Help Me Pick a 75" TV - Budget $3000

I need to pick a 75’’ TV for my living room.

Size is not really negotiable due to a number of factors such as room size/distance from couch/wall recess size. I'm looking for something between $2000-$3000 (or slightly higher if necessary.) TV will be used for watching predominantly free-to-air, Netflix and Kayo. No gaming requirements.

What would you be picking in this price range for this usage?

I’m having analysis paralysis :/

Options considered so far include:


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    Help Me Pick a 75 Inch TV

    Where are the options?

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    Here i help you. Visit and search.
    Thank me later

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    Spend an extra $1500-2000 and get a 77" LG OLED.

  • Compare price with Cosco ( may save you $ ).

  • if you don't mind refurished, you can check this link.
    75 inch 90x, better than the x85. Only for $2300
    And it's dirctly from Sony so should be able to get the full warranty.

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      Who would want a furry tv?

  • I would go Sony but you can compare TVs on to make a decision.

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      when using rating, just be mindful some brand have different version even under the same name.
      I'm currently hunting for a 85inch, just realized that Hisense have different name in US and AU.

      Unforunately most review is for the US version.

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      Bonus 10% binglee gift card too

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      +1 for this TV. I bought one earlier this month, and absolutely love it.

    • Oo I’ll go check this one out in store. Although it looks like that TV doesn’t have wifi - Ethernet connection only. I have a Sony TV atm that I bought 7 years ago and even that has Wi-Fi so weird they’d take that feature away?

      • I think that's incorrect. The rtings review of the x90j says it has wifi. Seems absurd for a modern tv not to have wifi.

      • Definitely has wifi. Even the most budget smart tv has wifi. I've connected by ethernet as the router is right next to the tv.

  • Hey guys - I'm also looking for a 75" TV just for movies at night and am sitting approximately 4-5m from the TV.

    Will I even notice a difference with a $4K LG, $3K Sony or a $1.5-$2K Hisense?


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