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GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 12GB SG (1-Click OC) LHR Graphics Card $1399 + $7.99 Delivery ($0 SYD C&C/ mVIP) @ Mwave


As mentioned by janoski: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/12111288/redir

This is the 12gb variant, not as cheap as BPC deal earlier, but the price the same as the 10gb Evga FTW3.

For gamer get this one, in par with 3080 Ti and much cheaper. For miner get the 10gb FTW3 instead.

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  • Hi OP, can you use ur mining knowledge to predict when the market will return to normal thanks

    • -2

      which market? shares? property? oil?

      • +6

        You know, the market

        • +3

          Beanie Babies down another 12%

        • +1

          Still waiting for Tulips to come back in, been hodling for close to 400 years…

      • +1

        Does it matter? All fked anyway ;)

  • +1

    Saying same as Ti is not accurate. In some games it's similar to normal 10gb, in some it's closer to Ti.

    Anyone have any experience with Galax?

    • +3

      I got the same gpu, am very happy with it and only using 3x fans (4th doesn't fit in my case) Good temp and noise. Comparing to Evga, I will rate this above the XC3, but below FTW.

  • +4

    Seems like the prices of high-end GPUs have been stagnated for the past one month. I'm glad I bought my Asus 3080 when Asus Australia slashed its price from $2199 down to $1399 in March.

    • ROG Strix at $1399 is a very good value, esp with aluminium outer casing and similar cooling with FTW3, unlike Eagle!

      • +1

        It's actually the lower model TUF, not Strix, but the TUF is still well-built and has good cooling.

      • Link please

        • Are you asking for link to ROG Strix or TUF model?

          • @edfoo: The Tuf at $1399.

            • @fullerms: That price is across Australia however almost every shop has sold out of the stock by now.

  • How much hash can I make with my rtx 970?

    • its not worth it with 970.

    • +1

      GTX 970, I think you meant

  • +1

    Op username doesn’t check out

    • +3

      100% LHR unlock. LHR card is now but a name only. in practice they all non-LHR.

      • +1

        I’ll allow it. Op username checks out. Lol

  • For gamer get this one, in par with 3080 Ti and much cheaper. For miner get the 10gb FTW3 instead.

    This is old news. The RTX 3050 and 3080 12GB are now 90% unlocked.

    Nvidia must be trying to clear out a lot of stock before Lovelace launches.

    • +1

      100 percent this. All nvidias doing.

      • Nvidia giving mining devs LHR unlocking software rather than just unlocking it themselves doesn't make sense. It would have HUGE legal ramifications.

        • +1

          Not everything has to be legal, remember recently nvidia paid 8Mn$ fine for not letting shareholders know that part of the profit was due to mining. How FB leaking data and so on.

        • +1

          Lol, what would possibly be the legal ramifications?

  • Been searching for examples, but anyone know if this wb is compatible with this card: https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-quantum-vector-re-rtx-3080-3090...

  • I have an old HD7950 3GB original GCN, can I still mine with it?

    • Running quad SLI with my 670s, can play quake 4 on it.

      • 1200W PSU

  • it's 100mhs with 90% unlock.. get this?

    • some say 110mh/s, so between 3080 10gb and 3080 ti. but unstable?

      • +1

        but but but 5700xt still $1k on fb market…

        • tell the seller to git F(kd. it should worth $400-500…

        • +1

          Yep still 3070 FHR for $1200 LOL

          Had the opportunity to sell my crappy 3080 eagle OC for $2k, instead I sent it down the coal shaft!

          • @Jazza2400: well none know future hold.. all of these may worth 1/2 by dec.. or shoot off the roof like before again.. look LUNA/UST price :(

  • +1

    3050 bro? 27mhs… for $359…

  • -2
    • post it as separate deal, its a good price

    • +1

      That one is 10Gb, this is 12Gb, but still an ok deal.

    • +1

      That's the 10GB version vs the 12GB version in the OP

  • +1

    For anyone who missed it, mwave have the PNY 12gb for same price.


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