Which Cat Food Are Yall Feeding Your Cat?

I adopted a 1 year old cat from AWLQ almost 2 weeks ago now, he was a former stray but and slightly underweight. I have lived with cat before but never actually got to take care of one and I want to do my best to give him a healthy long life.

He was a fussy eater for the first few days but now will eat anything I give him, current diet consist of wet food (fancy feast, gourmet and purina one) mixed with some dry kibbles for his teeth (purina pro plan).

Just wanted to hear what you feed your cat with? there aren't much variety shopping around for cat food here.

Also interested to hear about BARF food? (frozen raw food) I saw 2 brands at Petbarn today and was interested.

edit: photo of said cat: https://imgur.com/a/gwvPMuH


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    A cat will eat what it likes, you, as an owner have to figure out what your new master wants. This will change without notice.

    Mine prefers Felix pouches of wet food in jelly but due to shortages in my local supermarkets he begrudgingly puts up with Whiskas wet food in pouches.

    As a dry snack he prefers Whiskas seafood flavour.

    • God mine too. We tried every single brand of and flavour of cat food available to us in Syd and my cat will eat nothing except felix jellies and ONLY the fishy jellies.

      I had to resort to Amazon because there's no stock anywhere, and she seems to choose starvation over any other kind of food

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      Generally correct and cats can be very fussy eaters but at the same time, you have a duty of care towards them too and should not be feeding them junk like Whiskas (or any of the Mars cat food brands).

      It's probably some of the worst cat food around with the least amount of actual meat in the products and instead tons of filler and potentially-harmful preservatives.

      Vets love to push Hill's Science cat food but yet to find a cat that actually likes it. There's other options like Applaws that is high meat content with no fillers. They deserve it.


      • Yeah they push it everywhere, they don’t eat it. My old cat used to enjoy left over steak from a steakhouse I used to work at and the occasional sausage

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    Photo of catto required for best food recommendations

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      catto photo acquired and edited in the OP, awaiting further recommendation.

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        Such a handsome ginger catto!

        Prepare him a degustation of the finest catto food and allow him to make his selection ;)

      • He is a majestic feline

      • Nice cat!

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    My cat will only eat Dine Perfect Portions. She cycles through flavours, originally it wasn't the chunky ones in gravy but now they're the favoured ones.

    Went through probably a dozen types of cat food before we found something she would eat. Was massively underweight when we adopted her but still wouldn't eat until we hit the dine stuff. Massive waste of plastic but it beats having her starve.

    Took a year or so to get her onto a mix of dry food, eats the applaws dry stuff (which is nice, it's probably the best stuff you can find at a supermarket). If you breath too close to the Whiskas Temptations bag then she will come running though.

    Basically they're like people though, so long as they're getting all the nutrients then it's just calories in vs calories out. Give them what they like within reason and try get something decent that's not packed with grains.

  • Felix, they don't mind Sauce or Jelly but the jellies are easier to serve 1/2 or 1/4. They also like royal canin indoor 7+ wet food sachets and one likes the dry food.

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    I feed my cats raw. It's pricey but supposedly great for the cats. Best part is that their poo stink no more!

    Ziwi and meatmate are good alternatives to raw feeding.

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      Do you add a supplement to it or get a raw diet that includes organs and bones? Otherwise it isn't a complete diet and your cat will suffer

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        Yes I add a powder called raw meow mix that makes it a complete meal.

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    I like paw and spoon from petcircle. It's pretty cheap, decent ingredients, and has a lot of water content that male cats especially need for their urinary tract.

    • my boy drank water from bowl the first day or two, after that I never see him drink water so I'm letting him have wet food with 2 tablespoon of water mixed in and he licks the bowl clean ;) still planning to water fountain to this little guy tho, I'm still not sure he's getting enough water.

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        One thing to consider is a "puddle" - supposedly cats like to lap at thin puddles of water, rather than "pools". Get a food bowl and put a thin layer of water in it and see if your cat drinks that. You can get self-filling water bowls that do the "puddle" thing.

        Depends on your cat but - ours are happy enough drinking out of our water fountains.

