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Shokz Openrun 2022 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones $179.99 ($167.39 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Pushys eBay


One of the lowest prices it has come down to recerntly. The lowest if you use the coupon code.

Decent headphone. Arguably the best for exercises. Also works in shower. But do not expect too much of a sound bass.

This 2022 new OpenRun model comes with faster charging, longer battery life and two devices connection so you don't have to re-match your phone / pc from time to time, an important feature for some people (like myself) I'm sure.


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  • Is it worth upgrading to these over my 2 year old Aeropex which have developed the (tolerable) rattling issue on both sides?

    • warranty?

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      The only upgrade is the fast charging…

    • contact the place you bought them from and they might be able to help you with warranty

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    shows up as AU$167.39 code PLSMAYY7

    • Thanks! Updated.

      • ebay plus is required for this code.
        $170.99 with code PLSMAY5 works for anyone though.

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    These or the OpenRun Pro? Anyone got any idea on the difference the 'bone conduction tech' actually makes? Because if it's minimal, I'd go for these over ther Pro based on the IP rating.

    From what I can tell the main difference is:
    OpenRun Pro:
    * '9th gen bone conduction tech',
    * 10 hrs battery,
    * IP55,
    * 29g,
    * 1 hrs charge time,
    * 5 min quick charge

    OpenRun (non-Pro):
    * '8th gen bone conduction tech' (how much difference does this make?)
    * 8 hrs battery, (2hrs worse than pro)
    * IP67 (better than Pro)
    * 26g (3g better lighter Pro)
    * 1.5 hrs charge time (30mins worse than pro)
    * 10 min quick charge (5 mins worse than pro)

    * Protected against dust limited ingress, no harmful deposits.
    * Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions, limited ingress permitted.

    * Totally protected against dust.
    * Protected from immersion between 15 centimetres and 1 metre in depth.

  • It’s just the openrun with the old 8th generation of bone construction technology. The NEWER openrun pro use the 9th generation tech. I would choose this over the OLDER aeropex for the faster changing feature at similar prices, but that’s the only major difference between this and Aeromexico.

  • Are these comfortable enough to sleep with?

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    • For me, Yes, Aeropex are very comfortable, I sleep with almost everyday. Aeropex and these are same, just rebranding. but YMMV.

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      You get used to it, it doesn't hurt just presses like you slept on a M&M

  • The Shokz OpenMove Wireless Bluetooth Headphones (Entry model) is $99.74 with delivery from the same store and PLSMAYY7 code. That's a good price for it.

  • Damn, I got the Aeropex ones for $175.60 two weeks ago. I would get the cheaper OpenRun ones for the faster charging. Please note that you only get ONE proprietary charger with this version while you get TWO with the Aeropex.

    • It was Microsoft eBay plus, so you can return it then buy this one.

      • Hmmmm, interesting proposition but I'm very happy with my existing Aeropex and second charger cable. My previous ones were the Airs which I had for over 3 years. Hopefully these ones will last just as long.

        • You'll technically also save a few bucks, but i guess the extra charger is the difference. I wouldnt necessarily say the longer charging is that detrimental, but if you cant connect to 2 devices at the same time, and thats something you need, perhaps you would reconsider buying this one.

          There is one left on another listing: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/373982167619

  • literally created an alert for these yesterday.

  • What does 9th gen entail here anyway? Can't seem to find info online.

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      From reviews, when running, no noticeable difference. When you're not, the eq can produce a little extra bass.

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