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Parasite (2019 Korean) Free on SBS on Demand


Saw an ad on Facebook about Parasite being available on SBS On Demand. Won more awards than you can shake a stick at
It's a good Korean Thriller, Drama,Dark Comedy
"Greed and class discrimination threaten the newly formed symbiotic relationship between the wealthy Park family and the destitute Kim clan."

"If You Are The One" https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/if-you-are-the-one
If You Are The One is also back on the platform, best to download as it's impossible to watch elsewhere without Chinese apps and expires in 2 months

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  • +41

    Great movie.

    • +9

      Great sex scene.

      • really?

      • +3

        Buy me drugs

        • +3

          Ill hook you up with my mate Kow kayne or Hero Win

        • +1


      • Janky and weirdly out of place for sure. Better movie without it i think.

        • The part when she asked for drugs. If their son saw them -> "Son, mommy doesn't usually do this but tonight I want to powder my nose". That would be weird indeed.

      • timestamp please?

  • +15

    Wonderful movie. Windows and stairs.

    Also, I want that house.

    • +2

      I was traumatised by the stairs scene

    • But who was phone?

    • +1

      It's a bloody nice house

    • +3

      It's gorgeous but unfortunately not real. Fans are running around Korea looking for it and other locations that don't exist. The house was just sets and CGI, and even the architect Namgoong was fictional.


      • +2

        Indeed. All a custom built set to get the right angles etc as you would expect. Still, the style, use of mixed materials, the garden… lovely.

  • +6

    been there for a while.

    • +1

      Tickled documentary is on ABC view, a good laugh ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Unless we watch it anytime we want.

  • Penalty box?

    • +9

      The movie was too good. Mods couldn't allow it

      • +3

        Wait, I'm confused- So the cops knew that internal affairs were setting them up?

        • +2

          What are you talking about, there's nothing like that in there

    • +1

      It was the director sockpuppeting.

      Edit: oh wow, it's a permanent one too!

      • -2

        ? The director of the movie or sbs?

      • levity still has there old account

  • +2

    Lots of hidden meanings and symbols in this movie.

    • Like what?

      • -1


      • Elvis

      • +14

        Their toilet is raised on a platform higher than the rest of their house. It emphasizes how low they are in society. They're literally lower than s**t.

        • from memory didn't they live underground or something? Meaning they are already beneath everyone.

          And they can only get wifi in certain areas around the apartment

          • -1

            @Homr: I mean we can debate this if you want? lol

            • +1

              @Ryanek: You think that is symbolic but you do witness the structure of the building in Korea. Some units are sitting underground, plumbing has to start from above ground level otherwise shit flow upwards… The building regulation came long way and it is better but still some units/houses underground level are like that in old buildings in Korea.

              Nonetheless the film captured and used the symbols very well that the family is living below the society level.

          • @Homr: @homr I think it was semi-basement, meaning that they have just enough to survive (or can be hopeful that they can live at the ground level) but at the same time, they are half way below the ground (half dead from pessimist's view)

      • +10

        Windows, stairs and rocks.

        Emphasising the divide between rich and poor.

        Windows and sunshine - Massive, wall-sized window in the beautiful big house with beautiful garden and great sunshine all day. Tiny window in the dingy basement, barely any sunlight. Rain also, compare the rain at the big house vs the basement house, it also floods through the window.

        Stairs - the basement family are downstairs. They look out at streets, cats, vehicles, people urinating, trash etc. Other spoiler related stair metaphors throughout the movie. The relative height you are at in the movie is illustrative both in comparing the dwellings but also within a dwelling.

        Rocks/Stone - the movie starts with a 'Scholar Stone' associated with affluence and good luck. It's used to symbolise dreams, its given as a gift, its used as a weapon, its thrown away, and eventually its returned to nature.

      • The bus roaring downhill as Ki-woo accepts the fateful tutoring job. There's lots of Youtube videos dedicated to dissecting this movie.