  • As a former stray the cat would have eaten anything to survive. Please don't get sucked into all of the adverts. high priced foods that the cat really does not need.
    Long story short - save your bucks and if the cat is hungry it will eat whatever you feed it.

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      That's like telling myself, save bucks and eat instant noodles and Maccas everyday. Proper nutrition also applies to pets and I'm asking for some opinions on what would be a good balance, I'd rather spend bucks on food than vet bills.

      • Wait.. what..? Are you saying my mi-gorang diet supplemented by a range of MyMaccas app deals is not good for my health?

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        You are correct, good attitude to have.

        Oh and one tip. DON'T FEED YOUR CAT RAW CHICKEN INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. It could contain bugs that make your cat very sick. Raw chicken intended for pet consumption is treated to remove bugs since it is expected pets will eat it raw. Chicken intended for humans is not since we are expected to thoroughly cook it. I found out the hard way when I fed one of mine a lot of chicken offcuts as I was cooking and she got incredibly sick.

        • Only if the cat is fed shit like kibble/jelly/processed crap dressed up as great for animals then given raw food. The stomach hasn't had a chance to switch.

          A cat on a raw diet can handle raw food even if it's smells really off, salmonella, etc: https://vetsallnatural.com.au/digesting-bones-gastric-acidit...

          Your post is fearmongering bullshit that was probably from the pet food industry. Did you know that most pet food nutrition studies are done by those pet food companies? Did you know if you look at vet courses on nutrition, they have speakers from the pet food industry?

          See documentary that goes into depth the lie: pet fooled

          Think about it a different way, how did cats survive for thousands of years before kibble that was made during WW2? Why is that lie so successful? Have you heard about DeBeers? Sugar vs fat?

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            @orangetrain: Yeah my old cat used to get the trimmings off chicken breast etc, went apeshit for it, he was fine: ‘meo meo meo’. And the occasional Indian mynah 🤣

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            Your post is fearmongering bullshit that was probably from the pet food industry.

            It is not fearmongering bullshit, it happened to me, and it cost me a $500 in vet visits and antibiotics. It doesn't even make sense that it is from the pet food industry, considering meat intended for pet consumption is cheaper. Plus I have never seen anything say not to feed raw chicken besides my vet after I took my cat in when she was sick. So it is hardly a message put out by the pet food industry.

            Think about it a different way, how did cats survive for thousands of years before kibble that was made during WW2?

            If cats were fed chicken, they were freshly killed chickens from the family's farm, or a local one, not big industrial processing plants where chicken feces has loads of opportunity to be in contact with the meat, which is how chicken meat gets contaminated. And then lots of time being transported long distances and stored for long periods of time which is how the salmonella is able to multiply enough to make someone sick if they eat it without cooking the meat and killing the salmonella.

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    Dry- Hills prescription, royal canin hair ball, black hawk chicken rice.
    Wet food- Crave
    Treats- dine creamy treats

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    Cute kitty. We alternate between the below for our fussy cat.

    • Cachet brand from ALDI. Mousse is the winner, but pate and souffle are ok too.
    • Dine brand wet food - beef, tuna mornay, salmon, turkey, lamb.
    • Fussy Cat grain free wet food - salmon, turkey.
    • Felix fish jelly pouches - currently getting the salmon, tuna, sardine boxes.

    Also Fussy Cat grain free biscuits through the day, and sometimes raw beef etc if I'm having meat for dinner.

    For some reason mine hates chicken wet food, but loves bbq chicken.

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    Tried BARF with my fussy cat and she refused to eat it, the Queen likes either Black Hawk Grain Free Chicken & Turkey or Applaws Grain Free Chicken. Her Majesty also gets a can of wet Fancy Feast Medleys Florentine at night. Treats she likes Dine Chicken creamy treats, Fancy Feast Royale Broth or Temptations treats.

  • Usually: Meatmates wet and freeze dried (good price), plain meat (usually pork and beef), meat + supplement, pumpkin
    Occasionally: freeze dried chicken neck, kibble for training, psyllium husk

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    Hills science diet, both wet and dry for regular food. Greenie's dental treats for treats.

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    I use Friskies because the fine print says it's a "complete meal" as opposed to most of the others that say they are snack food.

