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Free 12 Months Subscription (New and Existing Subscribers) @ Flash


Exactly the same as the Kayo and Binge deals. Free 12 month subscription for new and existing subscribers.

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Flash (News Streaming Service)
Flash (News Streaming Service)

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    Not looking forward to forgetting to cancel Kayo, Binge and now Flash…

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      No credit card needed for new subscribers

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      In the Kato thread someone quoted the t&c's where it states the service automatically cancels if you don't add a payment method. I didn't read the Binge thread. Anyway, since just about everyone has a mobile phone… after signing up set an alarm on the phone to go off every day for seven days starting a week before the date you want to cancel. Or use a site like birthdayalarm.com to email yourself a reminder.

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      And BBC, Al Jazerra, CNN, NBC…

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        My Youtube feed and Bing home screen have lots of Sky News Australia content in suggestions too when I never click them. They must be pushing big money to get their name out and big tech cannot care less.

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          Why would big tech care? Its like saying CNN and the like should care that they are predominantly funded by advertising from big pharma and such. Dont like it, dont watch. Always been that simple.

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            @Xizor: Who's watching it? I said I am not. But clearly people are watching it (they seem to get millions of views within few days) and forming their own alternate delusional reality, which is making our actual reality worse.

        • +1

          Thanks To ScoMo & Josh, big tech are funding these loss making businesses.

        • Unlike CNN of course… which has to pay airlines to air its garbage in airports… whose CNN+ crashed and burned within a few weeks because few people are silly enough to pay for their lying horse shit dressed up as french pastries.

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            @Faulty P xel: When you have money, you pay for things. Plain and simple. I saw Tiktok ads in new york subway 4 years ago. Look how big Tiktok is now.
            You find plenty of videos where CNN is not happy with left wingers - almost every day. You will hardly find Sky News Australia questioning right wingers - they are a tool for ring wingers to cause fear by saying inflation is rising, cost of living is rising, fuel is expensive, border is not secure - their solution to those problem? —> ask to define a woman, ban abortion, ban maths books from schools and libraries, defend Putin, deny climate change hahaha. People bashing CNN as lies, here is a dose of your version of 'truth' for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmO5DkecMCU

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            @Faulty P xel:

            whose CNN+ crashed and burned within a few weeks because few people are silly enough to pay for their lying horse shit dressed up as french pastries.

            It was canned because of their acquisition, and warnermedia/HBO wanting to maintain and beef up one main streaming service…im.sure it wasn't rolling in subscribers but that's not why it was canned.

            Or yeah, let's just stick to whatever internal narrative suits your views

            • @SBOB: But of course your selected internal narrative wins over other multiple news sources. The fact is no company would "maintain and beef up one main streaming service" if the new one were gaining subscribers as projected - and it didn't - it's subscriber numbers were laughable from day one. And the whole left versus right thing aside, it would've had the subscribers they projected had CNN not been a never-ending stream of projectile horse diarrhoea. CNN is consistently the most unreliable, fantasy-fabricating nonsense I've ever seen in my life. The first time I watched it I thought it was satire. Then with mouth agape I realised they were actually serious when claiming "the most trusted name in news" at which point I switched to thinking "Idiocracy" of society had become real overnight while I slept. The dramatic plummet in their viewership numbers over the last few years clearly demonstrates they're only providing a circle-jerk for a small deluded and/or low-IQ segment of society.

              • @Faulty P xel: Agreed…..let's just stick to whatever internal narrative suits your views

                other multiple news sources

                Would love to see these sources that claim it closed due to being lying pile of excrement?
                Rather than related to the takeover by Warner media

                I don't watch CNN, I don't care about CNN…I'm just correcting the stupidity of your claim.
                I'm sure I've even seen mentions of Warner media interviews saying they couldn't tell CNN they were going to can if prior to acquisition (as that would be illegal) but existing CNN execs rushed it out as they knew their days were likely numbered (to be replaced by Warner media execs).

