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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex Bundle - Optiplex 3040, i5-6500, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 11 + 24" Monitor $279 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


I love me some bundles, dropped the price and got larger monitors! If you are after extras as well just message through and we can help out. Bundles come with Wifi USBs which work great for office, and Pre-installed windows 11 activated! The extra monitors will include the appropriate cable to connect ( HDMI or DP depending ).
Dell mouse and keyboard also included.

In terms of ETA and shipment times, please allow upto a week as we are going through the last sale shipping out, and a few long nights on our part to get these out as quick as possible.

This is a great home/office PC. Storage(SSD/HDD) and RAM upgrades are available.

Intel® Core™ i5-6500 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.60 GHz, 4 Cores)
8GB DDR3 Memory
Front I/O – 2x USB3, 2x Audio Jacks
Rear I/O – 2x USB2, 2x USB3 1x RJ45 Networking, 1x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI
WiFi - WIFI USB 300mbps
Includes Power Adapter
Windows 10 Professional

Monitor - Refurbished Dell P2414H 24" LED Monitor

In-plane switching, anti glare with hard coat 3H
1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz
1000: 1 (typical)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 2 Million:1 (Max)
250 cd/m2 (typical)
8 ms (gray to gray)

1 Digital Visual Interface connectors (DVI-D) with HDCP
1 Video Graphics Array (VGA)
1 DisplayPort (version 1.2a)
4 USB 2.0 ports ( 3 downstream ports, 1 upstream port)

  • Dell mouse and keyboard also included with HDMI/Display port cable depending on monitor

We also have standalone Optiplex 3040s if you need:


Also a range of Laptops available :

[Refurb] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, i5 6300U | 8GB ram, 128GB SSD | W10P

[Refurb] Dell Latitude 5280 Intel i5 7300u 2.60Ghz 8Gb Ram 128gb SSD 12.5" Win 11

And some Cheap Optiplex 3020s still in stock:

Dell Optiplex 3020 SFF, i5 4590 3.30Ghz 8Gb Ram 128Gb SDD Win 10

Because of the popularity of the Micros will be adding a new sale this week, let me know if I should add monitors as a bundle/upgrade option

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  • Description has : Windows 11 ?
    i5-6500 are not compatible with Win 11 , and yes i know you can force it, BUYT just making sure the OP know to fix this before it becomes an issue

    • +1

      Hey! Yeah correct it isn't officially supported its more of a software/driver issue. But we run them just fine without issue, and we're happy to keep the stock windows 10 Pro if wanted , can do a blanket windows 10 pro on all or just message through/ add too the notes if you'd prefer Win 10 pro. Let me know what you guys think

      • Are you able to advise how to do this? Even at our own risk? I bought this PC only last bargain and it was windows 10 option only.

        • +3

          Windows 11 ISO and Rufus works fine. You can even install to a portable USB 3.0 SSD if you want.

          • +1

            @futaris: Any real benefit going with windows 11….?

            • @JuryWheel: Yeah… the p#$%s at MS will stop repairing all the faults in Win10 they should have got right before inflicting it on us… just like every other OS they've released.

              WinXP was the best they ever made. Windows 7/8 was rubbish but XP was fantastic so I stuck with XP as long as possible, even installing manual updates stripped out of extended end of life POS terminals. Been using Win10 for a few years now and it's still a pain in the arse every day, like it was designed by a toddler who learned to code on an etch-a-sketch… things that should be simple/commonsense are always turned off or missing entirely.

              e.g. Open File Explorer, enter keywords to search for a file, oops… I forgot to click "My PC" first… so the keywords DISAPPEAR from the search field so you have to type them again. And the list goes on, like I missed out getting a Win10 installation CD by just 2 months because they never included one with a new PC and later stopped mailing them out altogether. No idea how I'm supposed to reinstall Win10 on a new internal SSD/HDD. No OS installed = no internet connection to download/install Win10.

              • @Faulty P xel: Re: Reinstalling Win10. Do a search for “media creation tool” from Microsoft to make your own bootable USB drive that contains the Win10 ISO image. You’ll just need to create it on an existing Win10 machine first. I’ve done it heaps of times for a fresh start.

        • Just google a bit about how to work around the windows 11 comp check. It's a registry entry that needs to be set.

        • +1

          Microsoft released a registry hack that allows you to install Windows 11 on older cpus:


          This is the official Microsoft way. You then need a 16gb+ usb drive to install from (all in the above article).

        • TechRadar also takes you through the process in an easy way. Not advised and at your risk blah blah.

  • Nuts! Bought a non-bundled one last week! Would have spent the extra $30 for a monitor, keyboard and mouse :P

  • So tempted to get this for a dedicated retro gaming PC

    • +2

      6th gen Core is retro now?

