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Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor AW3423DW $1703.56 Delivered @ Dell (Starts 17/5 3pm)


I’ve been in negotiation for days to get this down to an absolutely fantastic price.

Only 300 available. Apply both promo codes to receive price in title. Note - DBAW3422 is now live but VIVID5 in't live till 17/5 3pm.
After DBAW3422 = $1793.22
After DBAW3422 & VIVID5 = $1703.56

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Thank you everyone for the support - DB.

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    • No unfortunately.

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    great deal… but i havent been in the market for a new monitor for at least 10 years…

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      I think you’ll be surprised how good monitors have gotten in the last 10 years

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    Are there even any other alternatives for a legit HDR monitor besides the LG C1 and the Gigabyte one? I've been eyeing a proper HDR monitor for awhile now, but most are just either too big or more expensive than the Alienware one.

    • Not at this moment but Samsung are supposed to be launching their version of this monitor soon(although they've been saying this for months now). Doesn't have a gsync module so should eliminate one of the common complaints with this monitor, fan noise.

      Aside from that yeah the FO48U which was available for sub $1.1k recently and the 48" C1 & 42" C2 are your only options really.

      • yeah being on AMD I dont need noisy gsync module, and Samsung will have the same panel if not better

    • 43" Samsung QN90B ?

  • +1

    got mine for 1450$ and it's a god-tier display. excellent colours and contrast. love it.

    • How did U get it for $1450?

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        dell was handing out business coupons the day it launched and I shaved a cool 900$ off the price-tag.

        • Question - for someone that works from home (so uses the monitor in a properly lit room, mainly excel / powerpoint) and casually games, would you still recommend this monitor? I have the option of it or the 38 inch alienware for the same price (1500) but am unsure which to buy.

          • @Kotchi: The 34 would be my pick but I’m a more than casual gamer. The 38 isn’t perfect but the expensive 34 nearly is.

            • @pingMarky: Makes sense! I think my largest reservation about it has been whether I would benefit more from the extra space provided by the 38 as I'd be using it as my sole monitor for work, and whether I'd even benefit from the perks of QDLED when the games I play aren't necessarily AAA titles. Waiting on PC Centric's review to come out - he's been using the 38 for the past year so will have a good comparison.

              • @Kotchi: I have been using the aw3821dw since Jan 2021 and before that i had the aw3420dw.

                My main use is wfh with a bit of casual gaming. I cannot imagine going back to 34 for qd oled. I really enjoy the larger size and vertical space of the 38 for work.

                If they have a 38 or even 40 I'd be keen to upgrade.

                • +1

                  @chew_chew: Same boat! Would love a 38" oled - which I believe is rumoured to be in the works. Think I'll wait for them to flesh out any issues with that model.

                  34" to 38" really was a huge difference. I love the usability.

                  …but I really I want an oled!

          • +1

            @Kotchi: 38" every day of the week if your primary use is work with gaming on the side. If primary use is gaming then go for the 34".

            edit: The 38" has been sub $1500 before though, so not a great price atm.

          • @Kotchi: The AW3423DW all the way.

            People with the 38 are guessing they could never go back… but… they have never used the AW3423DW and are only guessing. Once you use it, you could not go back to the lesser quality image of the bigger screen. That is my experience after using both. The AW3423DW is an amazing moniter, the picture quality is superb with amazing blacks. For $1500~ it is a no brainer (which is why I grabbed one when it was $1496.00 from first deal).

            I would say get the AW3423DW but don't bother with the old 38.
            If you really want a 38 with the same tech as the AW3423DW, then wait. But still don't waste money on the old 38 version.

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    XPS 15 link takes you to the Inspiron laptops.

  • -3

    So expensive, I can't afford it. Thanks.

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    When is Samsung 34" OLED monitor coming out?

  • Waiting for a deal on the U3421WE. This Alienware one seems overkill for my daily / work needs.

  • @dealbot do you know if cashback will be available for this? TA

    • I’m guessing no. The DB code will unlikely stack with cashback but the VIVID5 code may. Please check the cashback sites to confirm at the time of purchase.

