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Armaf Club De Nuit Sillage Eau De Parfum 105ml $39.99 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $50 Order) @ Chemist Warehouse


One of ozbargain’s favourites back again at all time lowest, defo up there with the VB THIRST LONGNECK EDT (not really complete without a hint of a half pack of darts imo), and classic BRUT EDT (the other quintessential Australian man’s fragrance).

also available Armaf CDN intense edt at same price
(This one is also available at amazon atm price matched)

I have both CDN above AND an authentic Aventus Creed that I only break out for the most select of select occasions - imo the CDN options punch way above the price bracket for value.

16/5 update: Unavailable for delivery. Now C&C and in-store only.

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  • Might get it for when my lynx Africa runs out

  • Thanks for posting!

    One question: what's the difference between the 2 CDN's? I have the CDN intense and wondering if it's worth getting this one. Is it just the normal difference between an EDP and EDT or is there a difference between the fragrance and longevity too?

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      Fragrance is different and I find the edt actually lasts longer … strangely. I sometimes alternate them mon to Fri

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      not too sure about longevity but I prefer Intense EDT - better projection and has smokier dry down. I bought the EDP after trying out the EDT (because EDT was OOS). Had to sell it later on :(

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      Sillage is a clone of Creed Silver Mountain Water.
      Longevity is excellent and sillage is strong.

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    This is not an ozb favourite or is it?

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      Good reception in the last few deals - good value, easily accessible.

      I’m sure the average $200k a year, brand name only, amg driving, 69 property owning, super model wife do-ing , 10 mill in super whirlpool forum user will disagree however.

      • How'd he get $10mil into super?

        • Shorting UST terra 😉

          • @shegeloaf: lol

            But would be more interested in working out how he got the proceeds into super

            • @muwu: It’s a joke btw. Whirlpool forum users are like r/finance regulars - everyone is mega rich with a sick car with a hot wife and insane super balance

              • @Jimothy Wongingtons: Yeah figured

                Just really interested in funnelling into super. With a NCC cap of 110k and a TBC of 1.7mil, I'm gonna be pretty old before I can get to 10mil

                I'll take a pass on the hot wife and sick car though… both are depreciating assets

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    Have used the EDT for a few years and it's received more compliments than I can count. Splurged for Aventus earlier this year and am overwhelmingly disappointed with it, the scent is comparable but the strength and longevity doesn't even compare to a $50 knockoff. Even took the first bottle of Aventus back to the seller and swapped for a different batch but it was just as weak. This is a great cologne and don't let snobs tell you otherwise.

    • Literally exact same thing with me. Have both. Aventis I love but not long lasting. Certainly not motivated to buy any more bottles.

      I also have the aventus cologne and mountain water. I liked both, but again they last 2 hours if that.
      Only time I've even impressed was once I tried it just as a sample creed aventus and it lasted all day. I have 3 different bottles now I bought myself and they are so quick fading. .

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    Utter Garage imo

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    What advantages does this Eau we parfum have over, say… Brut 33? Which I could also afford.

  • What does it smell like, Is it actually like Aventus? And how does it compare to Mont Blanc explorer which is another good Aventus dupe and a personal favourite of myself and the mrs

    • It's a better clone of Aventus than Explorer.

      Explorer is a great frangrance but is not trying to be an clone. More like inspired.

      CDNIM has a slightly harsh lemon opening but then dries down to a great frangrance.

      • For me the CDN is heaps more pineapple. Not sure it's lemon.

        • Definitely lemon

          • +2

            @Fitzwah: Cheap Lemon toilet cleaner. The first 15 sprays were the worst and has mellowed out after 2-3 weeks.
            My wife banned me from spraying it in the bedroom because it's so potent.

            • @xhanatos: Yep.
              My wife likes the smell after it has settled down, but hates initial burst.

  • Been smelling something like Aventus lately in our apartment's basement. Some dude is wearing it to work. Smells very cheap, can't compare it to Aventus. Wondering if it's this or is there some other el cheapo knocking it off?

    I also have Millesime Imperial and Armaf's knockoff (milestone?). Milestone smells very feminine but it lasts all day. Unfortunately the MI I have smells a little weird, has a bit of a saltiness? to it.. nothing like the sweet watermelon sample I had of it once. One thing I hate about Creed is you never know what you're going to get. Lucky I have 2 bottles of the "god batch" Aventus from like ~15 years ago lol

    • The lottery batch is true for practically any perfume unfortunately, included Armaf.

  • Has some bad reviews on Amazon for the CDN EDT saying it leaks and doesnt last long.
    Any recent user of this? Did you guys buy from Chemistwarehouse or Amazon and thoughts on the perfume?

    • Doesn't leak and lasts ages.

    • I have both Sillage (2021) and CDNIM from Chemist(2020). Sillage has a better atomizer. my CDNIM although not leaking, doesn't spray well. CDNIM lasts longer (7+hrs) on my skin than Sillage.

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    I was also saving Aventus for special occasions and then the fragrance went off…

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    damn i got it for 50, anyways i got it coz of all the amazing reviews, honestly its soooo average. i can name 10 perfumes that i prefer over it. also i hate how popular CDNIM is now it was unknown back in 2016 when i started wearing it, now everyone and their dog has it and wears it to shopping or to the gym

    • name 10 perfumes

      10 at same price bracket tho? I am genuinely curious

  • It's a good summer fragrance.

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