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[eBay Plus] Xiaomi Himo Electric Bike H1 - Grey $279 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Allphones have decided to price match PC Byte bringing this small portable electric bike down to a record low price with the coupon code.

It's small/compact, can be folded up, has a max speed of 18km and a range up to 35km. These aren't really suitable for adults weighing more than 75kg but they're a good option for kids/teens and I've seen plenty zooming around recently.

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    I reckon there's a reason no promo shots of this bike actually show someone riding it.

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      What are you talking about?


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      the small wheels make these more like a scooter than an actual e-bike.
      and the use case for these are more a niche (ie flat surfaces) than the proper e-bike

      The small wheels will mean you will feel every bump
      and also these are not good for climbing even small elevated areas.

      18km/hr is already slow and will get slower when the battery drops from the full

      Reviews here

      Eye popping review

      Regular review

      • Jeez! I see what you mean. Where the hell did she get them!?

        The scooter looks wierd, but that aint what 50% of the population are looking at when she goes past.

        • there was a scooter in the video?

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            @Bruno28: there was something with two roundish things, moving at about the speed of a scooter… but they were a lot bigger than scooter wheels

  • I don't really see the point of this over an electric scooter - except that this is really cheap for some reason.

    • Some scooters are too big for kids.

    • you can pack it and leave in the car boot. also easily carried around.
      I got one just to see what its about and leave in the boot.

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    Max load 75kg. That must rule out 80% of the adult population.

    However, if you're thin and live in a scooter friendly state, why not!

    • Yeah they're mainly for kids. Dunno how people don't think of it.

      • They promote the bikes to young adults. Even their promotional video shows adults. But yes, in western countries only kids will be light enough.

    • Or borderline Anorexic people like myself.

    • on JB HIFI the specs says 100kg. Its the same one, so not sure who has the right specs.

  • This is an electric bike so should be legal…

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      I think states where electric scooters aren't legal, electric bikes have to be pedal assist. I.e. the motor can only work while you're pedalling. In reality most people don't have them setup that way, but it's pretty easy for the police to prove that your bike isn't compliant when there are no pedals.

      • some people have told me they still got pull over by the cops even though they have pedals on the e-bike

        • A legal eBike can only have throttle only assist up to 6kmh - which allows for assisted walking up steep hills.

      • In reality most people don't have them setup that way


        but it's pretty easy for the police to prove that your bike isn't compliant when there are no pedals.

        It would be the proverbial free kick for any police officer straight out of the academy. Of course, most graduating police would probably be chasing a bigger "first scalp" than a cheapskate on an electric clown scooter. 😉

    • The absence of pedals on the powertrain means it fails to meet the requirements for EN15194:2009 and, therefore, is not a pedalec (power-assisted bicycle).

      IANAL, but this appears to be a scooter with a seat.

      For the avoidance of all doubt, I'm not saying you should or shouldn't buy one. I'm just respectfully challenging your assertion that it's an electric bike in terms of compliance expectation.

    • Recently had a guy in a ute hurl abuse at me in a carpark. He did not expect my scooter to catch up to him at 55km and he tried to get away quickly. Smart decision he made that night.

      • What was the abuse about or reason for it starting?

        So you didn't respond back at the carpark but decided to catch up to him on your scooter and what did you when you caught up to him?

        At the end of the day, it is just words and lucky that he didn't hurl actual objects at you (like that victim) or engaged in physical violence.
        People who like to start fights/abuse with random strangers usually are not right in the head

        Also Ute vs Scooter…is not a smart move to try to test if you "feeling lucky today punk"
        If the guy had a road rage he could have knock you + your scooter off the road into other traffic
        He defense could also be that you are actually physically harassing him with your scooter on the road.

  • Did anyone else buy this and be sent a used (or customer return) open box / resealed (with ebay plus tape) product?
    I've messaged them for a replacement.. I mean if they are selling used or returned goods it shouldn't be listed as 'New unopened etc'.

    • I ordered one from these guys and should hopefully get it on monday … I will report on what condition the electric scooter bike came to me as.

      • FYI - I messaged the Allphones folks about the seal being broken and then ended up calling them as they didn't reply. They suggested all their scooters (even other ones) are all like this due to customs opening them up and they are all wrapped back up with 'Ebay Plus' tape. They also suggested that no-one has questioned this (which I find a bit odd). I purchased this as a present for my nephew and it looks a bit odd to wrap it up in this state - looks like a 2nd hand item.
        Let me know if yours is the same, as I'm thinking I return it.

        • mine had the eBay Plus tape around the box, but the main seals were not broken. It had three transparent sticker seals at the front opening. One on centre, one to the right and one to the left. They did not seem to be opened. Unless these seals were added after opened.

          Did your scooter have blue protective film all over the silver aluminium body to protect from factory manufacturing scratching it?
          If there is no blue film on the silver chassis, I would say you got a used/opend one.

          • @Bruno28: Yep had 3 seals.. the one in the centre was broken the other 2 on the sides were sealed. Yes also had the protective blue film on it. Maybe Allphones put the 2 clear stickers on the side.. no idea. Maybe someone opened it and then thought f this and returned.

            • @ezza: Received mine today … no seals broken definitely brand new on my end. even the middle one was sealed, i had to cut it even coz i had to pull that tab bit out to open the box

              • @putangiano: Thanks for the update.
                I’m thinking I ask for a replacement hmmm

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