      • +5

        Probably means a PC dedicated to retro gaming (earlier titles before mid-2005). The CPU should still be able to handle quite a few modern games though with little to no problems.

      • Yes, good for PS3 emulation.

  • +3

    How many SATA drives can I add to this?

  • Will I be able to install a graphics card on this optiplex?

    • +2

      Yeah low profile GPUs will fit. GTX 1050/1650 , RX6400

      • +1

        Thanks on the swift response!!

        • +12

          i've got OZbargain open on a PC , answering in-between testing and packing haha

    • +1

      Also consider whether power supply will provide enough wattage prior to getting a GPU.

  • +3

    Does any body know how many 3.5" HDDs I can fit in it?

  • +1

    I could scream with how expensive low end GPUs are still.

    • +1

      It could be worse, a RX 6400 is $250 for the LP version and readily available. There have been sales on the 1650 lately too.

      Granted, that puts it somewhere on par with prices of 3 years ago, and supposedly future APUs for Zen 3+ and Zen 4 using RDNA2 will be pretty good, might be more cost effective to buy a new system for basic gaming than an old one with a dedicated GPU.

      • +2

        The problem with Zen 4 is that it'll be a new zen 5 socket, so you'll need to pay ddr5 tax for motherboard. Expect atleast a 150 bucks gap between a bare minimum AM5 build vs ivybridge xeon imported, placed inside an office tower + rx6400.

        That being said, you're right, unless Intel actually manages to deliver their 75watt gpu as they predicted, and provide good drivers, these towers will fall out of favour very quickly. And I hope it won't come to that, these towers are still very practical for esports and basic encoding tasks.

  • Worth upgrade from i5-4570?

    • +5

      Definitely no.

    • +4

      No, if you want noticeable increase then you need to upgrade to 8th gen intel otherwise no point.

  • Has anyone tried using one of these with added HDD's as a server for home camera system? I have some cameras, just deciding between this and a NAS

    • +1

      Use this IMO
      Flexible use, just in case you don't want to use NAS anymore

    • +1

      OPs answer in another comment suggests this model only has room for one disk, whether 2.5 or 3.5.

      So maybe factor that in if you were considering a mirror/parity setup.

      • Good point, I was considering that. Might have to go external HDDs?

        • +1

          Yeah, although you might want to look into the implications of running that sort of setup over USB. It's realistically probably fine if you don't mind giving up some control over the disk (smart reporting, sleep/spindown etc.), but I'd imagine the rabid FreeNAS crowd would not recommend it.

      • +1

        You can put a 2.5" SSD in place of the slim dvd drive but you will need to cable tie or double sided tape it in place. You also need a little converter for the power cable as this slim dvd use a different one to normal sata power. Not sure if the included 128gb SSD is m.2 or sata. If the PC has an m.2 slot you could use that to run 3 drives total. If you aren't going to use a video card you can also buy a card to use an nvme m.2 drive in that slot.

    • +1

      This is perfect system for a security cctv system and a NAS. It has very small footprint takes up very little space especially when you run it headless, access remotely. It fits in to a book shelf with a bit of depth. Add a UPS to protect against power issues and external HDD for regular backups.

      • By headless do you mean without a monitor? As in, access remotely via a phone app? Sorry very new to all this setup.

        • +1

          Yes. You can google the term "headless computer".

          A few ways you can do this,
          1) Google Chrome Remote Desktop - crap
          2) Anydesk - okayish, also available on many platform such as android.
          3) Make full use of this Windows Pro remote desktop connect from another device. Microsoft Remote Desktop is available on various platforms such as ios android and macOS.

          The Optiplex 3040 idle will draw about ~20watts with a SSD and HDD which is quite reasonable.

    • +1

      These are great for running Blue Iris (surveillance software) since the power consumption is low and you can make use of Intel Quick Sync for hardware video acceleration.

      • Thanks for the tip. I've heard Blue iris recommended but haven't looked into it yet, I will after your comment though!

  • +1

    Do you have any i7 CPU Optiplex options?

  • +5

    Probably worth noting that the monitor stand allows for portrait rotation (assuming I'm correct). Handy for some users.

  • Thanks, OP. Ordered one.

    The only issue I had is that your website is broken for my old iPad Air running iOS 12 😞 (I tried both Safari and Brave, without ad blockers, and with my VPN turned off.)

    Had to put in the order on my laptop.

    • +6

      Same here. I struggled with my Apple ][, even though it was the Europlus. I disconnected one of the external floppies and took out my 80 column card and that seemed to fix the problem.

