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AGL Energy Customers: Sign up to a New Mobile Plan $10-$40 Per Month, Get First 3 Months Free @ AGL


Found this while checking my eligibility for the -$50 gift card

Here’s the deal

Extra Small, (3GB) Small, (15GB) Medium (40GB) Large, (100GB)
$10/Month $20/Month $30/Month $40/month

Your first 3 months FREE 1

Sign up for any new AGL mobile plan and get your first 3 months free when combined with AGL energy.

Excess data and other charges outside plan allowance will apply. Offer not available for AGL mobile SIM plan swaps. Offer ends 29 July 2022, unless varied by AGL. Read full terms.

Accounts are billed in advance. Your first bill will include fees for the upcoming month and any partial amount for your first month. You can expect to receive that bill within 10 business days after we activate your service. Afterwards, bills will land monthly and include charges in advance for the minimum monthly fee, and in arrears for any usage not included in your plan.

Couldn’t find this posted with my quick search so hope it’s not a dupe.

Hope this helps some of us!
As always, enjoy!

  1. AGL Mobile SIM 3 Months Promotion 2022: First 3 months plan fee waived, for new connections and number transfers only. Offer only available to AGL energy customers. Excess data and other charges outside plan allowance will apply. BYO mobile handset. Offer ends 29 July 2022, unless varied by AGL Read full terms 

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  • If it is free anyway why would anyone choose anything but the large plan?

  • +1

    Note: 3 months free only when combined with AGL energy
    And to get $10 monthly price you must have an AGL energy plan. Otherwise it's $15 minimum

  • Shame there is No 5G available.

  • +1

    What network do they use?

  • First 3 months free, but how long is the plan contract? 12 or 24 months? I couldnt find the info, not even in the T&C's.

    • No contract

      • Ok thanks for that. I thought so, but then thought AGL unlikely to be giving away 3 months free with no catches, given their current corporate state of affairs.

        • +1

          No contract

          • You can cancel your AGL mobile SIM plan service at any time and there are no early termination fees associated with this promotion, you just need to pay any outstanding excess.

  • I want this but the disaster I had trying to set up AGL Broadband I am not game to risk it.

    Example: phone support had multiple 30m+ waits, I would be referred to another area and then wait again. Sometimes the phone would just disconnect.

    I also used the app chat, it would often take 5 hours to get any kind of in person response. Inevitably you would be busy doing something at that time and the operator would quickly disconnect the session for no response and you'd have to start again. I have never experienced anything like it.

    I've cancelled the broadband bundle but still have a pending setup showing in the app. I has probably been over 4 months just sitting there.

    • Since is free 3 month ,how long took you to wait at phone support and cancel the broadband plan?

    • My broadband went to okay. Unless you are non NBN, most of the time the problem is NBN itself rather than the reseller. Female like dealing with Telecom all over again

  • Not sure if 3 months is worth if for mobile, when prepaid is much cheaper anyways

    You could potentially get $300 Giftcard switching your ele each month. At least $200 considering takes a few days between swaps.

    • You can cancel and port out within the first 3 months without paying a dollar if you don’t like it but yeah if porting out to another service provider is a hassle for you then probably stick to the one you have now.

  • The challenge I found is when taking calls on smart watch using main mobile number. Resellers don't provide this function and only main suppliers like Telstra, Vodafone and Optus allow that.

    Is this correct? So far I have checked with 3-4 resellers without luck.

  • I lost my sim card overseas and they want to charge me $20 for a sim card replacement

  • Description of fee Amount
    (incl. GST unless stated)
    SIM card replacement fee: This may be applied if we need to send you another SIM card. $20
    Port-out fee: May be applied if you transfer your mobile number to another provider. $8
    Paper bill fee: Applies to each paper bill. We prefer e-billing and think you will too –
    it’s free of charge and easy to set up.
    Late payment fee: We may apply this if you don’t pay a bill by the due date. $10*

    Would like to take this offer but it seems the cost would be $2.33 per month with the port out fee then, upon reading the T&C. Anyone has the experience porting out AGL?

    • From memory, I was charged it yonks ago

  • when the 3 months will start? by the time you order it or by the time the sim is activated?

  • I applied today and got email same time that my electricity rates are increasing from 1st of August. I don't know whether that was planned or something triggered by apply for 3 months free mobile. :(

    Did anyone have similar experience?

    • Did you get a new electricity contract

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