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Logitech MX Keys Mini (Rose Color Only) $95 Delivered @ LogitechShop via Amazon AU


Hi All, noticed this deal whilst looking around for a keyboard, not my colour though so I'll stick with the black on I already have.

Logitech MX Keys Mini uses bluetooth. If you prefer a wireless USB dongle you need to purchase a separate Logitech Bolt USB Receiver that should be released late May for $29-$39. Logitech MX Keys Mini is not compatible with the Logitech Unifying USB Receiver.

As noted in the comments, you can purchase via ebay: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/115339508763?epid=20050971504&ha...
And combine it with these deals possibly:

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    why not your colour ? just close your eyes it will become black

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      Just put a paper bag over it

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    If you haven’t already got Afterpay, you can get this for $55 by combining with Afterpay $30 off with $50 spend and the eBay Afterpay $10 discount code.

    • Please explain

    • but this is Amazon no?

      • Ahh right I assumed it was eBay!
        The same seller has it for the same price on eBay.

    • I signed up today to do exactly this
      looking at ebay within the afterpay app on my phone, I get to the submit page but i get a blank screen.
      is this 'normal'?

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    If you buy on ebay then @anniemal's comment is valid


    @OP could you add the ebay link to the post maybe?

  • decent price for an ok keyboard. build quality is great. just no comparison with mechanic ones in terms of typing feelings

    • +2

      IMHO better than mechanical. Much easier to type on, and not too loud. Apple Magic Keyboard would have been the go to, but no idea if switching to pc later so wanted a safe middle ground.

    • Is this a better alternative: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/133940962875 $98 currently ($91.14 with coupon PLSMAYY7)

      • -1

        if you after mechanic… don't go logitech….

        • I disagree

          • @King Steuart: What's a good mech logi keyboard?

            • @superroach: Nothing wrong with the G915's, and I've seen mostly positive reviews for the Pops for their price range. People are often like "Don't get this $129 mechanical, get this $499 mechanical instead!" like that's something worth saying.

            • @superroach: MX mechanical and MX mechanical mini have just released in US and should land here later in the year.

      • The best colour is still $119 lame

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    Logitechshop… that's a name I haven't heard from in years!

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      i thought the same thing, haha!

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      doesn't seem too positive reviews. but for officials it should be OK?

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      who remembers when they were in carlingford as FLUIDTEK

      • I never went, I went to MSY then UMART afterwards (MSY prices but no wait time and way better service)

        There were mentions of a dude called "Fast Eddie" thrown around in OzB though

        • +2

          oh wait i think Fluidtek still exists, it's in the carlingford village and the website is as dated as that centre

  • This or Logitech Keys To Go for an ipad mini?

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