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42000mAh Portable Lithium Battery Power Inverter 155W $189 Delivered @ Mutberg eBay


Cheapest Generator over 100 Wh I could find. Specs seem good for the price but can't find any reviews. Solar panel not included.

Weight: 1.89KG
Dimensions: 8.03” x 3.58" x 7.36"
Battery: Lithium ion Batteries
Battery Capacity: 155Wh/42000mAh, 3.7V
Input Recharging: AC Adapter: DC15V/3A; Solar Panel: MPPT,14V - 22V/3A (Max)
LED Light: 2W Ultra brighter LED Flashlight
Power Indicator: LCD Display
Operating Temperature: -10℃ ~ + 40℃
DC Output: 1 x USB - A: 5V/2.4A ; 1 x USB - A: QC3.0, 5-12V/18W ; 1 x TPYE - C: PD 5-12V/18W
AC Output: Rated Power: 150W, Peak Power:300W

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      The one you linked is a bid auction.

      • Oops I just seen that. From the same seller.

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    Isn't this just regular price with a $10 voucher with ebay plus that can be used on thousands of items?

    • It's underpriced compared to it's competitors.

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    If I did my maths right, Model 3 Long Range 2022 uses 133Wh for every 1KM under the stricter WLTP test cycle from its LFP battery (82000Wh/614km). It means that this powerbank is enough for a little more than 1KM after charging it for about 1 hour :D

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      So buying one of these is like having a Jerry can in your car?

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        Theoretically yes if you are okay to wait 1 hour of charging time to move the car 1KM further

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          And you won’t have 100% after charging into your EV. So I think 800m to 900m.

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          In that case, you're probably faster pushing the car…

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            @muddrex: Tesla does not let you drive it while it is charging, but if it did… It could creep with a cruise speed of 1km/h :D

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              @alenpln: What I meant is that instead of waiting 1 hr to move 1km, one's probably faster to push the car 1km (without charging).

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      Yes, if your jerry can had some small holes at the bottom of it

  • I wish the output vs price was a bit better on these devices, the worthwhile ones like the ecoflow delta etc. are around 3k, anything else lasts a couple of hours.

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      Have a look at the Bluetti EB55 and EB70. I have the EB70.. when on sale, it can be had for $900, which is a great price for that much capacity. I got mine on sale for about $1100 right after it was released locally.

      edit, looks like even the RRP has dropped to $1100! Now on sale for $999


    • EcoFlow River 600 Portable Power Station with 600W AC Output and Built in 288Wh Battery, usual price $699

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      Obviously several cons in DIY option, but 100Ah LiFePO4 + Battery Box + Inverter is around $900 on eBay.
      1200Wh and about 9x more rated charge cycles than Li-ion.

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        Or you can go a little more expensive but real simple, no exposed wires or multiple units to juggle with this box with inbuilt 1200W inverter + 170Ah/2.1kWh LiFePO4 for $1,494 delivered: https://www.aussiebatteries.com.au/ardent-heavy-duty-battery...

        You'd have to have your own MPPT for good charging from solar but often the inbuilt ones in solar generators are very low capacity/slow so that's not a terrible thing.

        • Alibaba has 280Ah (12v)eve cells with bms delieved for under $1000. No inverter though.

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            @bennos: Yeah, lots more work involved and a fair bit of that in making it neat and portable if that's what you want but certainly the 280Ah or 304Ah cells are the best value.

            The one I linked is a sort of direct competitor with the Ecoflows though. Only needs the MPPT added, all clean and in a tidy little box, minimal work required, local warranty.

  • This'll go well with the 12v Aldi TV

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    Why is it called a generator? Isnt it a battery + inverter?

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      that's the nomenclature for these types of devices, now.
      Paired with solar panels, and they're called "Solar Generators"…

      But yes, it's a battery and inverter

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        and MPPT

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        Well it is dishonest bullshit. Why tolerate?

        • Because it's not dishonest. No-one sees "solar generator" and thinks "OH MY GOD THIS THING MAKES SUNS". It's just a name that's a lot easier than saying "Battery storage, probably lithium, an inverter, several outputs and inputs and a built in MPPT".

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            @DonWilson: Well, an actual generator with built -in battery would be very useful, e.g. for fridges, with a high startup current.
            Like a hybrid car - battery adds peak power.
            Thats the sort of thing I expected when I saw generator with battery.

            • @bargaino: That's nice, so do you think any generator that doesn't have that battery you want is dishonest bullshit too?

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                @DonWilson: There is NO GENERATOR, just battery and inverter. A generator generates.

                • @bargaino: Like I said, it's a solar generator. It doesn't produce suns, it uses an MPPT to connect to solar panels that feed it the juice. Much like a petrol generator doesn't generate petrol it uses petrol to make electricity.

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                    @DonWilson: Also, like, technically, this is a generator isn't it?

                    It's generating electricity to be consumed by the devices that are connected to it.

                    It's not burning fuel to do it, granted, but it's using charge that's in its batteries to generate electricity.

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                  @bargaino: I know it's generating heat… (In this discussion). But i vote it should not be marketed as a generator too. Misleading even is some find out technically valid.

  • How long does the power last in hours?

    • depends entirely on your power draw. What are you powering?

      • What about three of these at max brightness? https://www.amazon.com.au/Continuous-5600±300K-Adjustable-Controller-Recording/dp/B07KG469JW/

        • From what I understand they are 60W lights. The generator can supply up to 150W so it wouldn't be able to power all 3 lights at max brightness. It should be able to power 2 of them for about an hour.

          • @Markness05: That's no good then. And only an hour, that's not very long.

            • @AustriaBargain: Yep, this device is more suited to low power devices where you need a 240V outlet or taking it camping with some solar panels to keep it charged.

  • It's NOT a generator…

    • Well it's generating an AC current from a DC power supply so technically speaking it's a generator.

      • No, just an inverter. Just like a solar inverter.

  • Have a battery setup in my boot for my dashcams. Need a new battery and was looking at these as an alternative.

    If anything might go Amazon and but one to test out. Return if doesn't suit.

  • Battery Life:500 times

    • Eww

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    I used a similar one for my Xiaomi Pro 2 Scooter and would typically get about 15-20% charge on it.

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      42V/2A is 84W so suck a duck negger it works with these.

  • I have a laptop with a 130w charger. How long can this theoretically power it at full tilt?

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      If I we're to have a guess 155wh/130w=1.19*.85=1hr if you're lucky at "FULL TILT"

      Things to consider your laptop power supply is generally overrated for you're pc, so it should still slowly charge even if you're full tilt gaming video rendering etc. Will this even be suitable for sensitive electronics? I would so no this is a very cheap inverter and is most likely not be a pure sine wave a lot of laptops and other electronics will probably not work or damage them when used with these products.

      These are mainly for things like pumping up a 240v air mattress or running a fan.

  • 155Wh? Don't you mean 155000mWh ? Be consistent.

  • How does this compare with say a 30000 mAh brick

    • Go the brick unless you need the inverter or the solar charging capability.

  • Did anyone here buy one of these? I suspect that the seller might be a scammer. They sent me a Australia Post tracking number that might not be legitimate.

    I've seen eBay sellers do this before, they sell a bunch of cheap items to get their feedback score up and then suddenly stop posting out products. They give out fake tracking numbers so it takes awhile for people to notice that they have been scammed.

    • +1

      I didn't buy one, but it's not the usual Chinese drop shipper where you get an Auspost tracking number that takes weeks to show up as moving because it isn't even in the country?

      • +1

        Ok ignore my suspicions, the tracking number just updated so it looks like the seller is legitimate. Thanks OP.

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