POLL: Which Car Would You Choose?

Hi guys,

My max budget is around 50k. I'm thinking between the following options:

  1. Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km)
  2. New Toyota Camry Ascent 2021/2022
  3. Audi A5 2017 (~70,000km)
  4. BMW 320i M-sport 2017 (~70,000km)

I like Merc C class however the new 2022 model has been fully redesigned and I'm worried that my C class 2017 will look outdated very soon. Could you please vote in the poll?

Your comments would be also very much appreciated.

Thanks 😊

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  • 35
    Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km)
  • 704
    New Toyota Camry Ascent 2021/2022
  • 25
    Audi A5 2017 (~70,000km)
  • 54
    BMW 320i M-sport 2017 (~70,000km)


  • +30

    Like theres any other choice over the obvious here…

    • +6

      rule #1: never put Camry on the Ozbargain's poll, the answer will be very clear.

      • +1

        Pretty much.
        Unfortunately you will never get a proper answer on these forums, for whatever reason the camry sheep all jump in.
        Just so you know drive gave the 3 series bmw luxury car of the year 2 years consecutively in 20/21

        • +1


        • +4

          Amazing what advertising dollars can buy.

          • -1

            @brendanm: Have you been on one to determine whether it's advertising dollars or legitimately awarded?

            • +1

              @maverickjohn: On one? No I have not, I don't believe that's how cars work.

              • @brendanm: Congratulations on picking up a typo. It's great to be behind a keyboard and think you know everything.

                • +7

                  @maverickjohn: Yes, it's quite hilarious.

                  I've mentioned before, I'm an ex car mechanic, worked on the gold coast, where every man and their dog thinks they have to buy an entry level euro shitbox. Have driven everything from great walls to Bentley's and McLaren's. Things like Bentley's, Porsche, McLaren, E/s series Merc, 5/7 series BMW etc, are luxury cars. A 3 series is not a luxury car, it's pov pack, that it can win "luxury car of the year", is a joke.

                  C class and under, and 3 class and under, are not luxury, they are there so people can afford to buy a badge with a massive loan to attempt to impress people.

                  • -2

                    @brendanm: That's definitely not the case for many who buy them. They buy them because they drive well. The 3 series is renowned for its driving ability. Not just one review states that any reviews indicate the same. The brand is luxury the series isn't luxury. That's where the 7 series lies

                    • +1


                      That's definitely not the case for many who buy them

                      It certainly is.

                      The 3 series is renowned for its driving ability.

                      Yes, the old 316ti and 318i were amazing 😂 3 series and lower still use pov McPherson strut front ends. 1 series is even more budget fwd.

                      The brand is luxury the series isn't luxury.

                      So how did the 3 series win "best luxury car"?

                      I get it, you love BMW's, that's fine, I've had a couple, just not a 3 series.

                      • @brendanm: I don't actually love them. I promise that's not where I'm coming from. I'm even worse and am a jaguar fanboy. Really want the f type. But when all reviewers are praising them its hard to believe it's bought advertising. And in all fairness the drive is really enjoyable. But can completely understand if people don't want it due to reliability in comparison to a Toyota. But there's two different reasons for buying a car.

                        • @maverickjohn: I actually quite like the diesel xf Jag.

                          I don't care about the reliability, I just think they are nothing special, certainly not worth paying double other things in the same class.

  • +1

    Which C-class?

    • W205, c200 or c250.

      • +13

        So you're more worried about a 5 year old Merc looking old to others but not that it's an entry level basic car with less power than the Camry… Guessing you're young and looking for show?

        • +13

          prolly should take out a loan and get a high yield amg merc

        • I thought c200 is faster and drives better than camry? At least that's what i heard. I've never driven the c class.

          • +5

            @Lukazi: W205 C200 has 135 kW (181 HP)

            Camry has 152 kW (203 HP)

            • @Hybroid: What about Audi? I think there is 185kw version but unsure if it falls within my budget.

              Does more kw necessarily mean a faster car? Weight of the vehicle should play the part as well?

          • +17

            @Lukazi: The C200 is lethargic but it does handle better than the Camry (although not faster). The Camry is a boat on wheels and just floats with vague steering input.

