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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G 128GB $798, 256GB $898 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G @ Amazon Au. 20% off RRP.

128gb - $798
256gb - $898

Edit: Also this price at JB and HN (+$200 gift cards)
Edit 2: All colours now

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +4

    Worst phone I've ever owned

    • +10

      Tell me why tell me sweet little why?

      • Janky, buggy, terrible battery life, gets hot simply browsing the web (40 degrees! )

        • +1

          Ooph good to know!

    • +3

      Going to have to agree, seems to have gotten better since the first few updates. When lots of apps are open in the background despite not being used it gets to the point of virtually freezing and having to have all the apps closed, has even done the same thing when there are hardly any apps running. Videos often won't load in the browser and apps will have to be closed down and opened again to fix it. It was sluggish with animations, though since the updates not so much. I only paid about $400 with all the trade bonus stuff but if I was paying $800+ I would be expecting things to run a bit smoother. Bare in mind I have had at least 4 galaxy's before this and they have been great.

      • +2

        I only wish I had seen reviews before buying. I've had this phone for 4 weeks now and have regreted buying it from day 1. I don't know who in Samsung thought it was a great idea to have to hit two buttons to switch the damn thing off but I can tell them it really wasn't.

        • +1

          You can change that in settings fortunately. I never use Bixby anyway so changed the side button to turn off.

      • My S21 5G has started doing this stupid no Video in Browser/Apps… Anyone got a solution on this?

        • I just close the browser and reopen and usually works, annoying though.

    • +1

      I got downvoted heavily for saying that earlier

      sold it on and went back to s21+. much much better

      • Curious why you switched to S21 FE from S21+ in the first place?

        • +2

          because s21+ felt a bit too large, and FE looked perfect with the size between s21 and s21+

          also I liked the funky colour schemes

          also got sold by free buds2

          however the damn thing was soooo laggy that I just couldn't endure it

  • +3

    S22 range is on sale frequently, costs under 600 with discount codes, trade in etc. not sure why anyone would go for this.

    • +2

      I don't have eligible phone for trade in.

      • I guess still you can find s22 128gb under 800 with other discounts.

        Samsung pushes a lot of offers on their current flagships compared to prev ones

        • +3

          Where…? I am looking for exactly this. An S22 under 800 without an eligible tradein phone.

      • When they have a trade bonus you can say you have an eligible phone and you will get the 'bonus' part but when you don't send anything in they will charge an admin fee and price of the trade value of your phone (some older models only fetch $5 for trade and I think the admin fee was like $60) e.g
        You say you have an old phone worth $5 of trade and the bonus is $350, when you don't send a phone you will get charged an admin fee of about $60 + $5 phone value but not the bonus $350 so still a $285 discount. Plus if you do a live chat with Samsung there are some loyalty codes they can give you (I assume they still do them)

        • when do they have these deals on?

          • @fredblogs: They have it atm for the S22. They usually seem to do it at release it seems.

      • buy s21fe and trade it in for s22

        • i hear bad things about s22 battery life

          • @fredblogs: yes I heard that too

            certainly not in a rush to upgrade from my s21+

  • +2

    Have the previous s20fe 5g and really like it, sounds like the s21 fe was a downgrade

    • +1

      oh yes it was

    • +1

      S20 FE was God tier

  • +1

    The S20 FE is on sale for $650 - get that instead, much better phone:

    Edit: That's not 5G version btw

    • +1

      Also not 2021 version so no snapdragon

    • My sister got the s20 FE 5G for $650 on the education store back in August last year.
      I wouldn't recommend the non 5g version at this price as it does not have a Snapdragon processor.

    • +1

      That's the Exynos 990 version, avoid that like the black plague. Get the Snapdragon variant instead and it'll make a world's difference.

  • +1

    This or Pixel 6 via Telstra for $799?

    • +1

      Pixel 6 has better cameras.
      For everything else I would go with 21FE.

  • Would the snapdragon version be much better than the exynos?

  • +1

    Have the Snapdragon version.
    I don't play games on it, so it only gets a bit warm with wireless charging, but all other phones do too.
    Battery - could be better, yes, but it's not terrible. Easily gets through the day.
    Cameras - good, but will be better when Google camera gets ported.
    Screen - very good. 120 Ghz, good colours, good brightness levels.
    Performance - great.
    One UI is great and very customisable.
    IP68 protection is nice.

    • Imported?

      • No, bought here, it's just a Hong Kong version.

        • So its imported.

  • +1

    I haven't experienced sluggishness on the S21 FE. Doesnt get overly warm but then again I dont play games. Battery life isnt fantastic but not that bad. No compliant except that the telephoto lens isnt that great and that the 120hz display isnt adaptive

  • +1

    Looks like prices have gone down another ~$50 today to $745 and $845

    • +1

      Its been $747 for the last 4 days, they dropped another $2 today. I reckon this phone is in clearance and $800 will become the normal price.

      Can get it cheaper at JB at the moment with the click frenzy code: $799 - 10% = $719.10.

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