Thermal Imaging Cameras with High Resolution?

Hello all, does anyone have any recommendations for thermal cameras that have a high resolution and something like a tablet that can be attached or build it?

The only one I can really find is this. But it is very expensive over $20K AUD.

There is the SEEK thermal cameras you can plugin to your phone but the image is a bit too small. It needs to be large, such as 40 x 512 to be used for canine body checks. With an easy to see viewer, and saving or data.


  • FLIR is the go-to namebrand for thermal imaging but don't know too much about their offerings beyond also having mobile attachment units as well as standalone. Have you had a look to see if they offer something that suits?

    • i am actually just looking at the FLIR Vue Pro, but i cant find any decent docs or forum users setup on using it just on a tablet, of batteries.

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    I was going to say flir yeah or fluke but the fluke stand-alone unit is also 20k haha

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    Why do you need such high resolution? I got this and it's been great so far, high resolution compared to low end stuff.

    High resolution thermal imaging is very expensive, VGA ish resolution like you are after is $20k or so, as you've seen.

    • Thanks for linking, this looks cool. What have you found it's most useful for? I'd like one to work out all the leaky heat spots in my old, high-ceilinged house. Would it be worth getting for that?

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        I use it to check temperature delta across heat exchangers, to be able to check efficacy. It would definitely work for leaky spots in your house, I've played with that one at home, it has no problem picking up wood beams etc through plasterboard, you can see where the ceiling insulation is missing around downlights etc. If I get a chance I'll take some pics at home and post them for you.

        • Legend, appreciate your advice and would love more pics. I've always wanted one of these, since I was a kid! Blame Predator!

    • yeah it needs to be 640 res, tried a lower res one around 320 and it just wasnt detailed enough. it for canine medical.

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        Fair enough, they are all around the $20k from what I've seen, and places like the US try to limit who can have fast update high res thermal cameras. They are also very niche products, so it's unlikely the price will come down anytime soon. Could perhaps find something used on international eBay, or you could take a chance with a random sensor off Alibaba, then have to figure out how to get it to talk to your computer.

        The one you tested wasn't a seek thermal was it?

  • Why do you need such high resolution?

    He said he's scanning dogs. Must be using it to detect medical issues i assume…

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      Next assumption would be that he is a vet… this is really a small upfront cost that will be covered pretty quickly by the furry little friends that come visiting..

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      You still don't need anywhere near that resolution to do that though, hence the question.

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      Non vet pet uses exist. I used my FLIR to locate the cat when he hid in the dark - but he could evade it by hanging out near the fireplace.

  • Flir and fluke but nothing like a tablet. A decent thermal camera is handheld only

    • A decent thermal camera is handheld only

      That's just blatantly incorrect.

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    I'm sure some of the downed Russian military helicopters have half decent FLIR systems if you want to go scavenge some parts.

    Then again, reading some of the stories of cardboard armour and utter corruption in the Russian military, maybe not.

  • The CFA (Country Fire Authority, in Victoria) issued hundreds of hand-held thermal imaging cameras to brigades all over the state a while back. I think the retail cost was about $5500 each. Is that within your ballpark? If you want more information and a confirmation of the model, let me know.

    • i know the ones and they are below the specs required :-(

  • Have a look at InfiRay. They offer models with the required resolution (T600 - A monocular is about $4.8k. I have one of their devices and they are very good value.

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      They would be good for op to view dogs a kilometre away I suppose.

      • No ability to change the lens I take it? Annoying, since these things have so many uses but it's still a niche product.

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