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Seiko Zen Garden SRPC83J Men's Automatic Watch $379 Delivered @ Starbuy


Noticed this Starbuy 1-day special. The Seiko Zen Garden SRPC83J down to $379. Starbuy list the RRP at $799.00 - however real retail is probably closer to $600-$650. I've seen people swap these from anywhere between $400-$650 on Chrono24, Facebook, etc.

It's a gorgeous Presage and the SRPC83J has an exhibition back if you want to see the movement in action. It's not a daily driver but a beautiful white face for the right occasion.

Speaking of the movement though and daily driving, accuracy is rated as +45/-35 seconds a day. I've got a few Seiko's that have the 4R35 movement, one I'd say drops 60 seconds a day, another holds almost perfect, and a third is great except for when it also wants to drop a few minutes each week. That's why I put a 4R35 movement watch in the seldom daily-drive category because you're going to want to resync the time on these guys at least every second day to keep on the money. They also say it carries a 41 hour reserve which I think is a bit of hogwash, I'd say if you get 30-36 hours then you're doing well - but YMMV!

But that's getting off track. These are beautiful watches which hold their own and frankly punch above their price bracket, dollar for dollar. It's also one of the few Seiko's I think looks perfect on the factory band. The black leather is a great accent, but also it will carry well on a stainless steel band if you wanted to switch it out. I've never seen one on a nato band, but you do you.

Quick specs:
Case Diameter: 41.7mm
Case Thickness: 11.7mm
Case Material: Stainless Steel
Date Display
Pull Out Crown
Exhibition Case Back

Note this is a Starbuy daily deal, so never know how much stock they carry.

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  • +5

    4r35 and sapphire

    not bad at all…

    • +1

      I actually just picked one up as part of the deal as a gift for my brother before posting!

  • Nice find, domed sapphire too.

    1 minute Youtube vid here.

  • Very clean mate

  • -1

    Only just started watch collection recently. Should this be the second piece in my collection to accompany my speed master 3861?

    • +1


    • +4

      Your second watch should be a beater, something you can wear on the weekends, to the beach etc. Casio excels in this arena, either a Duro or a G-Shock 'CasiOak' would suit. The Duros are real strap monsters if you want something you can tweak the look of.

      • +1

        Isn't the speedmaster a crazy expensive watch?

        If you're spending that much and looking for an everyday 'beater' watch and you're in an even semi-professional field, I'd go with something like a hydroconquest. You can pretty much wear it everywhere, for nearly any occasion.

  • Bought one! I've been eyeing on the Seiko Zen Garden SSA379J but for the price of this one i had to get it. I've always admire white face watches they look really nice. Nice find op

    • If you do like white face Seikos, I've got a Prospex King Samurai and the white is gorgeous. I wear it on a steel band and it really works.

  • I'm eyeing off the Monster or the mini Tuna from the same sale. I can't decide

    • +4

      My advice from someone who buys too many watches is don't buy if you're not sold on either. If you can, go and see them at a jewellers in person to decide.

  • +2

    I've got a few Seiko's that have the 4R35 movement, one I'd say drops 60 seconds a day, another holds almost perfect, and a third is great except for when it also wants to drop a few minutes each week.

    You should buy a Weishi 1000 timegrapher from Aliexpress, a cheap set of loupe glasses (10x magnification is enough), case back opener and some small tools to do the time regulation (I use the plastic toothpick from Victorinox swiss army pocket knives, it's flat, and rigid). Oh and a $15-$20 demagnetiser.

    Since the 4R35 should have hacking, when you pull the crown out for adjustment, the balance wheel also stops. Put it in that position when you use the demagnetiser.

    The demagnetiser causes metal to vibrate back and forth when you pass a watch over it.

    Small investment, for big gains.

    My Seiko 5 (7s26) gains 5 seconds a day now, I can probably get it down to be slightly more accurate, but happy with it at this stage.

  • Beautiful timepiece. Reminds me of my Le Locle

  • +1

    Can anyone recommend an everyday watch, similar style and price?

    • +5

      Orient Bambino?

  • -3

    Skagen, nordgreen, miansai…maxbill.

  • -2

    Solios as well. Their solar watches are good

  • +1

    Its so thick though :/

  • Really like this. Does anyone of a similar quality watch that doesn't lose a minute every day? (I know nothing about watches but that's awful isn't??)

    • All of my quartz watches!

      I've got a Victorinox I.N.O.X. that I sometimes wear on a diving band or a steel band that I rate as one of my favourite watches. There's nothing wrong with quartz and I love it to bits.

  • -1

    … accuracy is rated as +45/-35 seconds a day.

    But that's getting off track. These are beautiful watches which …

    A bit off topic but this is, for me, the big issue.

    I mean, do you wear a watch because is elegant/pretty/fashionable or because it gives the exact precise time "forever"??

    "Millions" will say "precise time" is not needed … but, what is the purpose of a wrist watch then?
    Why not just wear a bracelet with gold, silver, porcelain, lacquer and diamonds?



    • +1

      It's never that bad. Seiko's are way more accurate than that.
      Also you can't just measure on one day. Has to be multiple days/weeks as some days will run faster, some slower.

      • I've got 5 different Seiko's with the 4R35 movement in them and I stand by what I said. 3 were new, 2 were trades. I stand by my statement, I normally rotate through them fortnightly and they lose/hold their time with regularity. I'm sure one day I'll take them all in for a service and try and get a rate on having them done at once, but the 4R35 isn't perfect.

  • Bought.

    Doesn't show the sale price anymore I think?

    Ask the chat for the sale price and they may give you a coupon. (worked for me)

  • +1

    Got one, thanks. Good looking watch.

    Now showing as $499.

    • I have regret now

      • I'm so sad I looked at it last night, fought myself to not buy it 😢

  • Got one last night! Nice watch. Thank you OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP - ordered last night, shipped today and arrival confirmed for tomorrow. Also was emailed the e-guarantee from Seiko.

    Great experience all round. Cheers.

    • +1

      Same mate, I got the dispatch notification 3PM this afternoon, looking forward to getting it tomorrow.

  • This is back on sale again for the 1 day star deal for anyone who may have missed out.
    Same price as original post.

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