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Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max $64 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Appears Amazon have price matched the Bing Lee deal making it the better offer with free shipping and 7% cashback through Shopback/Cashrewards. JB Hi-Fi have also price matched and can take advantage of their $10 perks sign up bonus (making it $54). Worth it if click and collecting to save on their postage fees.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Thanks OP. JB's price is already at $64 too but no free delivery.


    • Limit of 1 per customer/purchase I think?
      Wanted to grab a couple as I have GC's

    • Dang, I literally price matched at JB 4pm this arvo to use the $10 voucher (they were almost not going to match Bing Lee as im in QLD and there are no stores in QLD). Must have been a few doing it to make them drop it.

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    Being lazy here but I already have a Chromecast. Is it worth getting this also? Also don’t have an antenna at home so interested in Kodi.

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      IMHO it's better than Chromecast. Not sure if Kodi will work but I use mine for Retroarch and PPSSPP for gaming and it works like a charm. I even have my Xbox one controller connected to it via Bluetooth. Plus you can get apps like Tube for ad-free YouTube.

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        32bit kodi works fine

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        What’s the benefit of connecting Xbox one controller to fire tv?

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          To play games on Retroarch and PPSSPP.

          • @bigbadboogieman: i'm noob what's retroarch/ppsspp

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              @Lz ShifTy: Emulation of up to ps1 and psp games.
              It may emulate beyond ps1 these days but that was about the limit last time I tinkered with it.

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              @Lz ShifTy: Retroarch is an engine for running gaming emulators. It can run Genesis, SNES, etc. If you name it and it can probably run it. If you have roms for it that is…. PPSSPP is a PSP emulator for Android

      • Do you have an external drive where you load all the roms from?
        Whats the best way to do it?

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      ALthough Kodi is not in the appstore it's easily done.


      However, I found reliability with Kodi a real issue. It would play for 25 minutes then the screen went black and it stopped playing until SELECT on the Firestick remote was pressed.
      And, no, it wasn't a screen saver or power management setting.

      I gave up and have moved to Plex Mediaserver. The Plex client app is in the Appstore. Works a treat on the Firestick.

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      Much better. Faster processor and more storage to download and sideload applications.

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    Google TV or Fire TV 4k Max?

    • +3

      I have both
      Firestick (TV) Max IMO

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      Having bought both, I'd say definitely the Fire TV Stick 4k Max. Have had quite a few issues with the Google TV remote draining batteries for no apparent reason and refusing to connect etc, but so far so good with the Fire TV one which feels more "premium" and better built.

      Not to mention the power the 4k Max has, especially for the price - it's a surprisingly capable little emulation device, paired to my DualShock 4 controllers and headphones without issue, and it's just snappier and more pleasant to use in general than the Google TV was.

    • Much better. Faster processor and more storage to download and sideload applications.

    • +2

      I've had both a Fkrestick 4k and Chromecast Ultra

      Firestick hands down

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      The 4k Max is a better bit of kit. Better wifi, processor and remote ergonomics.

      It does need certain apps to be sideloaded. So Kayo works sideloaded for me fine (no logo on the menu) but it isn't officially supported yet.

      At $64 a definite buy. Invisible and does everything I need.

      Also pairs with Alexa speakers lag free which many forget. So you can add a stereo pair for the lounge or even pair to a bedside dot for late night watching for example. Great for cheap projector set up. No need to run cables

      • Pair with a dot I guess you are saying for voice recognition to watch prime for example. I don't see much use of it. Just use the remote.

        Alexa speaker only works if your speakers are compatible. I guess you would need an echo dot then hook it to your hifi

        Good wifi coverage is required. Either mesh or wifi extenders

        • My thinking is more like you have a 4th gen dot on your bedside table (like the clock) on one side and a sleeping partner on the other. Well then you could pair with the Dot by Bluetooth and have the sound come out of that when watching late night tv rather fill the room with sound from the tv itself.

          I use this pairing ability in my lounge room with two last gen Echo Plus' I got cheap (about $30 each) when they changed over to the new sphere style. It sounds amazing compared to the tv. It would beat many sound bars. $120 all up.

          You can see the appeal with projectors. Two Alexa's off the shelf and a stick in the back of the projector. No other wiring or cables required.

      • how did you sideload kayo?

