Gigabyte AORUS 2TB NVMe Gen4 M.2 SSD $299 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ PCByte


Looks like its back in stock same price as the last deal

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  • Nup. No RGB.
    Unlike the Aorus NVme I bought, which has RGB and is a lot of fun.

    • Good if you plan on sticking these into a PS5 though

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        I had plans of sticking it elsewhere

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          That's why you need the RGB.

          Nothing set the mode like having disco lights..

    • Are there Nvmes with RGB? can you please link me one

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    Just a heads up, these use to test as 5,600Mbps read when you installed in a PS5 but since the latest system update they are only reading at about 4.400Mbps which I suspect is a more accurate reading. You probably won't notice much of a difference but just something to keep in mind.

    • I think the 4400 is write speed not read speed. Do you want to double check as that is literally the write speed of this drive

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        Yeah so I thought the same thing when someone mentioned it on a Facebook page. I think I made the exact same comment!

        He had the 2tb model and was saying he was only getting 4,400 read on the test… I have a 500gb model I picked up last year as a stop gap but was getting a 2TB model the Samsing 980 Pro that day…. so I formatted this drive and ran the test again and sure enough 4,400 read speed. It was defiantly 5.600Mbps read speed when I installed it last year when you could first put a SSD in the PS5.

        I think they're made their read speed test more accurate in the latest update.

        • Fair enough. Makes me think about warranty purposes as sony states as long as it meets criteria, it doesn't affect warranty. Does the speed issue now pose a threat to warranty

        • So will this 2TB one be accepted by PS5 with latest system update?

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            @nuker: It'll work but it's below the recommended read speed of the PS5 which is 5,500Mbps…. that said I used this drive for over 6 months and never had an issue. The problem might be in the future some first party game that relies on that speed being 5,500 and you could experience issues…. in which case just play that game on your internal drive… no biggie.

            Personally I'd hold of and buy a faster drive as they're dropping in price pretty quick… I got a 2TB Samsung 980 Pro + $60 Steam credit for $358 a couple of weeks ago.

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        Initially PS5 was using a zero fill based read test, which is easily cheatable. A lot of these Phison E16 based SSDs benefit from such test.

        Maybe PS5's latest firmware changed the test. As for the warranty, honestly, you would remove the SSD if you need to send the PS5 in for a warranty repair so I don't see how the NVMe SSD would affect the warranty.

  • So can we use it on ps5 or not ?

    • It'd been on my ps5 for 8 months already.
      Only issue which might be firmware related was the previous firmware kept saying ssd error and required to repair ssd if left on standby. Haven't noticed it since the newer update anymore

    • You can but read my comment above.

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