ale(red pack not blue pack)

      • The Furphy site says campaign finished.. looks like I missed this by minutes….brutal

  • Got mine. The guy said he has no idea it was a thing until today, doesn't look like they stocked up for it at all.

    • Just now. Furphy site says campaign finished

  • Plenty in stock in Dapto, NSW if anyone is nearby

    • As long as you generated a barcode earlier, Furphy site is finished. 10k must be done… animals!…haha.

      • I did. People are having trouble finding stock.

        Happy to use extra barcodes if you're in that boat 🤣

  • Thanks Op

  • +3

    Can confirm that you can still redeem it if you have a barcode even though the website says campaign finished.

  • If anyone has a barcode, but can't find stock. Please pm me. Cheers

    • +2

      Thanks! Can you deliver? :-)

      • +1

        Yeah, Splitting a free 6 pack with a fellow ozbargainer sound alright.

        • Yeah it does. Then we start telling bargain stories…

  • +1

    Just got into my free 6 pack.First time I’ve had a furphy. Very chuggable

  • +4

    Collected my 6-pack. Last one in stock in the fridge. Guy at counter didn't now about the promotion, and questioned where was it was from - he said he needed to see if it was a proper website and can't just take any picture off the internet. Showed him the website, and then he called the manager, who didn't know about it either. After a bit they decided to let me have it.

    C'mon Furphy, at least make your retail partner aware of the promotions.

    • I would just go to another store if they did the same thing to me lol.

  • Not for WA *****goes and cries in the corner*****

  • Just got mine :) first one I went to was out of stock but the next one (Flinders St in Melbourne) had it

  • Picked up one 6 pack from Norwest NSW. Thanks OP

  • +2

    Just had my first one, what are people's opinions? I mean free beer is free beer but you've got to be joking at $19.50 for a 6 pack.

    It's an "easy drinking lager" so maybe it's not designed to savour the taste of and instead to smash down multiple with ease

    • Pretty well all beer is overpriced these days.

      • +1

        I think the problem stems from the expectation of "beer". It's like if you ask someone if they want coffee and then they bring it out with 4 sugars in it. Sure it's still coffee, but it won't taste like it.

    • +4

      Have a used one, you want it?

      • +2

        Ah, no smarty pants, but a friendly user sent me one, there’s some nice people on this site

  • went again to my local this morning and none left

    will give it a couple days to replenish before i hit them up again

    • Yeah check stock levels online

  • Interesting…promo briefly flashes something about a free 6 pack, then rolls over to campaign finished..

    • It got brodened obviously

  • Got it just now (Ascot Vale).

  • +1

    Just redeemed from Gordon nsw. Got the last 6 pack from the fridge. Prob more in the ice room. Went to cashier. Scanned the beer first. Then the voucher. Then the rewards card. Total zero. Thanks for coming! No questions asked. No issues.

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