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Up to 3 Months Free for Inactive / New Subscribers (Redeem via Mobile Phone) @ Apple Music via Shazam


My free Apple Music subscription from one of the previous Shazam deals expired yesterday so I thought I’d try again and I ended up getting 2 more months. New Apple Music subscribers will probably get 3 months.

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    got 2 months.

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    2 months as well. Thanks Op

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    Although by now I’m used to YouTube/Amazon Music but still took up free 2 months.

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    Great find! Thanks…

  • Good use of my Revolut virtual card.
    To avoid unnecessary ‘oops I forgot to cancel at the end of 2 months and now paying for this service’ issues

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      You cancel straight after subscribing.

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        Some streaming and subscription services are now making your account obsolete after you do that.

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          Apple subscriptions don’t work like that, fortunately.

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          Funny how they offer free promotions then get salty about you using the offer. I wouldn’t miss those services.

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      Hahaha. Shameful attempt to get people to ask what you mean, so then you could get them to use your Revolut referral code. Cheeky ;)

      You cancel right after subscribing and you’ll still get your allocated free months.

      • Nah. Just mentioning a card that has a virtual card attached.

        You know what they say about someone who assumes.

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    2 months for free. Thanks OP. Mothers Day sorted.

  • 2 months again thanks OP

  • Thanks, OP! 👏🏻🥹

  • Got 2 months, thanks OP

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    Alac makes apple music quite desirable compared to the other streamers

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      P**ses all over Spotify’s quality, that’s for sure

      • This. I didn’t think it would make such a noticeable difference but it does.

        • I started on MOG (which became Apple Music), then tried to switch to Spotify but the differences hurt my ears…

      • Yep it actually is better than amazon as well due to them providing lossless audio

    • They have started to upgrade to Dolby Atmos too. It’s remarkable how much of a difference it makes.

    • Agree. No need to use CDs any more.

  • Got two months thanks OP

  • Thanks! Another two months.

  • Does not show up for me, how do u access the code/link?

    • Mine took me to/open up in Shazam app as i had it installed….and then to Apple Music to redeem…hope it helps.

    • If the pop up doesn’t show then try opening settings and it’ll be the top option above Spotify.

      • I clicked the OP’s link, then Shazam opened but no link or prompt to redeem Apple Music…

        Also checked settings under both Shazam and Apple Music and still no link or prompt for free months :(

        Deleted Shazam and it took me to the 3 months deal website and checked against my Apple ID. Then I get a prompt saying this deal is only for new subscribers…

  • Thanks for sharing….got 2 months free to enjoy!!

  • anyone tried adding to an existing active account?

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      All these people getting 2 months have existing accounts. Me included.

      • unfortunately I get nothing when I try

        • I must be doing some thing wrong as I got a msg that said “this offer is only available to new subscribers”

        • Are you Annual? Had problems redeeming on Annual last year but month-to-month prolly works

          • @NDjokovic: I’m on a month to month deal from another website and I also get the prompt saying this offer is for new subscribers only.

            I did redeem a Shazam deal once before…

          • @NDjokovic: Month to month here too

  • I have a recently expired Apple Music and got the two months offer for opening shazam. Thanks.

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    Anyone struggling to get a verification code sent to their mobile when trying to log in on Android? I can still get verification codes for other logins (like on Web browsers)

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      Use the verify button while trying to simultaneously login via a web browser (i did this on a computer). Input that code and it will be right.

      • Great thanks worked, I guess Apple don't give two sh%ts re Android.

    • I'm only getting the 1 month free trial on a new account :/

  • At first it wasn’t coming up for me when clicking OPs link as it would go straight into Shazam.
    Deleted Shazam and then clicking the link brought up the offer page.

    Unfortunately I got the message only available for new subscribers only.

    I don’t know if me stacking all the free months from past deals (when there were like 3 at the same time) is related.

    Thanks OP for posting anyway!

  • Considering cancelling my Tidal subscription for this as the audio works well with my Airpods Pro. I dont notice any difference between the two except for the volume when it gets high, and it's cheaper.

    • I would definitely take Apple music over tidal if you have an iPhone or any other device in the apple ecosystem

  • Didn’t work for me. Deleted Shazam for it to open up. Then says I’m not new :( lol

  • Does anyone know if you can sort the songs within a playlist in alphabetical order yet. Last trial I was unable to do so.

    • No. Sorted by date or manual.

  • Thanks I now have 2-month Apple Music for free.

  • got 2 months. Thanks op.

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    Fwiw, compared to paying an individual Apple Music subscription of around $12/month, if u can get six people together and make an Apple Premiere one family account you get a lot of stuff for about $6/month each.

  • Got the 2 months too. Thanks op

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    i get redeem limit reached :(

    • Same :(

  • Redeemed 2 months free.
    Thanks OP!

  • 2 months. thanks

  • Great if you have an iPhone/Mac, but iTunes on Windows is a piece of poop

    • I don't use iTunes and don't ghink you need it. I have Apple using on my galaxy gold and works really well

    • I’ve been using Apple Music on web, no issues so far

  • New to apple, so signed up and got the 3 months. Brilliant. Currently downloading hundreds, soon to be 1000's of songs.

  • Thanks, OP!
    Got 3 months.

  • Nice, cancelled my subscription 3 weeks ago, now I got 2 months

  • Got 2 months!

  • great thanks. 2 months as well.

  • great, got 2 months.
    I am on Android, but the spatial audio is really nice.
    Dont have airpods, but they are pretty good on my Sony WF-XM4.

    Sound quality is much better than Youtube Music in my opinion.
    How does Apple Music compare to the rest?

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    Accepting that my ears probably aren't good enough to hear the difference, has anyone managed to get Apple music installed on Windows or managed to find a reliable way around the Android resampling to 48 khz automatically even when using an external DAC? Seems like Tidal is the best mainstream option for non-Apple product owning people wanting to try high-res/CD quality audio.

  • Waited for my sub to expire (today), then instantly clicked the link, 2 months redeemed :)

  • Have to use face or touch ID to redeem. A big nope from me.

  • another No from apple.. I guess last time I redeemed the max I could get I think it was like 8-10 months from Shazam ..

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    Tried to redeem this but it would not work until my 5 months Apple Music subscription (which I got for free from stacking previous ozbargain deals) expired yesterday.

    Worked right away today and now have another 2 months. Note that when your subscription expires, every song in your Library (albums, playlists etc) vanishes. I ended up with a bunch of empty playlists. They automatically repopulated after redeeming this 2month deal though so all good now.

    Thanks OP!

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    Wasn’t eligible for the offer initially, but waited one day after my previous subscription expired then redeemed and got 2 free months. Thanks OP!

  • Offer shows up. I click on it but at the very last stage it gives me an error that I have redeemed this code for the maximum number of times on this Apple ID ☹️ Don’t give me hope if you can’t live up to it.

  • Thanks. Still working in June. Mine literally expired overnight (coming off a 3 months for the price of 1 offer from Apple) and gave me two more free months straight away!

  • Ended up with 2 months for free as well

    Although it charged $11.99 for 3 months,
    figured was the same.

    ( Prior deal used before within 12 months )

    Paid from my apple discount gift cards.

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