Who Would You Say Is The Tempe Tyres of Melbourne?

Looking for some new car rubbers in Melbourne.
Wondering if there is a 'like' Tempe Tyre store in Melbourne?

Looking for a quick, cheap tyre shop.
Probably end up with some Dunlop, Michelin or Pirelli's…

Not looking for recommendations on the tyre as this is the run around, so i'll sort this part out, just the supplier…


  • I know this is not what you're asking for, but I have seen a "Tempe Tyres" in Melbourne. Although, I don't know if they're affiliated or if it's just a ripoff of the name!

    • https://www.tempetyreswholesale.com.au/

      "Wholesale division
      Tempe Tyres Wholesale team has over 100 years of combined experience in the Tyre and Wheel Industry.

      This knowledge and experience has allowed us to expand our business nationally with warehouses in:
      Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide."

      Maybe not retail but maybe only wholesale?

  • Ozzytyres

    Personally i'd go through tyresales.com.au though. It's worked out cheaper for me in the past

    • agree, but get get mycar to beat tyresales :)

      • Did that recently and Mycar made it a huge hassle. Better to just use one of the local independent tyre fitters you can book through tyresales. By the way, try tyroola and SuperCheap tyres too, they are the same company but prices can vary slightly.

  • +1

    Have used Tyroola a few times now. Option of a mobile fitter to come to you.

  • Motorsport Wheels and Tyres in Dandenong. I have used them a few times, had the lowest time and very good service.

  • I've had good experiences with The Tyre Factory.

  • i used tyresales.com.au like 4 weeks ago. Continentals MC6's all 4 tyres changed at my workplace for under $800 and they came the next day.

  • You do realise that Melbourne is about 100ks from one side to the other it might help your choices if you state Suburb or area ie: south,south east, ect.

    • and have a car - so 100km's is a problem!
      thats about 5-10$ in fuel. save $10-$20/tyre min, and im ahead even on one rubber!

      • More like 200 ks unless you aren't planning to drive back and at current prices that's more like $30-$50 in fuel also 2.5hrs minimum traveling time so at $10 per tyre you have spent 2.5 hrs driving to save about $10 and if you use city link the tolls will take care of that $10

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