[Unobtainable] 4-Pack of Voodoo Ranger Hazy India Pale Ale Delivered @ Bottlemart (Excludes TAS & NT)

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Moved to forums - Reason: Not honoured by merchant. The following is an excerpt of an email sent to claimants:

It’s the Voodoo Ranger here. I’ve been checking my records of Tinder matches and unfortunately, I can’t find you there.
Now since we didn’t match on Tinder you aren’t eligible to receive my 4 pack of Hazy IPA as you did not claim the prize in accordance with my promotion Conditions of Claim.
To qualify for a 4 pack of Hazy IPA claims must have been made via my Voodoo Ranger Tinder profile by following the prompts before being directed to my mates at Bottlemart promotion page.
The promoter reserves the right to disqualify claims in the event of non-compliance with the Conditions of Claim, including individuals who have entered via the link posted on the Oz Bargain website.
Now unfortunately I’m only one skeleton ranger and can’t cater for everyone so stocks were limited and all free 4-packs of Hazy IPA have been exhausted, however we encourage you to participate in future promotions I’ll be running.

Original deal description as follows:

Mate shared this offer link with me and I thought I should pass on the favour.

Don’t really know if Voodoo Ranger Hazy IPA is any good, but enjoy.

Requires name, address, DOB, gender, email and phone number (although no phone/email verification is required).

Update: Possibly sold out as the claim form now redirects to a store login page.

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      There is no need to leave toxic comments directed at the OP.

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        Look up the definitions of toxic and explain again please how my comment was Toxic Marrky

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          Is adding a ‘y’ to the end of my username meant to trigger me? Lol.

          You are the type of OzBargainer who has a go at new members who attempt to contribute to the platform, ergo toxic.

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    No free lunch (beer)

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    We should have known better:

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    • Says the guy who has contributed 0 deals. It sucks this isn’t being honoured, though at least the OP attempted to share what they thought would benefit others.

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          You’re reaching. People are annoyed at the deal not being honoured, going after contributors is not necessary and there is too much of this toxic behaviour on this website - you post a deal and end up getting flack. So I will do me and speak out when I see behaviour like this.

          • @Marrk: Cool, absolutely not reaching and we can agree to disagree. I don't see anything toxic in my behaviour being suspicious of a brand new account posting what turned out to be a complete scam marketing exercise, but if that's your view you're entitled to it.

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    False advertising and subsequent misleading use and sharing of private and confidential information.

    ACCC complaint recommended.

    EDIT~ Confirmed, Tinder was not mentioned on the redemption page, nor were the terms and conditions. See https://web.archive.org/web/20220507140135/https://bottlemar...)

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      Details for complaint, Bottlemart operates under:

      Current details for ABN 22 001 440 320
      Current details Historical details Print Email
      ABN detailshelp
      ABN status: Active from 12 Apr 2000
      Entity type: Australian Public Company
      Goods & Services Tax (GST): Registered from 01 Jul 2000
      Main business location:
      NSW 2113
      Business name(s)help
      Business name From
      HARRY BROWN MERCHANT TRADER External site 29 Sep 2006
      BOTTLE MART ON-PREMISE External site 27 Feb 2004
      MY LOCAL External site 06 Aug 2002
      THATS MY LOCAL External site 06 Aug 2002
      MINE HOST External site 16 Nov 2001
      BOTTLE MART External site 12 Apr 2000

  • Reneged on the deal based on some weak tinder excuse - bad deal!

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    Review bombing anyone?

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    We should all fire off emails to that contact address about how shifty they are

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    That took ages but reported to ACCC
    Happy to exchange my info for a perk but clearly this wasn’t clear T’s &C’s upon collecting the data.
    I’ve advised them to remove my data and warned them if this is not adhered to that i’ll seek legal action.

    I suggest everyone email lionco and request the same.
    This is a serious breach and not something anyone should take lightly.

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    Here's my email to them clowns:


    In relation to your email, I would like to state that Tinder was not mentioned on the redemption page, nor was it specifically claimed in the terms and conditions as of 7th May 2022. See: https://web.archive.org/web/20220507140135/https://bottlemar...