        • Look for a YouTube tutorial but essentially (from memory) I used a downloader app from the Fire stick app store, pointed it to a repository of APK files (address from a tutorial I used), chose the one I needed and downloaded it and went from there. Works fine just has a blank square rather than a logo to choose in the menu.

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    Also $64 at jb :)

    • +2

      Thanks used the perk $54 not bad. But still not cheaper than last year with Afterpay nevertheless great deal

      Got it for mothers day

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    Cheers, got one for us and the parents.

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    Has anyone got Freeview working on this or google tv?

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      Yes. Did it on my Google TV (one with remote) and it works pretty well.

      Install the TVIRL app and a shortcut icon from the link below. Follow the instructions and it'll install a Live Channels app that mirrors the FTA experience of a regular TV.


      • Keep in mind some channels will not do some broadcasts over live stream. The one that frustrates me is Big Bash, a scoreboard is just shown. Pretty sure Supercars also gets gimped.

        • Huh, that's pretty interesting (I almost don't watch sports). Kayo's gotta get their subscriber numbers up somehow.

  • +2

    Had a GC from this deal (Also had an offer for 1k bonus points for $50 gc) + JB Perks Coupons ($10) which makes it to be $44 since I'm essentially getting the GC for 8k points. Pretty sweet deal!

    Ofc C&C

  • Thanks Op , used the coupon for 54 click & collect. not sure if i needed it though

  • Excellent, thanks OP. Bought one of these last time it was on sale for the Mrs TV and have been fight the urge to steal it. Great little device and good price.

  • do these work properly on ultrawide monitors?

  • Is the Binge app on 4k max stick? Makes it easier to watch House of the Dragon in Aug if available.

    • Not yet, it's Android and you can sideload via USB.

      • How do you side load via usb?

        • +2

          You download the binge apk via the download app, which is available on the amazon app store. I have binge ver 1.1.1 running on on a 4k and 4k max.

  • Does the firestick have the roku TV?

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    It recommends to have the Firestick plugged into the ARC HDMI port, what if my AV Receiver is using this already?

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      Plug into receiver then

      • Soundbar only has 1 HDMI :(

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    Love my fire stick. Impressive device and awesome remote. Chromecast feels ancient compared

  • Couldn't get the sideloaded Foxtel Go app to work tho , anyone got suggestions ?

  • I realise it's a 4K stick, but can it be used with a non 4K telly?
    Mum is still rocking a 10yo Samsung 1080p and has no desire to upgrade, but has been floating the idea of trying out streaming. This seems like easiest solution.

    • +3

      Absolutely, no problemo.

    • For purely availability to streaming, then sure. It would work. The output should be fine for the TV itself. The stick can output 720p, this can be set in setting, but is also set up automatic. You could get a lower model stick, but the 4k is cheap, so why not? My partner has one on their TV made in 2008, works fine and she couldn't be happier.

    • +1

      Just think of it as having processing power to spare and that making for a really snappy performance.

      It outputs fine to lower res TV's.

      • Exactly

    • I use similar on a 720p plasma.

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    For anyone interested - I felt the Google TV to be way better in terms of the interface compared to at least the Fire TV lite. Not sure about the 4K version but in Lite, the home screen is loaded with content from Prime whereas there seems to be a less of a bias on Google TV with content from more streaming services shown. This is a deal breaker for me at least when looking at Fire TV.

    Again, not sure if the interface of the 4K Max is different but no reason for me to believe it is given it seems it has better hardware than software.

    • +1

      You can just sideload another launcher. Problem solved. Bye Ads.

      • +2

        Not since the latest firmware upgrade. I miss the Wolf launcher.


        • I was able to install Wolf Launcher on latest OS (Fire OS

          Also installed "Launch on Boot" using Downloader and pointed it to Wolf Launcher - doesn't work from restart, but at least after sleep will automatically brings you back to Wolf Launcher home screen.

          Found this guide useful for button remapping as well (e.g. remap Netflix button to Wolf Launcher; Disney+ button to another app I use often):

          N.B. Prime Video and Amazon Music buttons can't be remapped using this method.

          Overall happy with the speed and utility of the Firestick esp. auto-frame rate switching (including in Kodi) that is missing from my VTV. No hangs in Prime Video after fast forwarding/rewind (sometimes get this on VTV which then stops Prime Video from connecting to videos and requires restart to fix). If VTV didn't have nice subtitles font on FTA TV tuner that I prefer to subtitles font on the TV, then would probably retire VTV and stick to Firestick 4K Max for all my streaming media needs.