                CNN is consistently the most unreliable, fantasy-fabricating nonsense I've ever seen in my life

                And you do know CNN plus was not CNN news right? The content was seperate from the existing CNN (regardless of its news reporting quality) due to existing non compete clauses within its current broadcasting agreements

                Eg https://variety.com/2022/tv/news/cnn-plus-shut-down-warner-b...

                whole left versus right thing aside

                There's no right v left about it, just basic facts are always preferred.

                • -1


                  Would love to see these sources that claim it closed due to being lying pile of excrement?

                  Never said that. I said because they didn't remotely reach projected subscriber numbers. The fact remains if you bought a business offering something similar to your preexisting business, the fact you now had two would INFLUENCE your decision, but become the only or main reason!? Only a complete novice would can a well-performing service based solely on the fact you now owned two similar ones. That would be like the brand "Yum!" removing chicken from Pizza Hut menus solely because they also own KFC.

                  And you do know CNN plus was not CNN news right?

                  So what. What matters is what their potential subscribers thought about it. Not much obviously.

                  And the reason I said ignoring the left/right thing, is because variety.com are left, to middle-left at best. e.g. Check out the childish illustration at the top of this that was the first thing of theirs I clicked on: https://variety.com/vip/what-the-right-wing-got-wrong-about-...

                  i.e. They're either only going to regurgitate left views and/or never admit one of their darling "news" (lol) organisation services crashed into the dirt due to weak subscriber numbers. I've already shown above what commonsense business do… and judging based on one factor alone doesn't happen in businesses (at least, not ones that have a clue).

      • +3

        You have my sympathy. Hope you get better soon.

        Is it the drugs?

  • +3

    site is ozbargained. Cannot checkout.

    • Disabled adblock. Was able to checkout and setup.

    • +1

      CNN, MSN, BBC, Al Jazerra… you should buy a lottery ticket! ;-)

      • Or just vote for scotty

  • +1

    not working

    • +1

      It’s sluggish, but worked for me.

  • +2

    They patched the loophole? Not working now

  • +2

    "Error communicating with auth0 private."

    • +1

      I tried a few more times after that and got it

      • Thanks, I will keep bashing it.

        • +1

          However it’s now force signing me out

          Clearly they are onto it


          • @RexHavoc: I managed to confirm it, and also did Binge (already have Kayo).

            This is fun while I wait for my Samsung tablet.

          • @RexHavoc: They might not be onto it, session expired is common on an overloaded server.

    • Use a private/incognito tab and don't sign in

  • +1

    Here comes the streaming wars!

    Cable tv is even deeper underground!

    • Cable tv is even deeper underground!

      There's no cable TV anymore.

      NBN own all the cable.

  • +1

    Republican news + some global ones. France24 live free stream on youtube.

    Any good things with this? Other than being free

    • +2

      Lol it literally has CNN and BBC, it might host fox but it has a very wide variety of news outlets. Take your useless comments elsewhere

      • -1

        The banner always has fox news even though I didn't choose it in the preference.

      • +2

        Is this not CNN? It's free live stream, no VPN needed https://www.livenewsmag.com/cnn/

        There's also BBC there aswell same site. SOOOO ye, not following anyways each to their own.

        • But why would you use this when it’s all here in one place. I have flash to watch BBC and CNN and I have foxtel and also watch CNSBC and BBC etc I don’t use foxtel or stream to watch fox/sky news..

          • @Iwantthebestprice: That site i linked its an all in one place.

            There's like 30/40 live streams USA/UK. Fair enough no aussie ones, aussie news is boring anyways.

            Anyways I accept people would prefer FLASH.

            • +3

              @GajeeL: The link you sent is full of adware and is not anywhere close to user friendly as foxtel or flash, it’s a shame because I’m all for news being streamed in high quality to all users but they have a long way to go..

    • +2

      One good thing: smashing their server

    • +1

      How to say you're triggered without saying it lol. Better yet, dont subscribe… bugger the lot of them i reckon.