    • +23

      That's called Korean mate, try English subtitles.

    • +2

      My favorite was the part where the nanny "crossed the line" with the house owner when she was sleeping in the garden. You can see that there's a literal line in the window. So subtle but very good.


  • +7

    If you are the one is also fantastic viewing.

    • -3

      You talking about the shiny bold heads?

    • +2

      The oldest seasons before they went hugely mainstream were better imo. But yeah compelling, gotta feel bad for some of those dudes up there.

      • +1

        I don't like this weird new one where the girls come on and go to the different colours. Grandpa Meng is the only one on there with any common sense.

        • Yeah the tinder era of the swipe left swipe right format kinda ruined it.

    • +8

      Fun fact: If You Are the One is actually adapted from an Aussie dating game show called Taken Out.

      On that note, I'd like to argue that Australia's greatest export to China is not iron ore or some other commodity, but that obscure TV show. Coz without it, there would never be an "If You are the One".

      • I always thought it was the other way around. I should learn to read dates.

      • Thanks for confirming that.

        I've always thought "If You Are The One" was
        very similar to "Taken Out" (when I watched it late night on TV),
        but I never bothered to look it up.

  • +3

    Have you guys checked under your house recently for great movie deals like this

    • +12

      an ancient film

      Learn proper English mate

      • +1

        Use name checks out..

      • -2

        Why have we turned the word "mate" into this passive aggressive type dig at a person? Does it add to your point?

  • +7

    And they want to defund public tv

    • +4

      Itโ€™s their dream to do it, talk of it gets their followers frothing too. If they were ever going to get it done then it would have happened by now after nearly 10 years.

  • +2

    Is it on NetFlix or Prime so I can watch it with no annoying Ads ?

    • +3

      Neither, it's on Stan.

    • Yarr!

    • +3

      Free blu ray borrow at your local library

  • +1

    Good thing I resisted paying Google $5 to rent.

  • New to sbsondemand. No full screen?

  • Only 425 days left to view!
    Shown on SBS Movies on FTA on 20/3

  • +1

    That scene where the daughter sits on the toilet and smoke when their house got flooded……….always gets me………..

  • +9

    Watch โ€œMotherโ€ on sbs on demand. Great Korean movie

    • +3

      Loved it. Saw it along with many Asian films at the Busan International Film Festival 2009. Got free reviewer's tickets!

      • +9

        at the Busan International Film Festival

        Hope you didn't take the train there!

  • -3

    old boy was a long and boring s….

  • +4

    I just watched it.. hmm the rich mum was hot

    • Agreed

    • +2

      You should see her in The Concubine 2012!!

      • Super hot and 7 years younger?

        • Yeah, her earlier movies are mostly erotics drama.
          The Servant 2010 is also another good one.

  • How do you actually down from sbs on demand that's a streaming service…

  • it was ok…unusual. Not sure why they raved about it?

    • +4

      Because it is good?

      • +1

        to you. I thought it was different, but nothing to rave about. MHO that is all. I do watch many international movies, but this one wasn't it was hyped up to be to me. That is just my opinion and you have yours.

        • -2

          that gives me the impression that you are not a real movie buff, you probably like certain types of movies only and you stick to that genre

          • +1

            @striker5950: OMG, everyone has their own tastes and opinions ffs….stop judging everyone else. If I just stuck to one genre I would never have watched this in the first place, by your logic

            • @souths123:

              OMG, everyone has their own tastes and opinions ffs

              I guess that's why they raved about it. ;)

        • Parasite was overhyped to the 10th factor IMHO. Think most (but not all) Korean cinema is.

  • +2

    Chappaguri is awesome. Especially with eye fillet.

  • Really enjoyed this movie

  • +1

    don't care if it won the oscars.. can't get myself to watch it cos it looks depressing af

  • +1

    Overrated tbh. Burning is better.

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