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eufy Smart Scale C1 $34 ($24 with Perks Voucher) + Delivery (Free C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this as I was browsing the JB website to use my $10 voucher from signing up to perks. It was $69 but currently half price.

Available in both black and white.

Black: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/eufy-smart-scale-c1-black
White: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/eufy-smart-scale-c1-white

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    Worth it? No idea how scales compare

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      What other options have you weighed up?

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        This is a funny comment , thanks for the laugh on this fine Thursday evening

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        On balance, that was a kilo joke.

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        I bought one, now getting targeted adverts about eufy's 'wide angle lens' security products =/

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      A massive decision indeed.

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      I reckon so. Got this over a year ago, still going good. Awesome at this price, in my opinion.

  • Not bad! I’d buy one if i was after a smart scale

    • Already got one?

      • I got two! Lol

        But I try not to think about the pos that Fitbit aria was

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    C1? So this is OLED yeah?

  • Thanks OP!

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    bought it and I say it is really good one

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      Why is it good?

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        Because he said so

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        You can “calibrate” it to show about ten kilos less than reality

  • Torn between black and white. Black one may show more dust? But appears to be more legible.

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      Just get used to wiping it down regularly anyway since you'll be standing on it barefoot.

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    Please Note:

    • Do not use this device if you are wearing a pacemaker or other medical devices inside your body
    • Do not use this device if you are pregnant
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      Also, do not use this device if you are fat. It will depress you 😂

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        Can vouch for this statement being true haha

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        Also you will depress it.

    • Why pregnant?

      • Lol really?

      • +4

        Who wants to sell something, and be the one a previously pregnant woman blames the loss of her child on?

    • Haha - my wife is currently pregnant, and our Obstetrician uses these scales!?

  • +3

    Seems like a decent price for a smart scale. Can't believe I spent nearly $200 on the original Fitbit Aria which doesn't even work with my modern wifi network.

    • +1

      Yeah but is that eufy scale good?? At $200 people complain how it is so inaccurate, what about a $34?

      I would've thought massive R&D would go into Fitbit scale but what's going on?

      • If I needed a scale, I'd buy one for $34.

        For me, the Fitbit wasn't bad and I liked that there were apps which could sync Fitbit data with Apple Health.

    • +1

      Yup, my original Fitbit Aria lives by itself on an 2.4GHz network set to the oldest supported standard with every possible wifi feature disabled - it doesn't play nicely with anything!

      • My Aria still works on my Tenda mesh network. It stopped measuring body fat many years ago, but is still good for weight.

        • Mine won't connect to my XT8 no matter what I do… tried everything I could. Even contemplated setting up a second wifi network just for this but decided I'm married with kids and no longer need to watch my weight as much (I bought the scale in the lead up to my wedding!).

          • @jace88: I have mine connecyed to my XT8. I think from memory i set up a guest 2.4ghz network with most features disabled and then hid the ssid.

  • +1

    Which is better, this or Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2.
    Both has the similar features

  • All the smart scales do is guestimate your values. apart from the weight. the rest of the measurements can be about 20% off, they use algorithms instead of pure readings.

    in saying that as long as you use it consistently they are still good value. unless you want to go hard out and get a dexa scan.

    • Not true. Some have conductive metal pads that send electrical currents through your body to measure stuff. Probably based on capacitance and resistance.

      • +7

        Really? Is that true? If so that’s shocking

      • that is true but those results still use an algorithm.

        If you change your profile from 20 years old to 40 years old then the results will change.

      • +3

        They do, but they're still not that accurate. You can weigh yourself 10 seconds apart on ours and the readings for body fat and water % can vary quite a bit.

      • +1

        I have these scales and it shows my body fat percentage at 24% - When I get a professional body scan it shows 15%

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    There’s also this Renpho on offer at Amazon for $32.29 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01N1UX8RW/

    Which one is worth it?

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    • Yeah, I'm curious to. Considering the renpho instead

    • +3

      They seem very similar, reading the reviews of their apps on Google Playstore they both receive similar complaints… They both seem to need an account and email address, + location data permissions and such, all a bit invasive for a basic weight tracking app…

      The Renpho app has had a lot more downloads, over a million, maybe due to them being sold in Walmart and the likes in the US… The Renpho seem to have been on the market longer also.. .. .


      • Just bought and used the white model, no location permission necessary. Syncs to apple health flawlessly.

      • Renpho doesn't recognise users automatically nor did mine store previous readings.

    • I own this myself, and it's worked great for me for over 3 years now. Would heartily recommend.

    • I own the renpho and the body fat etc isn't accurate at all. I've been weight training regularly for almost two years and more than doubled my strength. If I compare the muscle mass from two years ago it says i didn't even add 100 grams of muscle.

      • Yeah that's a difficult one because it's all algorithmic. It, like other scales, uses bioelectrical impedance and algorithms to attempt to predict those metrics. It's well summarized here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4MaQ0CDOeo. It's why I invested in the low cost option rather than the fancy >$100 versions :D.