            • -9

              @Trance N Dance: No it is not. The 2021 V6 Camry is stiff enough for its purpose and fast enough off the traffic light.

              • +8

                @Domicron: I don't know if a V6 changes anything in the Camry but I've got a 2019 2.5L I4 XV70 Camry Ascent in the family fleet and I stand by the comment that it's a boat on wheels with vague floaty handling. It's fast enough off the line with decent power, but its handling is at best "extra comfort". Not that there's anything wrong with that per se, it's easy to drive and does the job that is expected of a low to mid $30k large sedan is supposed to do (getting from A to B without falling apart) but nothing more.

                Now especially in this context, the Camry's handling sucks balls compared to a W205. The down side is the C200 is lethargic and underpowered for a car that weighs almost as much as the Camry. Getting off the line was tedious at times during the test drive and thankfully Merc was doing a deal to get the C300 for the price of a C200 at the time. So if the OP wants to end up with a 2017 W205, get the C250 (and cop the extra fuel consumption).

                • +2

                  @Trance N Dance: Your $30K Camry drives a lot different to the $50K top of range model. So you aint comparing what the OP is asking about.

                  If the OP is concerned about floating boats, then the SX is probably the better with sports tuned suspension as standard. 19in Low profile alloys (And BTW $43K drive away)

                  As for a V6 in a current model Camry (as mentioned by Domicron) - I dont think one exists here in Oz

                  As for other requirements I'll leave that to others to discuss

                  • +1

                    @RockyRaccoon: I am because the OP specifically mentioned Ascent, otherwise I wouldn't have made the comparison cause I know the top tier model is different.

                • +4

                  @Trance N Dance:

                  1. The SL has a "sports suspension" with firmer damper and a few more welding points. Hence, won't float like a boat. I am certain none of the listed cars are capable pulling out if a corner apex without being a boat.
                  2. It has a 2GR 3.5L, one of the best V6 to-date despite being 10 years old.
                  3. Whatever OP mentioned are not more exciting than a V6 Camry. In fact, all boring.
                  4. Anyone being a slight car fan would not bother with povo entry model from the European marques.
                  5. Handling? Think WRX sti, MX5, isf/gsf and M3 (no, Tesla fanboy, this is the real M3 made and trademarked by BMW) so forth. Otherwise, people are fouling themselves thinking a povo pack can handle.
                • +2

                  @Trance N Dance: I've driven all cars on your list. Agreed with this comment. Camry feels floaty and comfortable.

                  Out of all the european cars on your list, get c250 imho. Don't get c200, fake leather among other things. Also camry torque is 250nm and c250 is 350nm. Try to get c250 with vision package (sunroof + HUD) and command package (bigger middle screen and better speaker).

                  Bmw 320i is fake leather too. Handling is the best on bmw for sure.

                  A4 1.4TSI feels underpowered and I am not a fan of dual clutch. I'd choose torque converter for long term reliability.

                  In my ownership period (2-3 years), I had no mechanical trouble with c250. There was a wind noise issue but the dealer installed double glazed front windows, hassle free.

                  Had some minor problems with a4 and 320i, like cracks in fuel pump, water pump.

                  • @rave75: I don't disagree with you, but dealer was pulling your leg or you were misinformed about 'There was a wind noise issue but the dealer installed double glazed front windows'.

                    Don't confuse double glazed to laminated.

                    And all modern cars have laminated windscreens.

                    • @JimB: On highway speed, I could hear the wind noise entered the cabin. They changed the front windows to double glazed, I can literally see there are 2 layers of it vs before. It did make a lot of improvement. They told me it was double glazed window like they used in the S class. Apparently some people complained about it hence the German HQ already approved the double glaze windows as solution to others too. Hence the process was a breeze to me, it was covered under warranty.

                      • @rave75: Can you provide a source please. A google search came out with nothing other than Acoustic glass.

                        I read that Merc has replaced the windscreen with acoustic glass. Acoustic glass isn't double glazed. If it was double glazed it would 20mm thick!

