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Bonus $20 Costco Shop Gift Card with $60 Costco Membership (in-Store Only) @ Costco Australia (Membership Required)


Costco are doing a repeat of this deal as a Mother's Day promotion. The promotion is in-store only and ends on Sunday 8th May. You have to be a current member to purchase.

Confirmed from the previous deal these have no expiry and can be used to renew your own membership.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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    The old 'Pay $40 to Join Costco' promo…

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      Is there anyway to actually join for that price without somebody already having a membership though?

      • I'm not sure of their limitations, but you can get someone who is already a member to buy you a $10 gift card. With that giftcard, you can get in, and buy stuff. Buy this deal? Probably?

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    My membership doesn't expire for another few months. Could I buy now, and use it later?

    EDIT: Question answered in OP's thread description.

    • For some reason their system can’t handle renewal if you have few months left.

      A supervisor was called to process my renewal.

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        There are reports of people being denied their membership renewal by untrained staff members:

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11449332/redir

        • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11458682/redir

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      I believe you can buy & apply your renewal when the membership near/end/after.

  • Damm, I just renewed it today!!!!!!

    Anyway to claim this yet?

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      You can buy this and used to renew for next year

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      Renewed last week. I feel your pain :-)

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      buy the card, cancel it and use your partner's name to join

  • You get $5 back if the gift membership is used to renew a business membership.

    Last time it was quite a process, they had to refund the gift membership then use $55 from it to renew a business membership, and to hand you the remaining $5.

    • +1

      Just to confirm. You can buy this "Gift" membership, and then apply it to your own membership for an extra year?

      • That worked last time.

        If you think about it, it's just a gift membership, like a gift card. Sure you can buy one, but you can receive one as well. So of course you can use it to renew your own membership - just like someone gifted it to you.

    • +4

      The ladies at Costco Perth said I had to forfeit the $5 since my membership was $55 and not $60.

      Of course a manager fixed it up by opening the till and handing over $5.

      • +2

        A proper manager.

  • When does the deal expire?

  • +1

    how abt $55 membership?

  • +1

    Does Costco still offer $10 gift card for switching on auto-renew?

    • Victoria…. Ringwood…. Give cooler bag

      • +9


      • Not sure why you got neged. I got a large shopping bag at lidcomve a couple of months ago

        • Their large bags are awesome. I use it at Aldi all the time.

    • Apparently one per year

      • so can you keep enabling and disabling auto renew every year and get $10 off every year?

        Before when i done it once, i saw they had a list of names with a heading auto renew on a piece of paper

  • Can't you just ask someone to buy Costco gift card and shop with that, you don't actually need membership.(This is how it worked in USA, not sure here)

    • -2

      They always scan your membership card at the checkout regardless of how you are paying.

      • +1

        Check here , shop card can be used by non members.

      • They are saying that the gift card option is there for people who aren't members yet. If you know a member, then they can just give/sell you a $10 gift card so you can go in without having to drag them along while your sign up.

    • +2

      Yes you can shop and pay with the shopcard. dont have to be a member. but have to keep the receipt if you need to return something.

      • +1

        Oh… I thought you couldn't shop there unless you were a member. So what's the point then of paying $60 for membership?

        • +2

          For starters, you need a member to buy the "shop card" for you. Then you have to make sure balance can cover yours purchases, or you have to regularly hassle your friend to help reload the card.

          Also, maximum value is $999.99, insufficient for big ticket items.

          Lastly, while you can shop there, but you pay non-member price, so all member discounts do not apply.

          • @browser:

            For starters, you need a member to buy the "shop card" for you

            How do you get past the guard at the warehouse entry who checks for membership cards?

            • @DoctorCalculon: You'd show them the gift card?

              Or just walk in with the confidence of a regular customer; that worked for me!

              • +1

                @BrotherEstapol: Just point to people in front and say you're with them and pretend to jog to catch up, Bit awkward if they're of different ethnicity though.

                • @Munki: It'll work. No one said the two guests had to be the same ethnicity.

          • @browser: Thanks.

  • I am not a Costco member, how can I purchase their membership gift card?

    • I'd like to know about the same. Thinking about buying the membership soon.

    • Find a friend who has membership.
      “You have to be a current member to purchase.”

      • Thanks mate, too easy.

        • +1

          Join membership in store. Purchase this gift card and cancel your membership there itself.
          Then let your partner join with this gift card. You get the additional card.

    • Ask a member to buy it for you.

  • Perfect!! for once on the right side. Membership renewal due this month!!!

  • -1

    If I cancel my memberships, I get $60 back, right?

  • Bugger, just renewed a few weeks ago.

