$0.05/L off Shell Fuel Voucher (Valid for 14 Days) for Completing a Customer Satisfaction Survey (Approx. 5 Mins Work) @ Shell


The Discount Offer is a single 5c / litre fuel discount at any participating Shell service station Australia-wide (excludes Shell Coles Express branded sites).

The discount offer is redeemable on all fuels excluding LPG and Adblue at all participating Shell service stations.

This offer is valid for one transaction only. Limit of 150 litres per vehicle per customer in one transaction. Offer not valid for Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorpass or Motorcharge transactions. Offer may not be combined with other discount offers (such as Coles shopper docket petrol discount offers).

Entrants may access the discount offer more than once during the Pilot Promotional Period, provided that each entry satisfies the conditions of clause 4.

The Tell Shell survey fuel discount can only be registered for by a customer at a maximum of once every seven days.

After fully completing the Tell Shell on-line survey during the Promotional Period in accordance with clause 4, Eligible Entrants will be issued an email with a single Discount Offer which has a validity period of 14 days.


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  • just so you know

    The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any tax implications and the claimant must seek their own independent financial advice in regards to the tax implications relating to the discount offer

    • I don’t think 5c off my fuel for one tanks worth is going to have the ato chasing after me.

      • I mean as long as you didn't overclaim, what possible tax implications would there be?

  • +3

    Shell 5c discounted price is > (most of the other fuel station's price + 10c)

  • My Shell is consistently lower than everyone else. Shame it's a Coles Express site.

  • WOW, a whole $2.25 saving on fuel that is consistently 0.20c per litre above the regions average.
    what a deal

    • 5mins work $2.25 - Hr/ Rate $27

      • not including the drive to said servo.
        and $2.25 off an overcharge/extra of $9?

        • Yeah, because normally to get fuel you just get it delivered. 🙄

          • @timwog: But I don’t have to go as far as a shell to get it and my discount of $2.25 privilege of paying $6.75 extra.

  • The barcode above is not redeemable at Shell Coles Express or unmanned Shell service stations.

    • Where can we redeem it? Are there any Shell service stations that are not Coles Express anymore?

  • The barcode above is redeemable at the Shell site where you received the survey link only.

  • Tried to use at Shell Tottenham which is listed on the participating stations list. They didn't accept…

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