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1/2 Price Daawat Basmati Rice 5kg $10 @ Woolworths / Amazon (Sold Out)


Woolworths has Daawat basmati rice half price this week, and Amazon is matching. Taste is probably second only to India Gate at this price point.

Amazon link Amazon sold out.

Basmati rice is the healthiest rice when considering glycemic index. For those of you with a Tiger rice cooker, I've found using the brown rice setting the best.

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    Meh, Amazon RRP is $15, which sounds about right
    Lower end basmati, but ok for $10 I guess

    • How's this Compare to Maharajah choice

      • +2

        Personally find this one better. Also have found rice in cloth bags to be generally worse.

    • Amazon now coming up $35, you said $15?

  • +1

    That Amazon link takes me to a $35 one, I have to view other sellers to find the $10 ships form amazon version.

    • Thanks, I've updated it, I think it changed because the Amazon stock is now delivering in 2-4 weeks.

      • Still shows the incorrect one.

  • +2

    India Gate premium or classic is good

  • +3

    I agree… Alishaan super basmati rice is also $10 at some woolworths stores.

    • Is Alishaan good?

      • What about Zeeba?

        • +2

          Zeeba is pretty good.

        • I prefer Zeeba over this Wooly version of Daawat

        • Nice. I bought a 5kg bag of Zeeba Golden Zella last week from woolies. It was $12.80 save $15 or something

      • IMO, Alishaan is way better than Daawat, Maharajah & Riviana.
        On par with India Gate & Woolies Brand Basmati.

      • I like it

  • +1

    Very expensive. I usually buy the woolies branded Basmati rice…does the job tastes just as good.

    • +1

      This is cheaper at $2/kg when half price, at least from the listings I can see?

    • +2

      i buy the basmati that is cheapest per kg at the time, what you eat with your rice has a big impact to the rice eating experience …. once the chicken tikka or chilli con carne hits the plate it’s the hero of the meal … for me it’s more how the rice is cooked, texture, does it stick together etc and that is technique and personal preference not brand …… if it was such a big deal restaurants would state the brand of rice on their menus e.g india gate or maharajah to justify the price …… they don’t …….

      • There's a big quality difference between Indian and Pakistani basmati. You can tell from aroma and flavour.

      • +4

        Restaurants don't state what risotto rice or pizza flour they use. But there is a wide range of these. It's similar for basmati rice.

  • +4

    Can you share the Amazon link for this deal…the link in listing seems to be incorrect

    • Was working but now sold out :(

  • +2

    This is not good, on lower end. I have seen these at similar price point in indian stores. The best value for money basmati rice is from costco, i think it’s called zeeba aged premium.

    • Agree. Zeeba sold by Costco is good. Can’t find them anymore in Costco recently.

  • bought some golden sella basmati last time, by the far the best tasting basmati i've ever had.

  • My favourite is Shudh Gold Extra Long Basmati Rice. Excellent quality, flavour and separates really well. Pricey though.

  • Amazon seems to not be $10, its like $35?

  • Daawat has grown on me, I think I prefer it to India Gate classic.

  • These are inferior to daawat classic

  • +1

    This rice is the bomb; best freaking rice there is ❤️

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