      • @Daabido: 🤣 Yeah, yeah! (Glad you managed to get it going, though 😝)

        The point that I should have made is that their website is completely broken. It's the first online store I've come across which wouldn't even load, never mind being able to complete a purchase! (I'm sure it won't be the last one, though 😉)

      • +1

        Hi! I'm not sure about the website being completely broken, it's a Shopify based website which has incredible compatibility. As for your particular case, that's interesting, never came across that issue, although it might be the terrible compatibility issues old iOS seem to have. I can look into it.

        • @FuseTechAu: Thanks.

          When I said "completely broken" I obviously meant "completely broken for iOS 12". I can't even load the home page in Safari/Brave/Firefox, so it seems to be a WebKit compatibility issue.

          Your website is not completely broken per se.

    • +1

      Considering it's a site selling older systems it's perhaps important to ensure that older versions of iOS are supported as they may be more inclined to be the kind of customer that might purchase.

      In Australia, iOS 12.5 is currently at 4.2% market share apparently (amongst iOS users in general), so more than 1 person in 25. Site might also be broken for more recent iOS users as well?


  • How many hard disk can this fit?

  • +1

    Selling the monitors alone?

    • We can yeah! just message through

  • cheap office setup, what sort of warranty is there if any?

    • hey good question! Our refurb systems come with 1 year warranty.

  • Hi, does anyone have an idea if I can set up a dual monitor with this ?

    • +2

      Read the first paragraph

      • Thanks mate, I see it in the link now

  • I bought the following from Amazon for $279. Not sure if I should return that and buy this. Any suggestions?

    Lenovo ThinkCentre M910q Tiny i5 7500t 2.70Ghz 8Gb Ram 128Gb SSD WiFi Win 10

    • do you need the extra internal expansion space on this one/small footprint of the lenovo?

      • I might swap that 128 SSD with 1tb SSD later down the track if required but not after an extra slot. Not using this PC for gaming.

    • Why do that when your CPU is faster at 7th Gen vs 6th gen for this deal

      • +1

        because the 6500 is quicker

        note the 't' on the 7500T

        Having said that the Lenovo likely uses less coal

        • Your Lenovo Tiny is a 1Liter system similar to the Dell Optiplex Micro Form Factor (MFF). This deal is a Small Form Factor (SFF). It is much larger than the 1L system so it has better cooling capabilities. The T series CPU are power optimised CPU they are power limited however the 7th gen CPU has a much better built in graphics processor (still crap compared to nvidia or radeon).

  • Do you have anything in mini itx size?

  • Evening OP, any idea what the least expensive windows device you’d have with USB C would be? Thanks

  • Would this run dota 2?

    I have a high spec MacBook Pro which does everything except feed my addiction. Wonder if this would do the trick

    • Or minecraft / league of legends?

    • +1

      you'll need a gpu the igpu will be chop city

  • Is the win 10 installation activated?
    I ask as i bought a Dell 9020 I5 recently from Fusetech and Win 10 was installed but not activated which limits its capabilities…..

    • +2

      Hey! Just message through we should be able to send through a key if you need. Otherwise they are tied to the motherboard, so a connection to the internet should activate it.

      • OP do you know if this copy of win10 allows you change to other languages instead of Eng for the entire os? Does it support Chinese?

  • Keen as on a micro standalone (or 3)! fusetech au

  • +1

    Possible to get a 16gb variant?

  • I think this is a great machine for the elderly. Just for YouTube, Web surfing banking and some email.

    It does have HDMI which is good if your want to hook up to TV, although the monitor only display port/dvi.128gb is a bit small for hdd but I guess can pay a bit more for 256gb.

    Definitely windows 10 is better.

    I'm not sure if you need 16gb RAM on this, 8gb is no good for Windows 10 multitask

    Wifi card is handy for sure

    • +1

      8 GB is sufficient for basic tasks and video playback. The 8 GB to 16GB comes in handy when you have many apps open. Chrome in particular when running many tabs uses up RAM. However if you're looking at the single tasker/closes apps sort of user (i.e. older grandparents) then this is not going to be an issue. The easiest instruction you can give them is if it slows down just restart the machine.

      Pretty soon we're going to have to stop using 'grandparents' as an analogy for non-techie users considering that the first gen growing up with home computers (C-64, Apple II, Amiga) are into their 40s,50s, and 60s and are in some cases grandparents already.

      • +2

        my old man likes to visit the hub on occasion is this system capable?

  • Well poot, bought one of these last week, when you mentioned you still had some. No monitor 😭. And the shipping was like $50 without a monitor. Seeing as it's not been shipped yet…

  • +2

    Purchased this deal and experienced a bit of an issue.

    Emailed FuseTech more than a month ago (on 24/03/2022 at 3:50 PM to be precise) - there appears to have been no response to date.

    Thought I should just mention this FYI.

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