Should I Get Vinyl Wrap on My Car for $4k?

I finally bought my first decent car recently - paid $31.5k for a 2014 Tarago Ultima V6 in excellent condition with 43,000km on the odometer. The body and paintwork are pristine. It's white in colour but I've always wanted a black car because they look good. So I'm thinking about spending $4k to get it wrapped in vinyl. I will keep the roof white for heat refelction and get the rest of the panels wrapped in satin black. Apparently matte black shows too many marks like fingerprints etc so satin is a nice compromise if I don't want a gloss finish.

Do people think $4k is too much to spend comparative to the car's value? Or should I go for it (YOLO!) if I can easily afford it? Wraps tend to last 3-4 years depending who you ask. It's a thin vinyl film applied with a heat gun and also needs to be removed by a heat gun. Cost to remove is about $600. I also need to notify Transport Dept about colour change

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    Yes do it, you should be happy with your car
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    No, don't do it, it's too exy


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    OP, are you a soccer mum? :-)

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      tell me your a soccer mom without telling me your a soccer mom

  • Please no

  • If can easily afford it because you are only cash rich then no.

    If you haven't got any money invested then my opinion is you start with that first. 4k is no a solid amount to begin with.

    If you have at least 40k invest somewhere, then 10% seems reasonable for an expense that would make you happy.

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    Getting this out of your system while you are young will set you up for savings later on

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    Even on sports cars. Wraps never look good compared to paint thats well taken care of.

    It also won't add any value to your car. It may decrease its value dramatically.
    Don't do it.

    If your into cars. Put the money towards a cheap NB or NC MX5. And go to hills, or better yet, a track.

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    Allow your excitement around the new car to settle for a little bit first. Wait 3 months and see how you feel so that you aren't overly influenced by emotion now.

    Consider as well that you won't see the colour of the wrap from inside, other than the mirrors. That means the only joy you will get will be when you approach the car etc.

    Consider a colour other than black. If you are going to wrap it and have a full spectrum of choices, why not go for something that isn't a factory option.

    • I like this idea. If you are going to waste money on it, at least get a cool colour like that purple that becomes hot pink in the warm sun.

  • If you are going to wrap it black make sure you have your headlights on appropriately….matt black colour and no headlights at night = big trouble.

    Agree with others to see how you go for a few months and decide then.

  • Is this a joke post? Who in their right mind would wrap a Tarago?

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    Where's the "No because it will look like sh*t" option?

  • Probably better to put that $4k into something else, like shares / term deposit / bonds

  • Hmm this post has made me consider wrapping my vehicle but only on the areas that have sun fade. Would vinyl wrapping the bonnet and roof be worthwhile or are there better paint restoration methods available?

    • You're joking of course.

    • Post pics of car.

      You can do a lot with polish / buffers but if its mangled its mangled.

      You need a good surface for vinyl to adhere to, so you can't just slap it over the top of rust or a peeling clear coat.

      I'm not a fan of the 2 tone look personally.

  • lmao

  • Erm no… $4k for 3-4 years lasting product + another $600 to remove it :-/

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    Don't worry, scomo will print more to give you to waste.

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    You can probably get a half decent closed door respray done for 4k. Just keep it white and have it resprayed down the line (in the same colour) if the paintwork is damaged.

    If for protection purposes, look into getting a clear bonnet lip installed. It's similar to the vinyl wraps but thicker, you could also opt to do the bumper aswell. Protecting it from road rash etc.

  • lol

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    Lets look at it this way.

    If someone paid you $4000 to NOT get it wrapped, would you take the money?

  • It's a bad idea because it doesn't last very long and will look crap when it starts to peel off.

    Put 4k aside and fix the scratches when they occur. That way you always drive a nice clean car.

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    I would rather buy a nicer car than spend $4k to temporarily change colour.

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    Your in the wrong place, unless it's someone's 15 year old corrola or camry the people here are just going to dish out on you. You do you, have a look at some wrapped cars and decide if it's the way you want to go. If $4000 is something you can afford to spend on a wrap and you like it than I would say go ahead. It's your car, and you should make it however YOU want.

    Personally I believe that cars can be a fun way for people to express themselves, doesn't matter if you have truck nuts hanging from your towbar or a full custom executive style body kit. Taste is subjective and you should do what you makes you happy.

    I personally would get a proper closed door respray if you want a colour change and are planning on using this car frequently as it's not all that much more expensive. Wraps can hold up fairly well and can also be a good way to protect pre-existing paint but if a little bit gets damaged it will need to be re-wrapped and unlike paint that can be blended it will look out of place unless you do the whole car again.

  • Other option. Learn how to wrap the car yourself lol.

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    2 bad decisions in one post, you've already made one, but it's not too late to not make the other
    it'll be interesting to actually see it and recognise it on the roads if you do go through with it

  • sure if it was a C63 or AMG GT but we really need some pictures to prove how wrapping a tarago in anything is going to make it look good

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    Closed door respray instead

  • Do what makes you happy mate :)

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    I heard big banks pay you >$500 if you wrap your car with their ads and logos that they provided.

    • Oh really?

  • Paying $4k on a wrap for a car that only cost you $30k is throwing money down the toilet…

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    Do what makes you happy op. I repainted my 2008 mazda3 for 3.5k, a lot were against but when i look at my car now, it just makes me happy.

    Yes, I don't care what other soccer moms think

  • Go for it YOLO!

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    Slam (lower) it and get some mad VIP wheels.

  • Yes

  • matte black wrap

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