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Whittaker’s Block Chocolate 200g-250g $4 @ Coles


There's something special about toasted coconut. Even more so when it is smothered in Whittaker's 33% Cocoa, 5 Roll Refined, smooth Creamy Milk chocolate, that's Rainforest Alliance Certified too.

Palm Oil Free
GMO Free
New Zealand Made

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    Palm Oil Free

    Is it a good thing?

    Yes. It is a good thing. 2 minutes on Google will tell you that.

    37.2 g sugar in 100g

    Compared to Cadbury Dairy Milk with 56g sugar in 100g…(Ref: https://www.cadbury.com.au/cadbury-dairy-milk-chocolate-milk...).

    But you are eating a damn chocolate bar. If you are looking at the calories, you are doing it wrong.

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      Yes. It is a good thing. 2 minutes on Google will tell you that.

      I googled. Nothing came. Can you tell me why is it bad?

      But you are eating a damn chocolate bar. If you are looking at the calories, you are doing it wrong

      I am just asking is palm oil bad than 37% sugar?

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        I googled. Nothing came.

        Check if your internet is working.

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        I googled. Nothing came. Can you tell me why is it bad?


        It's terrible for the environment, mainly due to the deforestation it causes in SE Asia. It also tastes like garbage. But it's cheap, which is why a lot of companies use it..

        Is it worse for you than sugar? Probably, as it's 100% fat…

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          It's terrible for the environment

          Is mining good for the Environment? What about Fracking, Monoculture of Soy or Canola? Do you drive a car? How much stuff do you buy every day? Do you think a minute before buying something that is really necessary or will it go to a landfill? Just because a poor country does something, and western media drives a narrative about the environment. And you believe it.

          Probably, as it's 100% fat…

          You don't have any idea about fat, do you?

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            @DisabledUser318679: Lol a picture of Joe Rogan in your avatar, what a surprise.

            • @Reaper: Isn't it Bill Gates?

          • @DisabledUser318679: Mining unfortunately we don't have an alternative for. Society would simply not function as it does today without mining. There are also less destructive ways of mining. Digging an open cut mine isn't great, but it's a relatively small footprint compared to the thousands of square kilometres that get cleared, often in super biodiverse jungles of the Amazon and SEA that get cleared for palm plantations. Note the processing of some ores (typically rare earth) can pollute a lot, especially in areas with lax regulations.

            Clearing what's often a savannah or semi-arid area for cropping isn't great either, but it's definitely a lesser evil. And we need soy, corn, etc to feed people.

            • @incipient: What about all the land already cleared in Australia, the USA, Newzealand and Canada by settlers. Do we stop consuming grown on that land as well? Isn't it Hypocrisy?

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          Just as a minor follow up here, pretty much all sugar should be minimised, especially with lots of typical diets we get too much of it.

          Fats, some are "good" (uncooked olive oil) , some kinda average/debatable (cooked olive oil, animal fats, butter, etc), and lots bad (highly refined, saturated, vegetable oils, etc).

          Palm oil is also considered quite bad for the environment too as you mentioned, where we have alternatives that are less bad.

          • @incipient: Moral equivalence is an nonsense argument, an irrelevant distraction, to avoid dealing with the criticism of what is really market supply and demand. Best not engage with that silliness above. Sometimes it is also to avoid focus on regulation and corruption, but It is what it is. Consume as you see fit, or don't. Plenty of superb products out there without or that use minimal palm oil.

    • of course it has less sugar its full of coconut

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    Bought this on Amazon $3.90:

    Whittaker's Hokey Pokey Crunch 250g Block https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B0969WWXLB/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i...

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      Yea they're price matching Woolies (ends today). Negging for awareness as it is cheaper and can get it today.

      • I should've gone to Woolies today! Peanut butter is the best.

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          Spread your own peanut butter on top for custom ones!

      • Can you remove the neg now?

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    Also $3.90 at Woolies until today.

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    This is my favourite non-European/reasonably-priced chocolate brand, their dark ones are quite decent.

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    +1 for palm oil free.

  • for when you cant get 'Coconut Rough' this will do

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