  • This or C1 48

  • as always. another great deal from Dealbot. =)

  • Please give more great deals on Ultrawides and 4k screens please.

  • +5

    Had this since the first deal. Absolutely mind blowing monitor, even considering I had a great monitor before this (Acer Predator X34P). Keep in mind that there's definitely a few gotchas to be aware of with it though.

    • My monitor has developed a "bubble" under the anti-glare coating. Assume it's due to moisture being trapped under there when it was applied then turning into gas after extended use/heat. This has been reported by others on reddit too. Haven't gone to the trouble of RMA yet because it's only visible on pure black scenes.
    • Non-standard sub-pixel pattern produces some colour fringing on high contrast, small text. This is mostly fine after a week or so of use and some ClearType tuning.
    • Due to it still being an OLED monitor, it performs pixel shifting every 10-15 minutes. This isn't noticeable when gaming at all, but it's a little jarring in normal desktop usage.
    • Has two active fans in it for cooling which are basically always on, and always audible (not a huge issue if you use headphones, just annoying).
    • 175hz is only available in 8-bit colour mode due to DP1.4/HDMI2.0. If you want to use 10-bit colour, you're limited to 144hz.
    • Windows is still terrible at SDR to HDR colour mapping (yes, both Windows 10 and Windows 11). You will need to enable HDR for any specific apps that you want to use HDR for. PRO TIP: Win + Alt + B is the toggle HDR shortcut in Windows if you have GameBar enabled. Alternatively, grab AutoActions to automate it on a per-app basis.
    • Every now and then it will turn off rather than go into standby when there's no signal meaning you need to press the power button to turn it back on.

    Aside from these small issues, I have been adoring every moment that I get to use this monitor. Went back to my pile of shame and finished Jedi Fallen Order, Doom Eternal, Deathloop, Guardians of the Galaxy on it. All incredible experiences due to the contrast and HDR support. Highly, highly recommended.

    • +1

      Would you consider the fans noise annoying enough to look at a different monitor if you were using it primarily as a work -from-home monitor from 9-5 without headphones (and using it secondly as a gaming monitor in your spare time)?

      • No. The fan noise is less than a running laptop, and less than most running desktops. I have just specifically built my PC to be entirely silent in normal desktop usage through GPU deshrouding, high quality fans, and 3D printed fan ducts.

  • What would be the best keywords or way to go about getting notifications for deals on 38"+ UW monitors on here

  • +1

    Rather get and LG C1 48"

    • Could consider a LG c2 42 as well!

  • +2

    Deal is now live! Both codes can now be applied.

  • are people finding delivery times around 2 months + on this monitor?

    • My order says arrive by June 23rd. Hopefully quicker than that

  • Thx bought it

  • Wow July delivery :(
    Oh well. Still looks awesome.

    • +1

      Dell, in my case, has always delivered far quicker than estimated. Hoping the same for you. :)

  • Deal is active - both codes have worked Checkout price = $1703.56

    July 20 Est delivery date

  • What delivery dates are people getting at the moment?
    Based on above comments, sounds like July?

    • +1

      July 20 for me too.

  • +1

    Mine says Estimated to Arrive By: Jul. 20, 2022

  • +1

    I bought mine through the Dell eBay store on 29 April and it says Estimated arrival: Jun 27, 2022

  • I purchased one of these and it had 2 bright pixels, ended up returning it. Doubt I'll buy it again. Didn't see the value in it.

  • The first code works, but I could not get the VIVID5 promo code to work. It returns with "VIVID5" is valid code, but isn't applicable to any items in your cart."

    • +1

      Remove it from your card, and re add it, apply the VIVID5 first.

      • +1

        Thanks a bunch! Worked like a charm.

  • NO HDMI 2.1

    • This is supposedly due to the Gsync Ultimate chip which doesn't (yet) support HDMI 2.1.

    • This monitor is not for consoles anyway, which is the main reason anyone would need that on the monitor.