  • How do these go hotspotting off a phone with Kayo? (No wifi at work).

  • Do these still have all the shitty advertising on the homepage? Chromecast you can change to app only and remove all that shit do these have something similar?

  • Got a very sluggish Android TV inbuilt in my TCL TV, would this be a good replacement?

    Mostly streaming Prime and Netflix, sometimes ABC iView and SBS.

    • +7

      As a general rule, a dedicated streaming device will always be better than a TVs built in option.

      • +1

        Got it based on your advice, and wow, what a difference, very smooth experience now! Should have bought a dumb TV ;-)

        • Is there such thing anymore?

    • I got a TCL tv works all good

  • +2

    Thanks Op. Bought one.
    Will work out what it is once it arrives.

  • Its not mine, :-) its free, its a mates subscription i use, so would be nice to not have to hdmi my laptop to my 2 tvs for the NRL etc

  • Can you hdd or memery card type hdd?

  • Can I install a VPN (private internet access) and watch netflix USA stuff?

    • Probably, using SendToTV to sideload the app.

  • Is this also a good option for streaming movies from a computers hard drive to tv?

    • +2

      Found this info if it helps anyone with a similar question, the article is for chrome cast, but should be the same for the fire tv stick 4K.

      Stream from PC to TV with Chromecast

      Setup overview: Chromecast plugs into a TV or display’s HDMI port and draws power from a USB port on the television. In the absence of a USB port, Chromecast can plug into to an AC wall socket. Once connected, Chromecast joins the Wi-Fi network, and other devices on the network are then able to stream content through the Chomecast onto the TV. Basically any Apple, Android, or Windows device supports the Chromecast app.

  • +2

    Thanks OP, purchased. Couldn't decide between this and GTV but bit the bullet finally.

    • In the same boat!

  • +1

    how is this compared to Nvidia shield from 2017?

    • Not as good. Much cheaper.

  • How do these go with Dolby Atmos support? Would love to upgrade from my TVs inbuilt smart system, but worried about losing audio quality and channels. (7.3.4 channel set-up). Someone suggested the Nvidia Shield instead. Is that what I should be looking at?

    • +1

      NVIDIA Shield is superior but also cost many times more.

  • +4

    Cheers, got the JB Hi Fi coupon and purchased for $54, now i just have to get off the couch and go to the shop….. life is tough

    • +1

      Getting off couch and go to shop is tough?

      I see you are suffering stay at home syndrome

  • +1

    Thanks. Bought 1. Hoping for 7% cashback to be approved 🤞

    • The 7% is why I chose Amazon over JB with Perks coupon, brings Amazon to $60 with same day delivery for Prime Melbourne.

  • +1

    Bing Lee biggest loser here with JB perk and Amazon free delivery. No chance

  • Thx OP.

    Used my $10 JB credit, like some others, b4 it expires..

  • Works great but I keep on changing batteries for the remote. It drains in less than 3 days.. Just using the app now to control it.

    • +1

      Contact Amazon to get a replacement remote. I think I went though 2 replacements until I got one that wasn't faulty.

      • Great advice

    • That’s disturbing. It makes me wonder if the microphone is running the entire time.

  • Ordered mine for $49 via Amazon with code PRIME15


    • Code doesnt work

      • May have been targeted.

  • Can i use this to cast from a phone without wifi? I want to use it in my car and stream (eg Netflix) either via mobile data or any downloaded content without having to hotspot via a secondary phone.

    I have Chromecast and tried every method including travel router but Chromecast must have online connection even when the phone streams downloaded content and can’t be bothered trialling all the “workarounds” for fire stick if they don’t really work.

  • Is it worth upgrading from vodafone tv?

    • I am also interested in the answer to this.

      I spent a short time setting up the 4k Max for a friend. Did not notice much difference in app loading speed. On the other hand, the VTV can use custom launcher and not be stuck with Amazon's home screen.

  • Just picked up today but looks like it needs HDMI 2.2 to play HDR but my tv is only 2.0 :-(

    • That shouldn't be the issue, I had to go in to the HDR settings and set it to Automatic for HDR to work properly.

  • Can I watch sbsondemand with this?

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