      • -1

        If you happen to eat meat as well… just say "normal" content. :-D

  • +1

    They're onto us… "There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later."

  • +2

    Will these bozos ever develop an Android TV app now that we're getting this for free!

    • I've got them on my Sony android TV & Google TV.

      • +1

        Have they finally developed an app for the TV? (not casting). I will take a look later.

        • I've had it for 2 years?

  • +4

    Who would actually ever pay for this

    • +2

      Scott Morrisons seat of Cook.

      • +3

        I believe there's two c's not two o's in cook

  • How does this work for existing subscribers? I grabbed the Telstra 3 month trial for the election but may as well get twelve months free. I'll never really use it much but every now and then the BBC might come in handy. Tucker Carlson though. Gross.

  • -2

    Man, Credlin, what a woman. Why isn't she running for PM?

    • +2

      I would rather SlavOz than Credlin running it.

      • Why anti-slavic?

        • They remember the war…

    • Because she’s full of shit and no one in their right mind would endorse her. After being Abbots chief of staff he’s got enemies absolutely everywhere because she’s ruthless. Her husband was the president of the vic Libs at one stage. She’s a hack.

      ‘In November 2020, Credlin compared Covid-19 lockdowns to the inquiry into the conduct of Australian SAS forces in Afghanistan’ - absolute insanity

      She’s in it for herself and she’s a total lapdog

  • +1

    Getting error: Request failed with status code 429: Rate limit reached

  • Stuck at checkout with "Confirm subscription" throbber. Should I refresh or wait? 🤔

    Edit: not worth losing the sleep time – closing the tab!

  • Not working

  • +1

    Even free, pretty sure i don't want this

  • +1

    just in time for cnbc coverage of Berkshire 2022

  • well i got binge and kayo sorted, not getting through on this one and i dont think its worth the effort anyway (im never gonna watch this one). Good for those who want it though

    • +1

      Same, just a spinning icon.
      Murdoch definitely getting pissed rn.

    • Still got access, or has it been revoked?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Highly appreciate it.

  • Stuck on mobile phone verification. Code doesn't work. Like wth is going on?O_o

    • Same here, every code I type is isn't accepted.

  • Thanks for the 3 offers OP. Secured all 3 with a few mins of patience and hitting Ctrl+R.

  • two down Binge and Kayo.. here I come for u :-)

    • This might be an issue. haha I am also trying, they dont want to give this one up so easily lol.

  • Got subscribed but on trying to watch a video - get MISSING_CONTENT_PACKAGE error

    • Seems to be platform wide. I had a free trial underway and still get that error.

      All the apps are fried

  • -2

    Voucher has stopped working. They caught on. Chances are it was a glitch and it will be cancelled for anyone else who managed to subscribe.

    • They’ve honoured similar glitches in the past

      • 12 months of free subscription for thousands of subscribers? Yeah right. Nobody in the business is dumb enough to accept that level of loss.

  • +1

    Peak insanity with these paid streaming services. The bulk of content here can be viewed for free, with the rest (Sky News and its kin) being situations where individuals should be actively paid to watch that tripe.

  • Showing half page on the checkout page with 1. Your Plan 2. Your Details showing only :(

    • +1

      Ctrl+R a few times and click on Start Subscription, click again if gives u "auth0 private" warning… then count the spinning circle

      • if circle spinning, do we wait?

  • +1

    I'm getting "There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later"

    • I get the same error There was an error in checking your voucher. Please try again later.

  • +1

    Poor old Flash lagging behind in the upvotes. Kayo around 900, Binge around 600, Flash a mile behind on 200.

    • +2

      Morgan, Credlin, sky news, Fox News…

      Do you blame them 😂

  • +3

    lookslike we sold our details for free - trappy trap


    • did you get any error ? I think its off now

    • +2

      Cool story.

  • Waste of time

    • Ugh. Yes it was.

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