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ASUS ROG STRIX LC RADEON RX 6800 XT OC 16GB Video Card $1299 Delivered @ BPC Technology


Sick of Gigabyte?
How about some watercool Asus? Just found this while I'm browsing

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BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)
BPC Technology (Formerly BudgetPC)

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    I've been scouring heavily, think the 6900 xt TUF for 100 more makes more sense.

    If you really wanted water, this would be good, rhe 6800xt and 6900xt fps results have been close.

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      Wanting AIO water never makes sense for GPUs.
      When your $100 CPU AIO fails, you buy a new cooler and your cpu, mobo and RAM are still fine.
      When your $1k+ GPU AIO fails, the GPU die, pcb and VRAM are also now worthless.
      Plus, often the price premium paid for GPU AIO cooling can buy you the next tier of GPU anyway.

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        A gpu aio makes sense for small or thermally constrained cases. But I do agree, it's quite niche.

        Personally I don't really see a huge reason reason other than the above to aio a cpu either =/ but that's mostly me I think.

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          True. I didn't think of that because they also don't make sense =p

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        People looking for one like this, most of the time, care for the aesthetics anyway. Besides, you can also replace the cooler of this too (like custom watercool or air cool).
        But I do agree that I would pick an air-cool GPU. I don't know why Asus is not doing the Matrix series in 30 series anymore and so making this Strix LC the highest-end series. Personally just waiting for the Noctua RTX 3080.

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          They had limited edition air cooled hero Ampere products, but they all ended up in mining rigs lol…
          They might be coming to Ali Express soon.
          We got the "privilege" to purchase their AIO products, because the mining farms didn't want them.

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            @iseeyou1312: Seeing those gundam GPUs in those mining rigs makes me sad

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            @iseeyou1312: Damn they looked so cool… Have a regular ROG strix but my whole setup is white…

  • Make sure your case is wide enough if you want to mount this card horizontally - the cables/pipes need clearance on top of the width of the card itself.

  • Those who mounts it vertically would benefit from AIO GPUs because most cases are quite tight for any fans to work properly.

  • I love the gamer marketing in products noawadays.

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