Nintendo Switch Game Cassets on Rent

I got a Nintendo Switch OLED for my 8yr, Now I need help with a crazy price for the new games that keeps coming every few months.

Do we have any place where I can just rent games for weeks?
Like Minecraft game, Pokemon games etc etc

Trade-in JB or other stores are expensive ranging from 40-60$

what are the other cheaper ways to tackle this?


  • Filters?

  • My kids told me the new games are called filters ;-)

    • Think there's something lost in communication there. That isn't a thing.

      Nintendo games are known to be pretty pricey, your best bet is waiting for sales (Amazon price-matching HN is common) or trade in EB Games which isn't value for money but better than lying on a shelf if no longer played.

      I would suggest used games on marketplaces like Gumtree but they're not actually much cheaper on there.

    • No one calls them filters, it's just making this post confusing.

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        apologies, newb here :)

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      My kids told me the new games are called filters ;-)

      Easily done. Your 8yo is confusing his Switch with your HVAC maintenance schedule. My kids do this all the time.

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    First Party Nintendo games hold their value pretty well. I would suggest you just buy second hand from ebay / gumtree / facebook marketplace and then sell them once you are done. You are likely to get all if not most of your money back

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    There are regularly sales on digital games on Nintendos eShop. often posts them each week. Eg,
    There’s also free demos for some games on the eshop, and some free to play games like Rocket League.

    • I hate buying from eshop because you can never return it or resell it. I'd rather pay more for a physical copy with some hope of getting a return in future.

  • Minecraft and Pokemon are the kind of games she'll probably want to keep, they offer insane replay value. And even if you do rent them a few times she'll probably end up wanting to buy them in the end anyway, costing you even more money. Maybe for some filters you'd be better of renting, but Minecraft and Pokemon are the kinda games kids want to play non stop forever.

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    can just rent games for weeks?

    Something tells me the last time you owned a console was when Blockbuster Video was still the place to go!

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      Cool, that's where the council rate has been spent ;)

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      Wow, that's quite the collection!

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      That is cool, would be great for my 7-year-old if I didn't confiscate her switch indefinitely.

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      thanks for sharing holy shit, I usually get from City of Melbourne libraries but their collectoin is pretty new and very few, this is just bonkers. Sucks that i can’t get it as Interlibrary loan. Is there any other way to get it except going to the Sunshine? I live in South East Vic :\

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    I lurk Deku Deals most days, create a wishlist, buy on sale…

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      Came to say the same. Have gotten some ripper deals from Deku.

      The only other place I get games from is Amazon. They always seem to be the cheapest place to buy new Nintendo game filters er cassettes, no no, “cartridges”…

  • Nintendo eshop is your best bet. There are games as Low as $1.50 which are not too bad. AAA games are at least $50 second hand so be prepared to pay for games if you get a switch. Or wait for Amazon sale but could be waiting a while and I know kids these days can’t wait for anything!

  • Demos are free on the eshop. If the 8yo wants "more game" vs "more games" then look at buying…

  • Buy second hand (or new, deals posted here are often cheaper than the second hand price) and resell later if your kid isn't playing games.

    First Party games like Mario/Pokemon/Zelda will be more expensive, but as a trade off they are generally high quality games and resell values will remain high.

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    Cartridges are pretty much indestructible, if they look like the cart and the case is in decent condition it's probably just fine. Second hand most games go for around $40 which is how I have purchased most of mine. Much much cheaper than paying full price from the online store and you could resell them one day if you wanted to.

    Also, keep an eye on sales on the online store. I've bought a bunch of awesome titles for under $10 each. Boomerang Fu is one of our family favourites for multiplayer and is currently on 50% off @ $7.49.

    The DLC (which is more characters) is $2.99. It's not needed but is fun.

    And on a side note for yourself, buy a 1st Party Nintendo Pro controller, your hands will thank you.

  • You can buy them (hopefully at a deal) and sell them after you (your kids) finish with the game. May be out of pocket $10, 20 or even make some money out of it.

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