    You may like to review your email accordingly and I look forward to hearing from you

    Thank you"

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      Please.post response if there is any

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      i asked them to remove my personal information. this is a scam

    • following if they do reply?

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        as of today nothing

        so will be avoiding / not buying from Bottlemart + Lion products

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    Well I won't be buying this if I ever see it at BWS, that's for sure!

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    Looks like I'm one of many - but just saw the email saying something about Tinder.

    I certainly didn't see that on the page I filled out… however it makes sense that you were only supposed to see that page if you accessed it via Tinder.

    They don't need to advertise that fact on the page if the only way to access it was via Tinder.

    Man, what a PR stuff-up. Imagine giving out stacks of free beer AND ruining your brand ID at the same time.

  • reported to ACCC

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    Hazy dealer

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    Their profile would be against Tinder's policies https://policies.tinder.com/community-guidelines/intl/en:

    Promotion or Solicitation

    It’s fine to invite your matches to something that you’re doing, but if the purpose of your profile is to advertise your event or business, non-profit, political campaign, contest, or to conduct research, we may delete your account.

    Someone report it!

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      I thought this when I received the email - Tinder wouldn’t be happy unless it was an agreed upon collaboration.

      • Yeah it does have ads

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    Friday 13th and they say it's not coming?…
    I'll never buy this product then!

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    It is listed as 'Sponsored by Voodoo Ranger' when I matched on Tinder.

    I signed up to get the free 4-pack from the Tinder Match on the 22nd April 2022. Never received my free 4-pack nor was I emailed saying I wouldn't receive it.

    As it's now been almost a month and Bottlemart's email says delivery can take 2 weeks… It's a shame.

    Very bad look for both Bottlemart and Voodoo Ranger. Such a shame for a nice tasting craft beer.

    I will be emailing [email protected] with my Tinder Match proof and see if they actually honour Tinder matches at the very least.

    Will keep everyone updated as I hear.

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      Update: Emailed [email protected] with proof of matching with 'Sponsored by Voodoo Ranger' on Tinder and proof of the Bottlemart confirmation of delivery email on Sunday 15th May 22.

      On Thursday 19th of May I still had no reply to the email. However, my 4 pack of Voodoo Ranger Hazy IPA turned up!

      So yes, if you had matched as a result of Tinder and are yet to receive your 4 pack, email them.

      Thankyou again to Lionco, Bottlemart and Voodoo Ranger for pulling through with this freebie. Can't wait to drink these 🍻

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    Their reply to my enquiry:


    Thank you for your email.

    You would have received communication from Bottlemart on the 12th of May regarding the Voodoo Ranger Hazy IPA promotion which ran through Tinder. This promotion was run by Lion through Tinder exclusively, not Oz Bargain or any other unauthorised third party website. This is clearly outlined in the Conditions of Claim, which entitles Lion to disqualify any claims that do not comply with the promotion terms and conditions. We do not have any control over any links or the limited information posted on unauthorised third party sites that do not clearly articulate the Conditions of Claim, including eligibility requirements.

    All Lion promotions are run in accordance with strict terms and conditions that clearly specify the entry mechanics of how to validly claim the gift. All claims made following the correct mechanics through the Tinder profile have or will been honoured by Lion.

    We confirm that Lion and Bottlemart will delete all personal information that was collected by invalid entries outside of the Tinder entry process.

    If you have received this communication in error and have a legitimate entry via the Voodoo Ranger Tinder profile please reply to this email with proof of matching with the Voodoo Ranger Tinder profile.

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      I got exactly the same email.

    • I did as well ):

    • Thanks for the detailed update. Out of curiosity how long was it from your Enquiry Email to them responding?

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        Sent on Thursday

        • Thank you. Did you send the email just to [email protected] ? I am hoping I should get a response from my email within 24-48hrs to see if they will honour my Tinder matched 4 pack as I mentioned in a previous comment here.

          Much appreciated ☺️

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            • @Imnuts7: Thank You. I was randomly logged out of Tinder and the match with the 'Sponsored by Voodoo Ranger' on Tinder has disappeared from my Matches. This is weird as I've been matched since 30th April and the fact I emailed [email protected] just over 24hrs ago with no reply as of yet… Seems like a weird coincidence to me!

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        Sent 12/05/2022

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