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nbn 50/20Mbps + 10GB Unlimited Talk & Text (Optus 4G Network) Bundle $69/Month for First 6 Months (Then $75/Month) @ Aqua Mobile


NBN combo Offers (NBN + Mobile) Starting @ $59

nbn broadband with unlimited data + Optus 4G network mobile with unlimited talk & text bundle

nbn speed tier Monthly mobile data Monthly cost
25/5 Mbps 5 GB $59
50/20 Mbps 10 GB $75 ($69 for first 6 months)
100/20 Mbps 10 GB $99 ($93 for first 6 months)
250/25 Mbps 20 GB $119

Optional: Add Unlimited Standard call to Australia over VoIP for $10/Month

Add more SIM plans for Family members contact customer service @ 1300 097 819

Mobile Plans

(See also https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/704625)

Unlimited talk & text plans

Monthly data Monthly cost
10GB $15 (Update: $7.50 for 12 months)
20GB $20 (Update: $10 for 12 months)
50GB $35
100GB $45


One Point of contact for all Services

30 days cooling-off period ( get a full refund in case you don't like the service )

Bring your hardware or buy pre-configured router for $119

Fast connections, No Contract, No Cancellation Fees.

The first bill will be prorated and charges applicable at a regular price discount will be applied for the following 6 months for more details contact customer service @ 1300 097 819 or chat with us

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    Superloop is 50/20 $55/mth, so $14/month for 10gb optus reseller. Not sure if that's a deal or not.

    • The 25/5 plan is definitely an excellent price, if you're after 25/5.

      25/5 is $55 and up with any other provider, and the cheapest comparable mobile plans are $12-$15, so the $59 bundle gives you a saving of $8-$11.

      • Flip and Tangerine have 25/5 for $44 and $45. So that's $15 for 5GB. Not exactly excellent. Plenty of others doing 25/5 for $50.

        • Those are introductory offers, for a short period only. The 25/5 plan in this deal is not an introductory offer.

          Most people aren't interested in continuously "surfing" introductory offers.

          • @Russ: Do you know what website this is? Most people here would definitely switch every six months. Some of us even continuously surf for free internet.

            • @Skylex: Having been active on this site for more than a decade, and having been to a couple of meetups, yes I think I do know what type of site this is.

              After some initial enthusiasm for "SIM-slutting" and similar activities, most people here decide that they are spending too much time searching for deals, and only saving a little. So they browse the site more lightly, and only use the deals that provide long-term economy. There are a few that don't, and that's fine too.

              If you are continuously changing providers, you also miss out on the opportunity to have a "grandfathered" plan. For example, I'm currently paying Amaysim $10 per 28 days and getting 4GB data, from a plan which was originally 1GB. The lowest current price with Amaysim is $12 for new customers, and only offers 2GB data.

              Of course there are a few areas where customer loyalty doesn't pay - and that's frequently pointed out in the comments of deals for home loans, insurance, and banking.

              The 25/5 deal looks like a good long-term plan, I'd jump on it if NBN was available in my area (South Brisbane Exchange area, a Telstra monopoly area that was recently sold to another internet provider who is keeping the prices high).

              • @Russ: That assumes this company even GFs plans. Many don't. Is it a good deal? Is 25/5 enough for the future? Is 5GB? I'm not familiar enough with average mobile usage to comment, but 25/5 is only used by a handful of people on NBN.

                Anyway, my "most people" is based on the people that frequent the internet deal section. There's usually one or two that don't think it's worth switching for a free month, but when I explain to them that my last few months of internet have been Swoop x2 Aussie x1 Origin x2 and I paid a grand total of $0, then it starts to make more sense. All of those months were gigabit speed.

                After that I will be using the almost free $1/mo on Telstra, slumming it at 250/25 speed. Sure, $1 sounds a lot more expensive than free, but it also included 50k Telstra points which equate to ~$150 retail value.

                I have a GF Amaysim plan too. I pay $0 on a postpaid PAYG plan. I've had it for five years now. That's worth locking in. This? Not really.

                • @Skylex: Why am I having so much trouble believing this? Is there a link to the $0 Amaysim plan you've been on for 5 years? Or how about a link to your $1 250Gb Telstra plan? Or is it all what it sounds like it is?

                  • @Wardaddy: Perhaps you misunderstood the 250Gb plan? It's a 250/25 NBN plan: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698336

                    As for Amaysim, it's the PAYG plan, that had the option of being postpaid at one point. That option is grandfathered and no longer available. The PAYG plan still exists as prepaid.

                    In this comment here on WP: https://whrl.pl/ReWqjV bigbad64 says "I've ordered a SIM online and have selected the PAYG Post-paid plan."

                    It's hard to find anything. I looked here, but didn't see anything. Google just gives me recent results. If you go here: https://www.amaysim.com.au/help/mobile/plans-and-network/pre... then click: What are Postpaid plans? It will say "We no longer offer postpaid billing for new services"

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