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      just so you know pro plan and friskies is owned by nestle, fk that company

      Our cat has a prescription diet now and was on pro plan before and friskies for treats, swapped to greenies for treats

      • My wife agrees with you on Nestle.

  • Whiskas canned and dry food, and he gets some tuna with spring water every few days as a treat. He can't stomach the tuna straight so I mix a bit of it in with his whiskas wet food.

  • The purple Whiskas cans are all nutritionally complete and provide lots of variety when you get the 5 cans for $8.50 deal from supermarkets.

  • Plain tuna in springwater for dinner and dry food is Hills Science Diet Oral Care because he likes the bigger chunks to break up.

    All the fancy wet foods seem overkill when a 185g tuna can lasts 3 or 4 nights.

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      Cats have nutritional needs that are not met by plain tuna

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      Eating tuna every day will eventually give your cat mercury poisoning. It's also addictive for cats, so you will have to spend time helping them go cold turkey if you do this long term.

      It really should only be a treat. The 'tuna' cat foods are usually just flavoured fish.


      • sooo those tuna flavour cat food are mostly safe or not? I have seen recommendation to avoid seafood in general and stick with poultry flavour..?

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          If it's commercial cat food, you should be fine. Look at the ingredients for friskies tuna here:

          Water, poultry, fish, wheat gluten, meat by-products, tuna, soy flour, artificial and natural flavors (and other vitamins)

          Poultry and non-tuna fish make up most of the ingredients, tuna is just there for taste. It's eating pure tuna (human grade) as a main food staple that can cause poisoning.

          I would recommend mixing up the flavours as much as possible anyway, keep fish flavours as a weekly treat.

          Here's the thing though - make sure to buy some chicken giblets, wing tips, raw mince sachets to improve tooth health (but don't ever give them cooked bones!) Dry food can actually cause dental decay (think of how our teeth get plaque covered when eating potato chips).

          If your cat turns their head on its side to chew a stringy piece of meat or giblet, you're doing a great job because their working their back teeth (which keeps those teeth clean and also kicks off the feline satisfaction brain sparks haha). It's the equivalent of brushing for them.

      • Shit I had no idea, I thought mercury was a thing of the past in fish. Thanks for the heads up.

        • Yeah, apparently it's still an issue, though I think it is totally fine to do tuna as treat food (just not main/only food). They recommend one teaspoon of tuna a few times a week, but if your cat is the kind that gets huffy if their favourite food is taken away, might be good to leave tuna off the menu for a while until they readjust :)

  • I do dry food in the morning, ivory coat (automatic from the pet feeder so I don't have to get up!), and then raw pet mince at night. Just get whatever is cheapest, can be roo, chicken etc

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      We do something similar, Hill Science indoor dry food in the morning (and a bit during the day) and Applaws prawns wet food in the evening.

      What we started doing recently is to get 2kg chicken legs pack from Aldi, boil those, strip from bones and use the meat and the soup instead of Applaws. Works out way cheaper. And one of the cats loves just drinking the soup.

      When choosing wet food look for high real meat and water content (that's primarily why we chose Applaws). Wet food meant to encourage cats consume more fluids as they are not only fussy eaters but also fussy drinkers. That's why chicken soup works great for us for the one cat who is more fussier drinker. Have a few places around the house with clean water, the more chances they bump into one the more likely they'll drink.

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    Our last cat has a urinary tract infection due to the dry food we used. Wasn’t cheap to have him sorted at the vet. So, whilst going cheap on some foods, it may cost you more down the track. Don’t need to go all out expensive, but just balance the dry food brands out ( cheap day one, better brand next etc). CATIT Water fountain is excellent. Thought it maybe a gimmick, but the cat does use it, more so than a bowl.

  • Have 2 cats, one a purebred Ragdoll. Been feeding Royal Canin on breeder recommendation. Was also giving raw for a while but purebred cat is still a cat and began to say no after a while. Vet has said no nutritional need for raw supplement to Royal Canin so we're only giving small quantity, about 20gm. Now with a second cat (a rescue) following the same routine. They both eat the Royal Canin dry food and a small amount of wet food. The wet has been mostly dine or crave but they change their preference pretty frequently. After boring them with Cat food I'm now giving them human grade tuna in spring water and they absolutely love it. $0.90 for 95g can and that feeds 2 cats for 2 days.

