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Clungene Antigen Rapid Self Test Kits Pack of 5 $64.99 Delivered @ AhaTechAus via Amazon AU


Clungene Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test 5 Pack $19.09 Delivered @ Soodox via Amazon AU.

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  • +1

    Is this over 12 dollars per test?

    • -1

      About $2.6/Test.

      • So the main link goes to 64 dollar item is the 5 packs of 5 tests?

        Pretty cheap if it is!

        • Reading through the listing, it's pretty ambiguous if it's 5 packs of 5 kits or single pack of 5 testing kits.

          • +2

            @TheContact: Yeah i understood it as 5 tests

            • @Rain Cloud: Yeah if it’s $5/test then these guys really are AHAHAHAHATechAus

          • @TheContact: I agree, its very unclear. Looking at it, I am not confident it is actually 5 boxes of 5 tests each.

      • is it 5 x 5 packs? if so fix the header

      • +2

        It states 5 tests per pack so I interpret that as being $64.99 for 5 and hence not a bargain.

    • I asked the seller and they said that you get 5 tests. So, according to them, yes.

  • +3

    Totally confusing, please fix.

    • Now I am confusing too.

      • Delete this post

  • The Amazon description is just as much cryptic. Is it so hard to state the exact number of tests per kit? The description used is pretty confusing: Pack, kit, test, test kit….gosh, unify the nouns please?

  • This is exactly why we don't post amazon deals that does not ship from amazon itself.

  • I got a 5 pack of these for $19 on the last deal so yeah this doesn't seem great

  • +1

    It's 5 tests inside 1 kit.

    Was confused as well, but if you look at the Amazon description, it doesn't state that it's 5 packs anywhere, meaning it's 1 pack of 5 tests. Very expensive.

    • +1

      Clungene Antigen Rapid Test Kit Self Test Kits Nasal Swab for COVID-19 (5 Test per Pack)

      1 kit contains 5 tests

      ARTG ID: 333341 (5 Antigen Rapid Test Kits)

      Artg ID 33341 comprises 5 kits.

      If you don't get 5 packs of 5 tests just get a refund.

      • Asked seller and they stated you get 5 tests.

        • Wow. So expensive lah

  • -1

    Why is people paying for these test kits ?
    We've got several boxes of x5 kits in the last week and haven't paid for any.

    • +1

      Well as a QLDer I personally have no way of getting free tests, at least that I know of

  • Where do you get free tests in Sydney

  • +1

    Extremely random but does anyone else immediately get a mental picture of Jay saying “clunge” whenever this brand pops up?

    • Every time.

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