      Consoles do not do ultrawide ratio.

  • Damn, I'm looking at a July delivery. I guess that gives me time to hold out on building a PC for it.

  • No longer works due to a base price drop. Ends up being about $70 higher than this deal, VIVID code still works. DBAW3422 doesn't.

    • DBAW3422 still works for me

      • I might have had a conflicting EPP code active that would explain this.

  • +2

    I've been using this for the 6 weeks (and yes paid a lot more than this deal but at least received it in a reasonable timeframe). No other OLEDs to compare it to other than a phone but it certainly blows my old IPS out of the water.

    Some cons:
    - Text clarity/fringing is noticeable if you're looking for it (About as annoying as having a smudge on your glasses)
    - SDR brightness is not great. In a well-lit room I find I need at least 80% brightness to be comfortable to use. If there's even a ray of sunlight in the room, max brightness.
    - There's a somewhat rattly cooling fan which occasionally kicks in, inaudible if you have quiet background music playing. Unfortunately it keeps running for several minutes even if you turn off the screen, so can be annoying if you're sensitive to noise and trying to get some sleep.
    - Big Chungus stand and curved screen means it takes up a ridiculous amount of desk real estate (in particular the depth of ~30cm)
    - Glossy finish looks nice but shows reflections, including a distracting wide putin version of yourself
    - My wallet hurts.

    If you mostly intend to use the monitor for text based work and are sensitive to fringing you might be better off getting something with a standard subpixel layout like the 42" LG C2.

  • Hmm sounds like not the best for documents/work so I might wait for a AW3821 deal instead! Hoping for <$1.5k soon!

    Only sucks as you need a monster to run this size.

    • I have been using the AW3821 and its perfect for my WFH setup.
      The monitor is currently on sale on dell.com.au for $1,624.35. You can stack with EPP code 7% to bring it down to $1,510.65.
      Stack with AMEX 10% credit if you have one.

    • +1

      The difference is the AW3821 is only slightly better for documents/work, where this is significantly better for everything else

  • FYI all - codes still work but the delivery estimate for the AW3423DW is now August! haha

    • Oh dear. Estimated arrival: Aug 1, 2022

      • Getting August estimates for every order I've made from Dell recently. I think it may just be max (2 months) estimated by default.
        Probably about right for this monitor though lol, unless someone here has already had it shipped.

  • Ordered on 16th May, original estimate 23rd June.
    Just received notification item has been shipped today 7th June, ETA arriving tomorrow.

    • I ordered on 29 April, estimated was 27 June. Shipped today and arriving tomorrow.

  • Received my monitor last Thursday. It's amazing! Happy with it. No complaints, dunno what everyone else is going on about.

    • Do you know when and what time you placed your order or even the estimated shipping date before it shipped? Just trying to track how much longer I'll have to wait since I ordered on 17th May ~4:30 pm and I'm getting impatient at this final stretch.

      • Ordered 17th May at 11am. Said it would arrive 22nd June. Yeah I feel you hope you get it soon

        • Geez must have been a lot of orders between 11am and 4:30pm because my estimated is July 18th

  • Thanks op, bought one.

    • Arriving tomorrow. That's fast.

  • Thank you @dealbot.

  • Ordered on 4/6, arriving tomorrow at 22/6. That's a little over two weeks.

  • Must be quite a few going out.
    Ordered 17/5, delivery expected tomorrow.

    Original estimated shipping date was July 18th.

    • While monitor arm is still being manufactured.. ETA end of aug.

      • Yep, still pending the same here, who would of thought these monitors would come first lol.

  • Still live, just ordered yesterday. Awesome work, saved $135.64 over current discounted price, or $595.44 below standard retail. also got an extra $25.55 cashback and while the website says "usually ships within two months" the order processing has the ETA at 11 days from now.

    Not bad for what many people are saying is the absolute best 34" on the market and potentially the current best gaming monitor for the money overall. Thanks heaps for the deal!

  • Did anyone purchase this one and/or received it yet? How was it?

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