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[Uber Pass] 50% off Selected Burger Restaurants ($15 Maximum Discount) @ Uber Eats


Hi all,

Just saw this pop up on my uber eats account. Have tested it on 3 different accounts and it seems to work! - I live in WA.

p.s. you don't just need to order burgers!

  • Uber Pass Required!


Code must be added to promotions page.

Maximum discount is $15

Good luck.

  • T&C

A promotion for 50% off (fees apply) for 1 order only from participating merchants. 50% off does not apply to fees. Maximum of $15 off order value applies (fees apply). Amount equal to 50% of the order value (up to $15) will be applied as a promotion at checkout. Delivery Fee applies (excluding Pickup orders). Service Fee applies to orders delivered by Uber Eats and is based on order value (before promotion or discount). Other fees may apply. Limited to intended recipients only. Limited to the first 20,000 orders redeeming this promotion. Promo code must be entered into the Uber Eats app prior to ordering. Valid only in Australia and New Zealand where Uber Eats is available. Promotion expires on 22/05/2022.

Side note: Look out for 6 months free uber pass when adding a Mastercard. Notification pops up.

Mod: Updated wording from Uber Perks to Uber Pass

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • Bugger - not applicable

    • Do you have uber perks? might have to make it targeted then.

      If you add the code, try to see which restaurants are valid by clicking the link.

    • +8

      Burger - not applicable

  • +1

    Didn't work for Grill'd in Brisbane, did work for Burger Urge.

  • Confirmed works. While it shows offer on main page, you need to manually add HALFOFFBURGERSAU code in promotions page.

  • Works for me in NSW

  • Worked in WA for me too, after you apply the offer you can check the elegible restaurants when clicking on the offer details.

  • uber perks is uber rewards ? no luck with me

    • +1

      Uber Perks is the subscription service - $9.90 per month for free delivery etc.

      Some people recently received free Uber Perks for 6 months when adding a mastercard.


      • In other words uber pass cheers for clearly that up

        • Apologies! my mistake, thanks Mod!

  • Didnt work for me. Vic

  • +1

    Worked fine for me in Vic. You need to be an Uber Pass member, go to the promotions page and enter the code. There it will pop up the list of restaurants that it works with (it's not all of them).

    Limited to the first 20,000 apparently.

  • +4

    Uber pass is pretty damn good recently. But I still find it unconscionable that you can be a member of their premium service and your food still gets delivered after other people along the route.

    I live one suburb away from the CBD and my food arrived cold the other night because someone in another adjacent suburb got their food before mine. And I mean stone cold, had to reheat the onion rings in the AF.

    Then they just close my support tickets saying they appreciate my feedback. Pure insanity.

    • -1

      What else do u think they gonna do,giving out single delivery to the riders will make them lose money,and ultimately its a business

    • +1

      I doubt it’s the other delivery that was the major cause for your food going cold. Did you order during peak periods? Because if so, your food was probably sitting at the restaurant for 30-60 min before it was picked up.

      Also, uberpass entitles you to “free” delivery. You can pay extra for direct delivery, if it’s available (most unlikely unavailable during periods of driver shortage).

      • Yes it was during peak times, but again does that matter? Having an extra delivery definitely doesn't help.

        And I realise how uber pass works, just find it ironic that you can get worse treatment for being a member.

        • +1

          Worse compared to? I would think that they are treating everyone the same. Just that you (uber pass subscribers) paid for delivery via a one time payment whereas other customers (normies) pay for delivery per transaction. I don't believe uber pass gives us preferential treatment over normies

          • -1

            @sigplay: Worse compared to the guy who got their food delivered before me.

            I don't agree with that system regardless as someone is always losing out, but you would think they'd want to retain their uber pass customers. You might even argue they were more likely to do it as they'd already taken money from me, so why prioritise my order?

            You seem to be missing the point that stacking multiple deliveries at once = bullshit. It used to make sense as they'd give you cheaper delivery to compensate. Now they're just being greedy which is no surprise.

  • +1

    So how do the other delivery companies manage to make it work? If the deliveries are actually close together then sure, if it delays it by another 20 mins that's not ok and you should not have to pay. Why should I be covering someone else's delivery? Completely backwards.

  • +1

    Says I’m not eligible even though I’ve got Uber Pass

  • Work's for me western Sydney luckily My fresh seafood Shop sells Burger's too

  • +1

    Says already applied but no discount…

    • Found it in the codes

  • Not eligible in Melbourne's north, and I have Uber Pass

  • +1

    Oh burger, not eligible.

  • I have uber pass but im still not eligible

  • Some of these burgers are like $26 eg Bavarian

    Most of the places don’t allow pick up with this deal :(

  • I combined this with buy one get one free at XS Espresso

  • Sent me the email 30 minutes ago but says "Opps, this promotion is no longer available"

  • Not working for me

  • All gone.

  • Promotional is no longer vaild on my end

  • +1

    Working for me as of right now! Heaps of restaurant choice. Thank you :)

  • Working again
    Just added it to my account

  • Bought uber pass just to try this deal… got duped. Doesn't work, Perth WA

  • How do they define burger restaurants?

    When I click burgers on homepage it shows me loads of restaurants some of which aren't selling burgers but I'm hesitant just to sign up to Uber pass and try the code on them

    • +1

      Once added the code to account in promotions tab, should have an option to view the restaurants that are part of the deal, I just did this today. There wasn’t a huge list to choose from though.

      • So I have to sign up to Uber Pass even to know what, if any, restaurants are eligible duh

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