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      I hate being the tuna police but please be aware:

      Eating tuna every day will eventually give your cat mercury poisoning. It's also addictive for cats, so you will have to spend time helping them go cold turkey if you do this long term.

      See the same conversation above…

      • Thanks.

        Light tuna in spring water is the lowest in mercury which is why I'm using that one. I don't expect this to last long anyway and at 20g per serve I don't think it's going to be a long term issue.

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    Fresh meat.

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    Another tip, if you can get him used to tooth brushing and do so once or twice a week your long term bank balance will thank you - or do a checkup once a year and if the vet advises he needs a teeth cleaning do that. Cheaper than having to get extractions later in life and nicer for the cat (one of my 12 year old cats only has about 5 teeth left after 2 lots of cleaning/extractions)

    • do you just brush with plain toothbrush? our cat is new and still anxious about things so I'm a bit reductant to force something on him right now. Plus I have kept some dry food in his diet to help with dental.

      • You can get cat toothbrushes that are little finger gloves that fit over your index finger, like a baby toothbrush. But yeah let him get settled before you start introducing new things!

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      Raw pet mince is also good for their teeth, acts as a flosser according to my vet.

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    Did AWLQ tell you what they were feeding him? It's advised to gradually change a cat's food over as they can get stomach upsets (ie diarrhoea) otherwise. Eg., 3/4 old food, 1/4 new food for 2 days, 1/2 old 1/2 new for 2 days, and so on until you have totally switched over to the new food.

    Raw diets are an interesting one, it's like a projection of current food trends ("whole foods" "paleo") onto our pets without taking into account their unique nutritional needs and the fact that they aren't….well..humans! I'm not saying they are inherently bad, but they require a lot of care to get right and can result in malnutrition and/or bacterial contamination if not done properly.

    Don't be fooled by strange sweeping statements like it's not possible to get salmonella in raw cat food, or that dry food on the market is like feeding your cat McDonald's every day, you can't trust vets as they are uneducated and paid off by the pet food industry, or you are killing your pet with store bought food. Most of the claims are only substantiated by websites run by people with no expertise in the field, who are making money off raw diets, or who are in the field of "holistic nutrition" (sort of like naturopath nutrition for pets, with no qualifications needed). The evidence seems to weigh more heavily on the risks of raw diets than the benefits, but that's a risk-benefit analysis you have to make for yourself.

    Personally, I feed my cats dry food, right now aiming for a WSAVA compliant diet such as Hills or Royal Canin as one of them has a sensitive stomach. My vet advised to stick with dry food for her right now as a blander diet. That said these brands are very expensive, so long as a food states it is complete and balanced nutrition for your cat, and you feed the recommended amount per day you should be ok.

    Not every food is a complete and balanced nutrition, especially not human food on its own so you have to be careful to supplement if this is the case. Cats get literally go blind and develop heart disease if they lack taurine, for example.

    • AWLQ told me they fed him 2 times a day, purina pro plan dry morning and dry + wet in the evening. I bought the dry food as they said from day one. The thing about cat food is it's a bit difficult to get a read on the food's nutrition on the labels, I always feel like the information is vague and missing on these labels? brands like gourmet doesn't even include calories!

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        I just had a look on the Woolies website, they have Gourmet sachets as 700-800 kcal/kg on the box? And a protein/fat/carb percentage breakdown. However they state "intended for supplemental feeding", this means they are not a complete balanced nutritional food for your cat.

        I'm not sure if this matters given you are feeding dry food also, but I would personally feel more comfortable feeding my cat a complete food diet and sticking to treats as the only supplemental food. I have fed my cat Whiskas Favourites before, the sachets in gravy and jelly, they are a complete food and have slightly more information on the label than Gourmet whilst looking like an otherwise similar product.

        My understanding is that Purina Pro Plan is a good dry food which is WSAVA certified, meaning they need to employ a board-certified animal nutritionist and do a complete nutritional analysis of their product.

        Something else you can look for is "AAFCO" statement on the label that the food is nutritionally balanced, it is not as stringent as WSAVA certification but will mean your food is a complete and balanced nutritional food for your cat.