    • +4

      No worries

  • +3

    I bought 3 years worth of membership and applied it straight to my account when the previous deal was on. On my Costco app, it says expiration date is May 2024 so can confirm you can bank up years of membership on your account.

    • Did you apply the 3 years of membership yourself?

      Or did a staff member need to help do it?

    • Very interesting. I assume that you bought 3 cards and only paid $120 to renew your own membership for 3 years at the checkout counter?
      My membership is about to expire by the end of June 22. I'll try at Costcos Auburn NSW this Sunday.

      I hope they can organise the membership renewal without losing two month's worth.
      Otherwise I'll visit the store when my membership is nearly expire.

      • +3

        Yes that's correct - I purchased 3 x $60 Costco membership cards from the service counter and told them to just apply it straight to my account. They handed over 3 x $20 Costco gift cards which I went in and used straight away.

        In your case, if you purchase 3 x Costco memberships and ask them to apply it to your account, your membership will then expire in June 2025.

        • Your experience is certainly better than mine.

    • +3

      He's sure he'll be alive for at least 3 years

      • Or gives you an incentive to try and live for at least 3 more years.

      • If he's not, he can cancel and get a refund

  • +4

    Does this work if you’re buying a Costco membership for the first time?

    • +1

      No, you need to get a friend who's a member to do it.

      • Ok so friend buys this and they can just give both the gift card and the membership card to me and I can use it fine?

        • Should be that way.

          Interestingly, if your friend choose to give both to you, you can actually use the $20 shop card directly without a membership being active, but likely you won't be able to pay for anything more than $20 at the counter. Or you can use the gift to active a new membership for yourself, and then use the shop card like a membership.

  • does anyone know if they still stock bonsoy milk? went there today and that section was gone with different milk plus no longer on their website

    • +1

      Yes they do, I bought the 1Lt x 6 box yesterday ;)
      Crossroads NSW

  • +1

    Glad I waited to renew mine. :)

    They sell these 2kg truffles that are pretty damn amazing.

  • +8

    I cancelled my membership a few years back because I found that their prices weren't competitive and ended up buying things I didn't need [the whole theory about Costco's trolleys being ginormous so you feel that you have to fill it up]

    • +2

      Yeah, every time I shop there I come back with fewer items but in larger quantities.

    • +3

      I've never been, plan to go one day, but I've always suspected that was the case.

      I nearly paid for membership to some food warehouse years ago. They advertised they were cheaper than supermarkets by buying in bulk. About 60-70% was commercial sized tins of food, cement sized bags of flour, buckets of gravy powder, mechanic motor oil sized cans of oil, etc. They asked for my membership card on entry and I nearly paid it. But then asked could I walk through and check some prices first. I had a printed budget so I knew the cost of things. I think I found one or two things cheaper by 10 or 20 cents if you bought a huge tin. But most were more expensive and only a few were the same price as when on sale at Colesworths. Since the size of many things was several times consumer size, you'd have to be a family and eat the same thing every meal every day for 1-2 weeks (like a huge can of beetroot) or it would go off. More hassle than it was worth.

      Anyway… I've read both threads on this card, and while what's going on here probably makes sense to existing members, it's confusing to non-members. e.g. Several people have said "buy a card" but it sounds like you get a bonus card loaded with $20 credit when paying $60 for a membership. (So you're not really "buying" a card.) But whadda I know. Like I said, it's confusing to non-members what's going on here.

      • +4

        Oh I think I see now…

        • Costco membership costs $60 per year.
        • But you need to ALREADY BE a member to RECEIVE (not buy) this card.
        • And when this deal is on an existing paid-up member can pay another $60 for a "Gift Membership"…
        • That gift membership can either be given to someone else, or added onto the member's own membership.
        • Then the member receives 1x $20 bonus card.
        • Members can buy multiple "gift memberships"
        • Members will receive 1x bonus $20 card for each $60 "gift membership" purchased.

        So yeah… there's no "members can walk in and buy a $20 card" which several posts here seem to imply. You have to pay $60 and receive 1x $20 card free. (I think.)

        • But you need to ALREADY BE a member to RECEIVE (not buy) this card.

          No, the other way around. You need to already be a member to buy a gift membership (and get a bonus $20 gift card), but then anyone can use the gift membership to either renew an existing membership or create a new one.

          • @uvbunny: No, I meant what most people reading this will be doing, which is buying the card for themselves… and you cannot receive the card from Costco because you can't buy it unless you're a member. So the same thing you said, just using different words. ;-D

          • @uvbunny: Oh I see now what you may have meant… the "(not buy)" part was because you can't "buy the $20 card"… which has been stated a few times and is probably one of the things confusing people. i.e. You don't "buy the $20 card"… you buy a $60 membership renewal… and receive the $20 card as a free bonus.