    • +1

      I bought the Renpho for $32 and some cents a week ago. 15% coupon deal at checkout.
      Works perfectly well. It's much more compact than my (now dead) Salter digital BMI scale.
      It pushes data to Samsung Health, which is great. Does need Samsung Health permission to do this.
      The scale's Bluetooth is only accessible via the Renpho App (which is pretty solid). As typical, you need to setup an account to access the App. I didn't provide personally identifiable info apart from email address. Denied the app access to the location permission :) … paranoid me :p.

  • +31

    I was gonna get a smart scale, but it's kind of redundant for me. My wife tells me I'm getting fatter nearly every day. She thinks she's smart, too.

    • +7

      Probably time to bite the bullet and get the newer model.

      • +9

        The contract termination costs are far too expensive. If it was similar to a JB HiFi Telstra 12 month deal, it might be worth considering. At least that comes with a gift card.

    • Hahahahahaha…. I was constantly hearing the same. Prompted me to start intermittent fasting (again) 4 months ago.

    • Boomer jokes

  • +6

    apparently this is better than the one the ufc uses

  • Not the eufy but I’ve picked up a Kmart Anko one second hand - which is way cheaper than this - and it’s awesome. Weight is accurate compared to the expensive dedicated digital scales at my gym and the body fat reading is surprisingly close to what I get with the pinch fold test. App even integrates with Apple Health. Works flawlessly.

    • +1

      Really, $34 is very cheap yet you're calling it expensive compared to a 2nd hand Kmart Anko one?

      • When did I call it expensive? Or even comment on its cost?

        My comment was an attempt to illustrate that digital scales are in general accurate and good value.

  • Same price on Amazon (same day delivery with Prime) no postage cost!

  • I think if you bite the bullet for a smart scale you want it to be rechargeable. This one doesn’t appear to be

  • +1

    RENPHO one off Amazon is $33.74 with the 15% coupon available directly on the the product page ($44.99 without the coupon which is still great IMO).

    • You have the option of battery or rechargeable, and/or 11.8inch x 11.8inch/1inch x 11inch at no additional cost..
    • Probably better to buy this one as there are more app users and the app is apparently more fledged out.
    • I will be getting a DEXA scan to compare it with theses scales. The scales will be great at tracking actual body fat % changes.

  • I have these scales and they're decent so far (1 month of use). 4 family members and it saves our data onto multiple phones .

    For any of the measurements (BMI, fat % etc) you need to put in your age, height, gender for the formulas to be applied correctly.

    My "gut feel" is that the Smart features extend only to mobile phone/bluetooth connectivity.

    The whole put your feet on the pads thing doesn't appear to truly calculate anything. The formulas from your Age/Height/Gender seem to just apply a simple table and return the output. Perhaps % Water or something based on the electro pulses?

  • It says: don't use if you're pregnant… any reasons? is it because of any hidden harm, or is it simply because it won't measure the body fat accurately in that case?… would appreciate any insightful answers.

    • +2

      They throw a very weak current through your body via the 4 metal pads, I assume they just do a rough resistance test to guestimate your fat percentage or the likes…

      Unlikely it would really be an issue for pace makers or preggos but they're probably just playing it safe…

    • +2

      They don't want more mutants like Storm being born.

  • +1

    oh man.. I bought this only a few weeks ago for $49 which was the cheapest that I could find..it works well but I'm too scared to use their app since knowing location of the head office..

    • +1

      Assume you're on Android? I don't believe the location tracking is allowed in the iOS version? At least I don't recall it asking for location permission when I initially set up my app on iOS.

  • What the hell is this new club from jb

    • +1

      Companies seem to run "clubs" so they can have inflated normal prices, and semi-reasonable "club member prices", then when they run a sale they can "claim" huge discounts..

      It's the MO for a hell of a lot of companies these days, SCA, BCF, Anaconda, Kathmandu, and such… Manipulative marketing…

  • I really only want a smart scale to get accurate weight change data into Garmin Connect. I don't think this one does it right? Without manually entering it?

    • It doesn't but If you have Android you can down healthsync and merge the data to google fit.

      I'm thinking of getting smart scale but if this is inaccurate by 20% then I don't need to get a smart?

  • Thanks op, got one!

  • Does anyone else have any issue with getting $10 discount with Perks voucher? The code applies alright but no discount is applied. Wonder what am I doing wrong?

  • +1

    Kmart mechanical scales $8
    Kmart full electronic glass scales $9
    $34 still sounds a lot for another chip that drains batteries. Complement their not so cheap door bells.

  • what's the max weight? asking for a friend

  • Such little innovation.

    I want a set of scales that tells me things like, "you fat bastard", "stop eating", "you're gonna get diabetes".

  • Full body insight! Pigs fly.

    How the hell does it work out muscle mass and BMI, bone density etc. It's all bollocks. all you can ask of a scale is accurate weight reads, nothing more.

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