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    Not food, but I can highly recommend the pet fountain from Kmart. Significantly cheaper than others, and my cat prefers it to drinking from a bowl.

    For food we do Hills dry biscuits in the morning and have settled on Dine wet food in the evenings (favourite flavour is tuna Mornay). We tried a variety of wet foods, and Dine seems to be consistently liked regardless of flavour (though he definitely has some flavours he likes better!).

    • cheers for the recommendation, I have been set on buying the kmart one (the one with the stainless steel right?) because most other more expensive ones are plastic. It's just no stock around me yet.

  • Aldi for 4 years. Cats are still alive.

  • I feed the BARF that you get from Petbarn (Roo only, my princess hates the Turkey) twice a day. Saves me having to prepare a raw mix for her.

    For kibble, she gets free flow Royal Canin Dental to keep her teeth clean

    The nice thing about feeding raw is that their poo smells a lot less than just having them on the kibble. Or at least that's from my experience

  • Initially Optimum then Purina One.
    Changed it to Royal Canin for Ragdolls (I have a Ragdoll) and his fur is much more softer and nicer. I leave this for him throughout the day. During breakfast and dinner, he eats whiting that I chop to squares and thaw from frozen (https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/productdetails/346571/jus...). He loves this. Normally $10 on sale at Coles/Woolies and around $8 at Spudshed per kilo. After his meals I give him some greenies.

    Milk = no, but tried
    Wet food = no, but tried.

    Hopefully he doesn't change his diet!

  • Raw food with Raw Meow Mix for my two kittens, will DIY the supplement formula once they're 1 years old.

    On the side, they also get ZIWI Peak, Feline Natural or Meat Mates (high protein with no filler/grain)

    My family dog I grew up with had a terrible diet growing up so I'm determined to not allow this to happen to any of my pets I own primarily myself.

    • found meat mate on clearance at coles today for $1.5 per 85g can. Grabbed at 13 cans they had, the ingredients are significantly better than the other brands I have tried (fancy feast, elevate, purina one, appaw)

  • Highly recommend https://rawandfresh.com.au/

    We buy 2x2.5kg bulk back Kangaroo every month and pack it in 100g portion freezer bags. Cat gets 1 in the morning, 1 at night

    • cant even open that site mate

  • Felix Doubly Delicious in Jelly for wet food at night
    Hills Science Diet Oral Care dry food for the day

    • im coming up on 3rd month of adopting my pride and joy, and I have since learned how frustrating it is to get so mixed advices on food and dental hygiene even from vets. I went to the same vet clinic and got 2 seperate vets at different visit and one was applauding me for feeding wet food, then the latter one told me to feed dry to clean his teeth which is start to show signs of plague or gingivitis.

      sooo many information floating around. I feed mine both dry and wet since day one and have switched it up a little bit by giving him wet first and dry right after to supposedly clean the teeth. Also got him some of those greenies dental treats from Amazon prime day and will have to look into attempting teeth bushing or teeth cleaning gel.

  • Kitten only eats felix wet food. I bought a carton of chicken dinner hills science once, cat threw it up and won't eat it since.

  • I used to feed my cats dry food, but after researching, dry food is actually bad for them due to the lack of moisture and the carbs/fillers that are bad for their teeth. The only good dry food is freeze dried or air dried cat food (ziwi peak, feline natural etc). But these are not complete/balanced for daily diet, but they are good to feed if you are running late.

    My cats are on raw diet (they do number 2 way less and don't smell as bad as they used to when on dry food). I usually feed them raw frozen barf such as Big Dog (cheapest out of all Barf), Dr B Barf and Peti. Shop around and sometimes petstock has big cashback/shop back.

    I also feed my cats Raw Meow Mix (https://rawmeow.com.au). Pretty much, it is like a gravy where you add raw meat and mix it together. If you do feed them RMM, make sure you freeze your meat for N days/weeks to kill all the worms etc. There is a facebook group with more information (https://www.facebook.com/groups/AustralianRawFedCats/).

    If you want to feed your cat can food, look at the ingredients and stay away from fillers/grains/by product meat and aim for those with high meat content such as Meat Mates, Feline Natural, Ziwipeak.

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