                        I understand that some S classes have double glazed, but surprised/skeptical that a C Class would have it. Genuinely interested.

                        • @JimB: Sorry for a late reply, notification was buried. Windscreen of course is acoustic glass, even my VW had an acoustic glass windscreen.

                          This guy got his front windows replaced as well:

                          My dealer replaced both my front windows and I can see that the windows had 2 layers as oppossed to 1 on the previous windows and the dealer mention it is "double glazed".

                          Also it made a lot of improvement on the wind noise during high speed.

                          • @rave75: As per nicko44’s comment on your link/thread on Sep 23, 2016


                            The Mercedes reference for the TSB is GI72.10-P-061763

                            Below is an English translation

                            Official wind noice service bulletin - Page 8 - MBWorld.org Forums

                            I hope the above link works.

                            To answer the other points raised:

                            • the acoustic glass is simply two layers of glass pressed tightly together, there is no central gap as you get with domestic double glazing.

                            • you can clearly see the two layers if you open the window and look down on it


                            So as mentioned, it looks like double glazed, but is just laminated with an acoustic film.

                            Can you get acoustic glass single glazed for double glazed for homes also.

                            • @JimB: I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I guess the dealer should've used the words double paned and not double glazed, eh?

                              • @rave75: Lol, double panes is another way of saying double glazed.

                                The correct wording should be acoustic laminated windscreen.

                                Double glazed or not, glad it helped your problem.

                                For houses Acoustic laminated glass is more soundsproof than double glazing, however double glazing is better overall as it reduces heat loss.

                • @Trance N Dance: I have a Camry and the handling changes significantly in sports mode…. which I never use. Have you tried sports mode handling?

                  I actually like the chill floating feeling, much more chill vibe.

          • +2

            @Lukazi: Rented one for a while, it was a lot slower than my Skoda Superb. Nice fittings etc though

      • If you can't afford a C250 don't get one at all. The maintenance costs on a pov pack euro are basically the same as a decent model.

        Ideally get a c250 diesel, it's an excellent car.

        The c200 engine is gutless, a Toyota will be better and cheaper. It literally uses more fuel than the more powerful model to go slower

        Stay away from Audi and BMW, only Mercedes has decent reliability.

  • +3

    Whichever one you can get now. Which rules out the Camry unless you find one in stock

  • +40

    My driver takes me to work in a $500,000 vehicle everyday.

    • +37

      I prefer a $15m train over a $500k bus :P

    • +5

      Sometimes its a Mercedes

    • +1

      And I show your bus driver a pension card and let you suffer paying full fare…..

    • +1

      Do they take you to work or some bus stop in the general area of your workplace with terrible infrastructure for pedestrians for you to walk the rest of the way? At least give us some footpaths, Mr. Government.

      • Sounds about right.

  • +9

    None of the above

  • +4

    Really weird to lump the Camry in with all the luxury sedans.

    I would probably go with a higher spec Camry rather than the base one.

    • +3

      could also get a wrz with some fluffy dice
      or a scooter and 50k at the casino
      or a 1967 ford
      or uber for a year

  • -1

    Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km) - lol
    New Toyota Camry Ascent 2021/2022 - good choice
    Audi A5 2017 (~70,000km) - lol
    BMW 320i M-sport 2017 (~70,000km) - lol

    • +1

      Care to share the lol comments?

      • +46

        By buying an old European car you'll end up with paying loads in maintenance.

        • +20

          shhhh I want OP to make car broke down post

          • +2

            @HairyChickens: And the resale falls through the roof as soon as it runs past 100k kms.

        • +1

          C200, 70k driven for $50k not bad even if you paying $$$ for maintenance, as most of the heavy deprecation is done for you. It's like 90k new ?
          Or OP can buy a camery be part of yet a another boat group 😉

          If you talking about 10k old camery vs 10k old Merc, now that's different story.

          • +1

            @boomramada: 70k is enough to wreck a car if not cared for properly… hard to tell a lemon these days with salespeople so skilful…

            • @megadeth: You just thinking too hard, base line luxurly cars aren't easy to wreck, and we are talking about C200. Then again I came across someone wreck a brand new mazda 3 in two years, its easy to see if car is wreck, no service has done, not handling well, etc.