            • @Faulty P xel: Heh, I think I see what you meant now too. Thank god this wasn't a matter of life and death :)

    • +2

      True, some of the stuff is cheaper than the major supermarket chains but a lot isn't. I never go in to buy anything I only use the membership for the petrol, as here in Perth the Costco petrol is consistently the cheapest in Perth (and I live ten minutes up the road )

  • +1

    Anyone has any idea (from the previous deal perhaps) whether this deal can be “out of stock” ?

  • Buyer beware

    Purchased two previously, they didn't activate one of my coupon cards. So I was SOL.


  • +2

    Can I order their birthday cake online? I would rather not make two visits. One to order the cake, the other to pick up the cake.

    • +1

      Yes, I was able to order a cake via the costco app. You'll need to set up an account linked to your membership.

  • Sorry everyone I'm having trouble understanding how this works to current members advantage. So when we go into Costco, what do we need to buy to get a bonus $20 shop card? Is it another membership? So spend $60 to get the $20? Apologies I'm very confused how this works.

    • +2

      You buy a gift membership card ($60) and you get given a bonus gift card for $20 when you buy the membership gift card (this is the current deal)
      You can use the gift membership card to renew your membership
      If you use the bonus $20 gift card, this means your membership was effectively $40 instead of $60

    • +1

      It's only useful if:

      • You plan to extend your Costco membership (even though technically, that's not how that deal works).
      • (and) You do have some items you want to buy from Costco.

      This requires the staff to close a blind eye if you intend to use it to renew your membership. Last time I tried, the membership desk staff said it is not for extending my own membership but the counter staff here will allow it. She was basically saying I shouldn't do that, but the staff will permit it. Now, it is the same for all stores, you will find some staff which are really strict on the rules and won't allow that.

  • Does my friend have to go in-store to activate this card and have their photo taken or can this be done online? If in-store, do they have to be with me when I purchase this or can they do this at a later date?

    • Have to be in-store, it's always like that.

      If you're gifting this to your friend (very unozbargain lol) I don't think they need your accompany to use the gifted membership.

      • Thanks! Not gifting, but buying it for them since they're not yet a member.

  • My membership expired months ago, so does this mean if I renew right now I get $20 off ? Thank you.

    • No, you get a $20 Costco Shop Gift Card if you take on this deal.

  • What is the expiry date of this deal ?

    • Nevermind, it's the 8th.

  • +1

    I think that 'When you buy Gift of Membership' should be in the original description.

  • What's the best way to join for a new member and if its not worth it can I return it ?

  • Anyone know where this promo stand is in the Adelaide store?

    • Is there any signs or promo stand for this deal in the Adelaide Costco store?. I am looking around but dont see it anywhere. Can anyone confirm that this deal excludes Adelaide?.

  • I just called up Adelaide Costco store. Desk clerk from membership area informed that this deal is not valid in Adelaide. Sad Panda Face
    Thank goodness i rang them before wasting my time going down there.

    • Bummer.

    • +1

      Not happy…. will go there tonight.

    • I am very upset with this. Costco treating Adelaide as a second citizen. No good enough. SAD PANDA FACE

  • As I’m not a member I can go join pay the $60 fee I take it’s $60 aus wide and you get $20 gift card on the spot?
    Been thinking of joining and this is like $20 free spend or if you look at it another way was only $40 for membership as you got $20 back.
    Has this to be done in store or online if online does it get posted or pick up?

    • In-store only.

      Yes, theoretically you can do that. Pay $60 for the first year, get the bundle, spend the $20 card, and use the gift membership to pay for the 2nd year, etc.

      • You have lost me? Use gift membership to pay for second year?

        • Yup, because you can't buy the gift membership without being a member first.

          • @xmagic: I’m not sure how it works so myself not a member I can’t go there join and pay my membership and receive $20 gift card for doing so? If not then no point in the deal.
            I just thought being as it’s $60 membership and getting $20 for joining it be like free money to spend or membership only cost $40 as I was given $20 back

            • @bwatt72: Yes that's the catch for this deal. If you're not a member and you're intended to use it on yourself, then it become a chicken or the egg problem.

              You can cancel the membership and get full refund if you're not satisfied with their service. So… I'm not sure but you can certainly try to:

              • Buy a memebership
              • Buy the gift membership and get $20 shop card
              • Spend the shop card
              • Refund the membership
              • Use the gift membership to reactive your membership

              Again, that's just too complicated and I don't know if it's possible. AFAIK all my friends who are members are happy with the value, and I'm sure are perfectly fine with paying for the membership every year. Remember this "deal" is intended for gifting someone you know and make them a member. Using the membership on yourself is an ozbargained way to do it.

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