              Mercedes C class 2017 (~70,000km)

              Based on what OP said, thats pretty good, around 10k per year.

          • @boomramada: No way is a c200 90k new they are mid to late 60k unless covid has affected brand new prices of mercs as well.

            • @maverickjohn: They're high 60k to mid 70k back in 2019.

            • @maverickjohn: Right now mercedes has adopted fixed price like Honda in Australia. But back then, I got a 2016 almost fully optioned C250 (except air suspension) for 82k driveaway in NSW.

            • @maverickjohn: You probably new to euro car buying, base model probably like 60k then you add extras. ………………………………. till $110k if you wish.

              • @boomramada: Not at all. I helped my friend get a c200 bluetec in 2015 for 66k.
                I think they have pushes the prices up since then. I'm not a Mercedes fan as my mates have all had issues with them. Mechanically issues arise after 5 or so years. Insimolar vein to Audi, buy not to same extent. Hence why I bought my wide a bmw

      • +6

        What about a 2019-2022 Skoda Superb 162 OP??
        Quick carsales check showed quite a few for $55 K - $30 K.

        I had a 2018 Skoda Octavia sport wagon which had the 1.5 turbo petrol and was quite sporty plus economical and comfortable. Loved it for the 3 years I had it.

        The superb 162 has the larger 2 litre turbo petrol and by all accounts will impress in power aspects without costing as much as stepping until the 6 cylinder category.

        Anyways, go and drive these bloody cars and make your own mind up. You will be the one who has to drive what you buy.

        • +1

          +1 for the Octavia (or Superb). We have an Octavia, almost 5 years in and it’s been brilliant.

          • +1

            @Cyan9: What did you get?
            What did it cost?
            What do you like about it?
            Anything you don't like about it?

            I loved mine, got a MY18 Octavia sport in blue with the panoramic sunroof, sports pack, luxury pack, tech pack and powered tailgate.

            Cost me $33 K in 2018, sold it Aug 2021 for $24 K.

            I liked the level of go it had for an engine of that size, putting it in sports mode tightened up the ride and the revs and it really could throw around some corners and get moving, yet still average lifetime 5.5 Litres per 100 kilometres economy. The tech pack with a big info screen, Android auto and a Canton speaker pack and sub really nailed the audio package.

            Had the wagon so the storage and options were pretty good.

            Can't rate it highly enough. During the time I had it, I had to replace the info screen and a radar unit but all under warranty.

            Only negative was the 19 inch sports wheels were quite heavy on road noise……but that's common to new cars with low profile tyres so not really a deal breaker. The black rims did really give it a pow factor though!

            Miss it

            • @FlexBargain: Base model Octavia Wagon in a 6spd manual. Kept with the standard 17” wheels as I’d read road noise was a concern and the rear torsion bar suspension could be a bit bumpy. Stayed away from the packs as while there was some stuff in there we wanted, was opposed to paying for stuff we didn’t really care about. The standard multimedia system (which included CarPlay/Android Auto on quite a nice size screen) on it is really good and we’ve been super happy with the car.

              Only issue I have is it has trouble getting power to the front wheels. It’s a very fine line between giving it too much and breaking the front wheels loose; very easy to do as it’s so torquey, and not giving it enough and it bogs down as you’re at too low an rpm to generate any boost.

              I drove a friend’s Octavia RS Wagon and that’s the car to have. I reckon the ride was smoother (proper multi link rear suspension on the RS), and the trick electronic front diff meant it could get the power down much more effectively.

              Bought in 2017 as an MY18, paid $26k I think? Still have it.

              • @Cyan9: Thanks for the details, I think the best way to get people onto the skodas is those who don't know anyone with one seeing this type of experience and giving it a drive.

                I had an auto so once I got used to the power delivery never had issues putting down as much power as needed but can see what you mean with the manual.

                Agree the rs is worth stretching for, drove a friend's and yeah - it was impressive.

          • +2

            @Cyan9: Just got the new Kodiaq RS after being on the wait list for over a year. Love it!

            • @chriskq: The Kodiaq is super nice, congrats! Friend of mine owned one, they loved it.

              • @Cyan9: Love my Kodiaq too.

                • @McFly: Agree, had a loan car from the local dealer network while the radar was being fixed. Great car

  • +6

    This is OzBargain. Camry wins any day here. If you want crowd justification for one of the other options maybe try Whirlpool?

  • +41

    Omg, who cross shops euro shitboxes with 0 warranty and 70,000km with a brand new Camry?

    $50k budget and these are your picks? Get a used Hybrid Corolla ZR and pocket the change.

  • +18

    High Yields vs Camry, how contrarian…

    Member Since
    56 min ago

    Oh this is why…

    • +16

      100% troll post.

      • +2

        What makes you think so? Ive been driving shit boxes all life and investing my money. Now that I can afford, id love to buy a nice car. I know the logical choice would be camry, thats why i listed it. However i really like the other 3 cars.

        • +19

          What makes me think so? Because no one cross shops a brand new Camry with busted arse, out of warranty Euro trashwagens.

          That and the fact you have taken the forum’s fave meme car and most hated meme cars and trying to make out you are cross shopping them.

          • +4

            @pegaxs: Put in a 100,000km Tesla M(odel)3 will make the troll complete.

            • +7

              @Domicron: Nah, the Tesla Model 3 option is usually thrown in by some Electric Jesus worshiping peon when someone asks "What small hatchback up to $25k should I get?" and inevitably there is the out of touch, trust fund mooching/compo payout receiving/senior company CEO that is out of touch with ordinary people's wealth, suggesting that the OP should cross shop the Hyundai i20 with a Tesla Model 3, because "It will pay for itself in 3 years…"

              And in the current market, a used 100,000km Tesla Model 3 would be a tad more than RRP at $70,000+ (As and example, here is 3 year old Model 3 with almost 60,000km for more than RRP.)

        • If you can afford the maintenance costs as well then I would personally get the BMW.

          • @jsrz18: Why bmw over merc or audi?

            • @Lukazi: Only because I have always loved the look of them.

              Obviously you prefer the Merc so if your heart is set on that, then buy it.

        • The wrong forum to be asking a non bargain question, so you're going to hear alot of Camrys here haha… Your euro choices appear to lean to the entry trims which from a feature perspective is unlikely to be good choices. Out of the lot, the Merc tends to bundle more luxury features into base models so that could be a consideration whereas the BMW tries to justify itself on the handling and engineering. The Audi is a bit of both. Generally speaking, i would say if you are looking for comfort go for the Merc, if you want something more fun to drive, the Beamer. However, because you are looking at the 20i ranges in the BMW, be aware that they often lack power in the lower revs which takes away from the driving fun.

      • 100% agree, and who then (like me in this case) replies… the usual crowd 😀

        Trolls only work when the fishes bite

        • Haha… Good one.

    • too many Cadogan freaks on this BBS ?

  • +1


  • +1

    I'm surprised zero votes for Audi.

  • +18

    I have to agree the choices are really worlds apart. I'd throw in 2018 Kia Stinger V6 twin turbo for ~45-50k, still have a few years warranty left and way more fun than everything above.

    • +2

      I just dont like the interior of stinger. Looks cheap imo.

      • +3

        I have one (I love) and tbh I'd prefer the W205 interior, the 2022 stinger is a little more modern though

        • +1

          Mercedes interior is beautiful, definitely well above average. if you didn't own one I'm sure the Stinger would feel a lot nicer

  • +1

    What a feeling !
    Toyota :)

  • +13

    Troll post.

  • +3

    C class IF you can get a factory warranty
    Wouldn't pay anywhere near $50k for a 17 tho

    • +1

      I guess the car shortage is a thing. You could get a 2017 white C200 W205 from the dealer for $50k in 2019….

  • +7

    Don't waste our time, troll. We have places to go, bargains to discover.

  • The one with the longest life expectancy.
    Cars to me are just transport. I drive the same car I bought in 2007.

  • None. Electric.

  • +3

    Toyota otherwise youll want to take out a mortgage for servicing and general maintenance

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